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Separate nutrition: benefit or harm?

Separate food

For the first time, a separate surgeon, William Howard Haye, talked about a separate diet, but this method was best known thanks to Naturopath Herbert Shelton and his star followers and patients from Hollywood.

According to the founders of the concept, it is the division of incompatible products that is a true panacea for all ills: it strengthens health, improves appearance, helps to lose excess weight and normalizes the general well-being of a person .However, many doctors and nutritionists are opposed to this technique, arguing that a separate diet is not only meaningless, but it can also harm the body. How do you still feel about the idea of ​​separate food - as a panacea, hobby or a threat to human health, try to understand, having read the following information.

Contents: Separate power supply - what is it?Criticism of Separate Nutrition Expert Opinions Is there any benefit from a separate power supply

Separate power supply - what is it?


The main idea behind the concept of separate power supply is the use of food products with their compatibility and incompatibility

.In particular, it is recommended to divide all food into acidic and alkaline, protein and carbohydrate.Also a separate group of neutral products( dairy products, berries, nuts, etc.) that can be combined with other groups. According to the method of separate nutrition, proteins and carbohydrates should be consumed in different meals, the interval between which should be from 2-4 hours.Also according to Shelton theory the following product combinations are incompatible:

  • carbohydrates and sour food;
  • two products with high protein concentration;
  • protein food and fats;
  • sour fruit and protein source foods;
  • sugar and starch;
  • two products containing a different kind of starch.

In addition, products such as melon, watermelon and milk in separate food can only be consumed separately from other foods.

The whole Shelton concept is built on the premise that different types of products require fundamentally different conditions for their digestion .According to his idea, the consumption of food of one kind promotes more efficient work of enzymes that break it down, which means an easier process of digestion and assimilation of nutrients by the body. In the opinion of Shelton, when the products are mixed, the enzymes produced for their digestion allegedly inhibit the work of each other, resulting in a failure of the digestive process leading to the following consequences:

  • fermentation or decay of food residues;
  • intoxication of the body;Flatulence meteorism
  • ;
  • disturbance of metabolic processes.

According to the founder of the method of separate nutrition, those disorders that occur in the human body when using mixed foods, over time provoke the development of serious diseases and the accumulation of excess fatty tissue.

Criticism of a separate power supply

It is worth noting that many years of disputes over the appropriateness of a separate power supply are not groundless, because the opponents of this technique have many reasons and serious arguments in their favor. In particular, the first thing that makes us doubt the adequacy of this concept is the lack of any medical education for the creator of Herbert Shelton's separate diet system.

It is important to understand that digestion is a much more complicated process than advocates of this concept imagine. So, in the digestive process is involved not one, and not even two, but as many as five enzyme systems, in particular this:

  • salivary enzymes;
  • Bile acids;
  • gastric and intestinal juices;
  • enzymes of the pancreas.

Important! As early as 1935, Dr. Stuart Baxter demonstrated that the pancreas, at the start of the digestive process, produces simultaneously several types of enzymes that can digest both carbohydrates and proteins.Therefore, there is no physiological basis for eating separately.

Expert opinions

The dietician from the Clinic of the Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences Elena Chedia points out that if a person does not have any problems with the health of the gastrointestinal tract, then as a rule digestion passes normally , and various pathological processesBy type of rotting or fermentation do not occur.However, in some diseases, these processes are not uncommon, and this has nothing to do with the use of incompatible products, but only suggests that there have been failures in the work of individual organs or systems that need to be treated medically or with the help of special diets. As for the human stomach, its physiological structure is designed to digest the usual mixed food, rather than its individual ingredients in turn.

Also Elena says that the food should be mixed, because with certain product combinations:

  • many necessary amino acids, vitamins and other useful trace elements are absorbed by the body much better;
  • reduces the adverse effects of any of the products on the body.

As an example, a dietician advises that, according to the concept of separate nutrition, milk can not be combined with cereals.But if you understand the biochemical processes, you can find that the amino acids found in animal and vegetable proteins can be absorbed by the body only in a certain ratio.If there is a shortage of some amino acid, the assimilation of the rest is worse.So, in the composition of cereals, there is very little essential amino acid - lysine, which in milk, on the contrary, is in excess.Therefore, when these two groups of products are combined, a person receives a source of high-grade protein.

The fact that the concept of separate nutrition does not have any scientific justification, and its hypotheses go against medical data obtained as a result of years of scientific research, says Professor Lyudmila S. Vasilevskaya, a doctor of medical sciences, who specializes inThe field of physiology of nutrition and digestion. According to her, the data of the conducted studies completely refute the assumption of the supporters of separate nutrition that different enzymes suppress each other, thereby negatively affecting the digestion process.Also Vasilevskaya LSNotes that the concept of Herbert Shelton does not take into account the complete evolutionary adaptation of man to mixed nutrition.For centuries, people have developed an enzymatic adaptation to the usual food, thanks to which fast and optimal self-regulation functions in the body.

food The idea that the concept of separate nutrition does not have a scientific justification is also shared by the doctor honey.Head of the Division of Metabolic Diseases of the Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Popova Yu. P., and physiologist Minvaleev RS, who is a candidate of biological sciences .In addition, Minvaleev points out the absence of G. Shelton's elementary knowledge of gastroenterology, namely, the existence of the duodenum, which is located between the stomach and the small intestine.It is in this place of the gastrointestinal tract that the process of simultaneous digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates takes place.Also, the candidate of biological sciences notes, that it is with the use of mixed food that the so-called hormones of happiness or good mood are produced - serotonin and dopamine, which does not occur with separate nutrition. Therefore, often followers of this concept, there is a prolonged unmotivated depression, the way out of which occurs either through a return to mixed nutrition, or antidepressants.

Another argument in favor of the unjustified concept of separate nutrition is that in nature there are very few mono products, and as a rule, all products that are a source of carbohydrates, simultaneously supply a significant amount of protein.

Is there any use of separate power supply

The fact is that , that changing the diet, namely the division of products into incompatible and compatible, in some cases still can launch positive processes in the human body. In particular, very many followers of the concept of separate power supply claim that:

  1. Weight is sharply reduced.The admirers of the method are sure that this is due to the division of products.However, doctors have another explanation for this.First, Shelton's concept is based on nutrition with proper natural products, that is, healthy food, and complete exclusion from the diet of harmful, high-calorie foods, such as: semi-finished products, preservatives, sweets, etc. As a result, the daily intake of kilocalories enters the body, which leads to a decrease in excess weight of .And secondly, due to the fact that the followers of the concept of separate food have to give up their favorite mixed dishes, ready-made store food, catering in cafes and restaurants, then the volumes of food eaten are significantly limited, which also has a positive effect on dropping excess kilograms.
  2. Separate nutrition is excellent for digestive disorders and for certain gastrointestinal diseases.Indeed, there are cases when doctors recommend patients to eat separately for a certain time.
  3. Separate food is a kind of diet in which you can choose what to eat and when to eat, of course, within the established rules.With the right approach, the diet menu can be characterized by good taste, diversity and balance.

As an output, it can be noted that separate food is far from a cure for all diseases, but a regular fashion diet that does not have much sense and which should not be abused for a long time. This system really helps to lose excess pounds, but only by reducing the amount of food consumed and completely eliminating the products of the harmful group from the diet.

Evtushenko Oleg, endocrinologist

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