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Kefir: benefit and harm

Important! Kefir is the first product prescribed by doctors for dysbacteriosis.It is able to eliminate the pathogenic microflora in the shortest possible time, not allowing dehydration and depletion of the body.

Contraindications to the use of kefir

There are practically no restrictions to kefir consumption.With caution recommend it to drink to people with high acidity of the stomach, as well as acute diseases of the duodenum.During the exacerbation, you can drink only 1-day kefir, which in its composition is softer, it will not irritate the mucous membrane of the stomach.

Important! Kefir, as well as all products that contain lactose, are allergens.If a person has an individual intolerance to this component, from kefir, milk and cottage cheese should be discarded.

Use of kefir in cosmetology

Preparation of kefir at home

Preparation of kefir at home For preparation of yogurt at home, you will need a milk mushroom.This substance is poured with warm milk and after 24 hours it turns into a real dense nutritious product, saturated with useful bacteria.

After preparation, kefir fungi should be thoroughly rinsed with warm running water, after which they are ready for a new ferment.

You can use the synthesized ferment instead of the milk fungus.The pharmacy sells capsules and tablets with a substance that when dissolved in milk creates the same effect as plant leaven.

It is desirable to produce homemade kefir in small portions and consume in the first day after cooking.This ensures maximum benefit from the product.

Face Mask

For oily and problematic skin, a vitaminized kefir mask is perfect.For its preparation you will need: 2 tbsp.L kefir, 1 tsp chamomile flowers, 1 tsp lemon juice.All components must be mixed and applied to face.The procedure time is 10 minutes.

This mask helps to lighten the skin, get rid of freckles and age spots, and also promotes the rapid healing of inflammation.

Hair mask

Hair Mask Kefir is rich in vitamins A and E, which take a direct part in the regeneration processes.They are a building material for the growth of new cells, including keratin compounds.

For dry and brittle hair, kefir-honey mask is perfect.For its preparation, melt 2 tablespoons of honey, then pour in 50 ml of kefir.The resulting mass is rubbed into the roots of the hair, then cover the head with a food film and wrap it with a towel.After 30 minutes, rinse thoroughly with warm water, and wash with shampoo.The effect will be evident after only 3 such procedures.

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