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Ryazhenka is good and bad


Among all sour-milk products, a special place is replaced by a fermented berry - a soft, thick, characteristic cream-colored, with the aroma of melted milk and sweetish flavor.Prepare it from melted in a stone oven milk with cream, which then add the leaven.

Earlier it was just sour cream or acidified milk.Today, instead of them, acidophilic rods and their analogues are used, and stone furnaces on wood replaced industrial electrical appliances.But still, the fermented brewer remains a tasty and useful sour-milk drink, familiar from childhood.

This is an excellent alternative to sweetened kefir drinks and yoghurts, especially if you cook the fermented baked milk yourself.It can be given to young children to diversify the menu, it is useful to use those who want to get rid of extra pounds.


It is believed that invented fermented in the XVI - XVII century, in those places where the central part of Ukraine is located today, but they are prepared everywhere: in Russia, Estonia and even in the Caucasus.Names, of course, differ, only the way of preparation of dietary and at the same time nutritious product remains unchanged.

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Ingredients and caloric content

A caramel is prepared from whole milk, because it is as rich in calcium as the original product.One serving of the beverage( 250 ml) contains 25% of the daily norm of this microelement and 20% of the daily phosphorus rate. In addition, in a glass with a fragrant ryazhenka there are:

  • Riajenka vitamins of group B and vitamin PP;
  • ascorbic acid;
  • iron;
  • sodium and magnesium;
  • organic acids;
  • mono- and disaccharides.

There are lactic acids in the ryazhenka, which means that it stimulates the digestive tract and causes appetite.The product is recommended to give in the morning to young children and convalescent patients.

In comparison with kefir, the burger is more caloric by adding cream - in 100 ml of the product there are about 67 calories of .But this is not so much in comparison with other products, so fermented biscuits are used in the diet menu - the glass of the drink can quite replace the snack.

Useful properties

This product is primarily useful for those who are struggling with obesity and just loose wrinkles on the waist and hips.On the one hand, a fermented burger can be drunk after a plentiful meal at a festive table, it will speed up the digestion of food and prevent undesirable consequences.On the other hand, it is nutritious enough in itself, and with a minimum of calories can replace a full meal.

In the fermented woman there are prebiotics that normalize the intestinal microflora and help to clear it of toxins and toxins.Also this drink includes the diet of hypertensives, diabetics and people who have elevated cholesterol.

Harm and contraindications

Perhaps, the biggest harm can be caused by a fermented woman if you buy a stale product and drink it. Because it is always worth paying attention to the date of manufacture and condition of the package.If it is bloated, then it is not worth buying such a fermented woman, even if the expiration date is still far.This means that it was not properly stored or transported.

You can not drink a product made of melted milk for those with congenital intolerance to dairy products.In patients suffering from gastritis and gastric ulcer with high acidity, fermented bovine can cause an attack of exacerbation.

How to cook a burger at home?

Surely you are interested in how to prepare this excellent product in all respects yourself, especially if you are going to treat them to a small child.It's very simple, although it will take some time.

  1. You need to buy quality home-made milk - something that does not fit the package.Milk should not be collected cream - a thick fatty foam on top.
  2. Milk must be boiled in a fireproof saucepan, stirred and moved to the oven.
  3. To simmer on the slowest fire for about two hours - to understand that melted milk is ready, you can by the characteristic brown film on the surface and the aroma, which is not confused with anything.
  4. Pour the saucepan with milk and cool to 35-40 degrees.
  5. Add 3 full tablespoons of thick sour cream( 2 liters of milk), stir, cover and warmly wrap.

After 6-8 hours, the fermented burger is ready.You can drink it just like that, add fruits and berries to it, eat it with breakfast flakes.This product is stored in the refrigerator for no more than three days.But it is so delicious that it will end much earlier.

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