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TOP-10 useful fatty foods

TOP-10 useful fatty foods

Some time ago, when hundreds of thousands of people became addicted to diets, fats were called the culprits for the appearance of extra pounds.Nutritionists were wrong;Much faster you can earn obesity by regularly consuming refined carbohydrates and other pre-processed food.The exclusion from the diet of lipids led to the fact that the adherents of proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle as a whole deprived their body of vital compounds.

We offer you an overview of the most useful products that contain a significant amount of fat.

Black chocolate

Black chocolate Natural black chocolate with a high content of cocoa( about 70%) is a unique product that combines wonderful taste and benefits for the body.In a pair of slices of tiled chocolate there is about half of the necessary daily dose of such macro- and microelements, as manganese, iron and magnesium.Vegetable fat in black chocolate is about 65%, and fiber - 11%.The product contains a significant amount of antioxidants, which prevent cell damage by free radicals.By their number, chocolate is superior even to blueberries.According to the results of the research, chocolate lovers have a 50% risk of developing serious cardiovascular pathologies compared to people who do not consume this tasty product.

Black chocolate promotes the activation of the central nervous system;It increases the ability to remember and mental activity in general.

It has been experimentally proven that the product protects the body from the negative effects of solar ultraviolet radiation and reduces photosensitivity of the skin.

Important: white chocolate does not have such useful properties.In various "sweet tiles" from widely advertised manufacturers there may be substances harmful to the body.


avocado Most fruits are high in carbohydrate compounds.About 80% of fats are found in avocado.By this indicator, this fruit is superior not only to all vegetable, but also to a large part of animal products.In avocado there are many monounsaturated fatty acids, the most important of which is oleic.This substance is known for its positive effect on the functional state of the cardiovascular system.Oleic acid is also found in olive oil, which is considered one of the most useful products of plant origin.

In addition, avocados are the source of an important trace element, such as potassium.Its in this fruit is 40% more than in bananas.Finally, avocado, like many other fruits, contains a significant amount of fiber, which is very important for the normal functioning of the digestive tract.


Nuts Nuts are one of the most unique products.In walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds and pistachios contain a huge amount of proteins, vitamin E, magnesium and fiber.It is important to remember that only raw nuts are useful.In fruits that have been roasted, the content of nutrients drops sharply, and only a pleasant taste remains.

Coconuts and coconut oil

Coconuts and coconut oil Coconuts and especially coconut oil are one of the best sources of saturated fat.In this product, their content reaches 90%.People who regularly consume coconut oil, rarely gain extra pounds and almost do not suffer from heart and vascular diseases.Unique fatty acids help to improve metabolism and reduce appetite.Numerous studies by European specialists in neuropathology have shown that coconut oil reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.

Extra virgin olive oil

And( 17) The use of olive oil is undeniable.It is an integral part of the Mediterranean diet, which is rightly considered the most balanced.In the oil there are substances that improve blood properties and have an anti-inflammatory effect.In olive oil of the first pressing, the content of vitamins K and E is very high, as well as natural antioxidants, which help to prevent even cancerous diseases.The product helps to normalize blood pressure and helps to cleanse the body of harmful lipoproteins.


Hard cheese Cheese is an extremely useful product, although it is characterized by high fat content.In one medium slice of natural cheese, useful substances contain as much as in a glass of whole cow or goat's milk.Cheese is a wonderful source of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin B12.Like other dairy products, it also contains a significant amount of fatty acids that have a beneficial effect on the human body.

Animal protein in one piece of cheese - about 7 grams.

Important: in the so-called "cheese products" of useful substances is several times smaller, but the percentage of palm oil can go off scale.Read the label carefully before buying!

Fatty yoghurt

Fatty yogurt Unlike watery substances consumed by people who are trying to lose weight, fat yogurts contain all the substances necessary for health promotion.In addition to the nutrient compounds present in all dairy products, cultures of probiotic bacteria are present in yoghurts.They allow to prevent or eliminate dysbacteriosis and normalize the digestive processes in the intestine.Normalization of metabolic processes helps to improve the condition of the hair and rejuvenate the skin.

Please note: carefully choose yogurt.Pay attention to the percentage of fat.The benefits of low-calorie foods with synthetic flavors, dyes and preservatives for the body is highly questionable.


Butter Butter is essentially a purified animal fat.More than 50% is in saturated fats.The product is a valuable source of vitamins A and K, as well as fatty acids.The consumption of high-quality butter not only does not lead to weight gain, but also helps to prevent serious problems with the heart and blood vessels.

Fish of fatty species

Fish of fatty varieties The fact that fish is useful has been unequivocally confirmed by numerous studies.The most useful varieties are Atlantic herring, flounder, sardines and mackerel, as well as trout and salmon( pink salmon, keta, etc.).The product is the record holder for the level of omega-3 fatty acids.People who regularly consume fatty fish are less likely to suffer from depression.They have a reduced risk of developing heart disease and senile dementia.


Eggs More recently, eggs have been considered a very harmful food because they contain large amounts of cholesterol.Indeed, in one average chicken egg, more than 70% of the required daily dose is present.But the harm of this substance is greatly exaggerated;It is proved that the cholesterol that a person receives by alimentary route( with food) practically does not affect the level of cholesterol in the blood.This animal product is dietary.It contains almost all substances necessary for normal functioning - lipids, proteins, vitamins and minerals.The composition of eggs includes antioxidants, as well as choline, which is required to ensure high activity of the brain.

Note: found that almost 90% of the world's population does not have enough choline in the diet.Nutritionists recommend consuming at least 5 eggs a week.

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