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Benefits and harm of sour cream

sour cream

Sour cream is a fermented milk product that is produced when the cream is fermented and specific bacteria are added to them.In general, this product was distributed for a long time only in Russia, in Europe, for example, it was actively used for food only after World War II.Sour cream is an amazing product that is used in the preparation of most dishes.Can anyone imagine borscht without sour cream?And what about the famous white sauces for meat and vegetable dishes?Even desserts can not do without this sour milk product - creams, dough, pouring. .. In general, sour cream is often a "guest" on the table, but how useful is it and can it be used by everyone without exception?

Sour - composition and calorific

composition of the product in sufficiently rich - here and vitamins, and trace elements, and sugar substance( organic) and organic acids.In the composition of sour cream there is also biotin - a microelement, which is necessary to maintain the working capacity of the whole organism and preserve the youthfulness of the skin.In addition, sour cream is rich in animal protein, which makes it irreplaceable for body cells.

cream Composition:

  • Ash 0.5 g
  • Mono- and disaccharides
  • 3.4 g Cholesterol 87 mg
  • Display a list ┬╗

  • NLC - Saturated fatty acids 11.9 g
  • Water 72.8 g The organic
  • acid 0.8 g
  • Vitamins

    • Vitamin PP 0.6 mg
    • Vitamin H 3.6 ug
    • Vitamin E 0.4 mg
    • Vitamin d 0.1 ug
    • Vitamin C 0.3 mg
    • Vitamin B12 4 ug
    • Vitamin B9 8.5 ug
    • Vitamin B6 0.07 mg
    • Vitamin B2 0.11 mg
    • Vityn B1 0.03 mg
    • Vitamin A 160 mcg
    • Beta carotene 0.06 mg


    • Cobalt( Co) 0.3 mg
    • Molybdenum( Mo) 5 ug
    • Fluorine( F) 14 ug
    • Selenium( Se) 0.3 mg
    • Manganese( Mn) 0.003 mg
    • Copper( Cu) 20 mg
    • Iodine( I) 7 g
    • Zinc( Zn) 0.24 mg
    • Iron( Fe) 0.2 mg
    • Sulfur( S)25 mg
    • Chloro( Cl) 61 mg
    • Phosphorus( P) 60 mg
    • Potassium( K) 109 mg
    • Sodium( Na) 35 mg
    • Magnesium( mg) 8 mg
    • Calcium( Ca) 86 mg

Separatelyshould discuss the caloric content of the product in - it has character of variability and depends only on the level of fat sour cream.The lowest calorie content in 10% sour cream is 159 Kcal per 100 grams of product, but in 30% of the product the calorie content will already be almost 291 Kcal.

Useful properties of sour cream

Sour cream Sour cream is useful to many people - this is confirmed by official medicine.It is necessary for people who have disabilities in the digestive system - for example, if the appetite is reduced or completely absent, chronic constipation is present, or putrefactive processes take place in the intestine( this can happen with dysbacteriosis, and the bacteria contained in sour cream simply normalize the intestinal microflora).

If you regularly eat sour cream in combination with fresh carrots, then the immune system of the body will be significantly strengthened, and the combination of sour cream and honey will help to raise the mood.The considered fermented milk product is also working well with regard to the normalization of the blood composition - it is often recommended for patients with diagnosed anemia, weakened after surgical interventions or prolonged illness.

Sour cream is very useful for masculine health:

  • maintains at the proper level the potency even at the age of 50 years and older;
  • supports muscles, gives strength and nutrition, which allows you to keep the tone of the body at the right level at any age;
  • nourishes the hair, which inhibits the spread of gray hair and hair loss associated with age-related changes in the body.

This product is also needed for the female half of humanity:

  • is able to normalize and stabilize the hormonal background, which is especially important during menstruation and menopause / menopause;
  • helps restore skin and d├ęcolletage skin health - on the basis of sour cream, professional cosmetic products are produced even on an industrial scale;
  • is necessary during diets, as it promotes normal bowel function and prevents constipation.

Very much benefit will bring sour cream to the children's body - it can be introduced into the baby's menu already a year, but you should give preference to the product of low fat content. With regard to the village product, natural, then the child's body can easily and without consequences learn at the age of three.

Despite the obvious benefit of this sour-milk product, it is not recommended for everyone to eat it.

Potential harm of sour cream and contraindications to use

sour cream There are clear limitations that relate to the product in question.For example, you can not enter into the menu sour cream to those people who have already diagnosed gastritis or peptic ulcer of the stomach / duodenum, which is caused by a high content of organic acids in it.Doctors do not recommend to abuse sour cream and those who have liver and / or gall bladder problems, although there are no definitive contraindications to this product( it is advisable to eat sour cream in this case in the morning).

Please note: shop sour cream should be consumed in small quantities, as in its composition there are always preservatives that are not useful elements.Doctors say that it is impossible to combine the sour-milk product in question with fried potatoes, any cereals and bakery products.

Sour cream is an extremely tasty and healthy product that needs to be consumed in small quantities.If you have a history of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver or gallbladder, then it is advisable to consult your physician about the advisability of introducing sour cream in the menu.

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