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Cervical myositis: symptoms and treatment


If a person complains of a drawing pain in the neck, then most likely, he develops myositis of the neck muscles.For this disease will be characteristic blunt, giving pain in the shoulders and scapulas, but the mobility of the neck is preserved.True, there may be difficulties in turning the head.Pain in myositis can cover the neck from all sides, have only one-sided localization, give to the nape and frontal-temporal part of the head.

Myositis is an inflammation of the neck muscles, and it can arise not only because of hypothermia or prolonged exposure to drafts.Often people with symptoms of the disease in question wake up in the morning - the cause of the myositis of the neck in this case will be an uncomfortable pose during sleep.

Table of contents: Basic signs and symptoms of cervical myositis Principles of cervical myositis treatment Treatment of cervical myositis by folk remedies Prevention of cervical myositis

Key signs and symptoms of cervical myositis


The human shoulder belt is considered a vulnerable place because it is located hereSet of nerve endings.It often happens that a person has slightly supercooled the day before, and already in the morning got up with stiffness in the neck muscles, or at all could not tear his head from the pillow.Why this happens, it is not difficult to understand: immediately after hypothermia or trauma, the muscles of the neck swell and contract( this occurs reflexively), creating a "protective tension".In fact, this is an ordinary spasm, which is manifested by intense pain.Such a protective reaction of the muscular tissue in the cervical spine can also occur against the background of an acute respiratory infection, and after a long time in an uncomfortable position( this may be due, for example, to work), and some patients complain to doctors about spasm of the neck muscles immediately after stress.

The main symptom of cervical myositis is pain - it usually covers one side of the neck, extending over the shoulder and arm.Against the backdrop of this pain, a person is unable to make a circular or oblique motion with his head and hand.Approximately 15% of patients with myositis note pain and tingling in the fingers of the hand.

Symptoms of the disease in question also include headaches, swelling and redness of the skin at the site of inflammation of the muscular tissue, puffiness of the eyelids, small rashes of red-violet hue, pain in the ears.If myositis is accompanied by such additional symptoms, doctors will classify it as dermatomyositis .

Principles of treatment of cervical myositis

Sheinii miosit Treatment of this disease is simple and takes a maximum of 2 weeks.However, this statement applies only to cases that have not been cleared out, when the patient immediately asked for qualified medical care immediately after the first symptoms.

Note: if the disease is ignored, the result may be a neck twitching, displacement and hernia of intervertebral discs.As myositis progresses, other muscles are involved in the inflammatory process, which can lead to a violation of the respiratory and swallowing process.

Even at the first examination of a patient with signs of the disease under consideration, the doctor must determine the cause of inflammation and muscle spasm in the cervical spine, and only after this begins the actual treatment.First of all, it is necessary to provide peace to the affected muscles, which means that you need to remove the pain syndrome.As a rule, doctors prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs of complex action - for example, Diclofenac, Ibuprofen, Ketoprofen, Indomethacin and others.If the patient has an increase in body temperature, then the treatment package includes antipyretic drugs.

The next stage of treatment after the relief of the edema of the nerve roots of the affected muscles is to get rid of the cause that causes the myositis of the neck muscles.If the disease in question has an infectious etiology, it is appropriate to prescribe antibacterial drugs( antibiotics), with parasitic myositis will need to undergo treatment with anthelmintic drugs.

Note: if the patient entered a medical institution with acute pain in the background of cervical muscle myositis, then a novocaine blockade can facilitate his condition.In the case of an existing ban on medical treatment, the doctor will be able to help the patient only by stretching the ligaments and muscles of the neck( post-isometric relaxation).

After the acute period of myositis of the neck muscles has passed, the doctors prescribe supportive therapy.This concept includes the use of ointments with a warming effect, which will relieve the muscles of tension.In addition, patients with the disease under consideration, but already after the acute phase, are shown and physiotherapy procedures - exercise therapy, pharmacopuncture, electrostimulation will speed up the treatment.

In cervical myositis, doctors recommend patients to follow a diet that should provide the body with vitamins A, C and E - they neutralize the harmful substances that appear in muscle tissues against the background of a progressive inflammatory process. Specialists recommend to include in the diet:

  • potatoes and carrots;
  • sweet pepper and beets;
  • marine fish.

Be sure to observe the drinking regime - a day the patient should consume at least one and a half liters of liquid, ordinary water can be replaced with a weak green tea, decoction of hips and / or hawthorn.

Treatment of cervical myositis with folk remedies

Once the acute phase of the disease in question has passed, intense pain has receded, it is possible to use folk methods for treating cervical myositis. Here are the most effective procedures:

  1. Compress for the throat Take 4 parts of pork lard / fat and mix with 1 part of dry horsetail powder.All carefully mix and apply a thin layer on the skin at the site of inflammation.
  2. If you add 10 drops of laurel oil to 1 liter of warm water, then a tissue cloth soaked in such a solution, and applied to the nape for a few minutes, will quickly relieve the pain.
  3. Grass adonis spring in an amount of 3 tablespoons pour boiling water( 500 ml) and insist in a sealed container for 30-50 minutes.Then the infusion is filtered and used for ΒΌ cup 2 times a day.This drug has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect.
  4. Burdock root( 50 grams) pour boiling water in the amount of 300 ml, insist 2 hours.Then the infusion is filtered and used 2 tablespoons 2 times a day.Infusion from the root of burdock relieves inflammation and accelerates the process of full recovery.

Prophylaxis of cervical myositis

There are no features in the prevention of the disease under consideration - everything is simple and trivial.Doctors recommend avoiding hypothermia, normalize the psycho-emotional background, do not "freeze" in one position for a long time, lead a moderately active lifestyle.Some experts believe that it is possible to prevent the development of the inflammatory process in the muscle tissue of the neck by periodically passing a course of massage.

Treatment of myositis of the neck is a process that does not differ in complexity and duration.But you should not start the disease, since banal inflammation can lead to the development of severe complications.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapist of the highest qualification category

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