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Gymnastics for arthrosis of the knee joint and diet

Gymnastics arthrosis

The most common joint disease around the world is arthrosis.According to statistics, 15% of the population is sick before the age of 45, at the age of 60 years, arthrosis is diagnosed in every third person, and at the age of 70 - every second.Naturally, there are exceptions - there are a lot of provoking factors that lead to the development of the disease at a young age( for example, trauma).

Contents: Information on arthrosis Principles of treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint Exercises for knee arthrosis

Information on arthrosis

Arthrosis is a disease characterized by a pain syndrome.It is especially pronounced at the moments of movement / joint work, at rest the person feels only a certain discomfort in the joint affected by arthrosis.A distinctive feature of the pain syndrome with arthrosis is the absolute uselessness of analgesics, analgesics - it's easier for a person to not become.

It is quite difficult to diagnose the disease under consideration - neither blood tests nor ultrasound examination yield any results, in some cases even the radiography proves to be impotent.The doctor can make an accurate diagnosis only after conducting magnetic resonance therapy( MRI).

Arthrosis refers to a dystrophic lesion of the cartilaginous tissue of the joints.With age, or against the background of numerous injuries, the amount of fluid in the nucleus of intervertebral discs can decrease, which leads to a decrease in the elasticity and mobility of the joints.

Most arthrosis affects the knee and hip joints, it is rarely diagnosed arthrosis of the joint of the big toe.

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Principles of treatment of arthrosis of the knee

Treatment of the disease in question should be comprehensive.And the patient must first seek qualified medical help.The fact is that the characteristic signs of progressive arthrosis are identical to the symptoms of many joint diseases - only a specialist will be able to differentiate them, put an exact diagnosis and choose an effective treatment.

Note: self-medication for arthrosis of the knee joint may not only be useless, but also harm the health.Even if the symptomatology of the pathology is pronounced, it is impossible to do without the help of a specialist.

Treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint consists of medical therapy, the appointment of a diet, the selection of physical exercises and physiotherapy.Any therapy will be especially effective at an early stage of arthrosis of the knee, so doctors insist on treating patients for help with the first symptoms of the disease.

Knee joint arthrosis exercises

Arthrosis Physiotherapy is considered one of the auxiliary elements in the treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint, but it does not become less effective from this.The main principle of selecting a complex of therapeutic physical culture in the disease under consideration is not to harm.The fact is that at the very beginning of the development of arthrosis the patient should perform a set of exercises aimed at loading the knee joint - this will ensure better circulation of blood, increase the mobility of the joint.If the knee joint already undergoes destructive processes, then in no case should it be given a greater physical load, a sparing set of exercises is necessary.To pick up suitable exercises from a course of medical physical training at an arthrosis of a knee joint the expert can only.At the stage of exacerbation of the examined disease, the doctor will select exercises that are aimed at improving blood flow, lymph flow, blood supply, reducing the intensity of the pain syndrome and relaxing the muscles around the affected joint.But in the period of remission, the patient from the doctor will receive recommendations for performing exercises aimed at strengthening the musculoskeletal apparatus of the joint and restoring its functions.

How to correctly carry out the

exercises Even if the complex of exercises of exercise therapy for arthrosis of the knee joint was selected by a specialist, the patient should understand that the effect will come only if it is correctly performed. Patients should remember the following exercise rules for arthrosis of the knee joint:

  • all exercises are performed in a supine or sitting position;
  • in no case can you perform exercises "through pain and tears";
  • the increase in loads should be gradual;
  • each exercise should last no more than a minute, but it must be repeated several times a day.

Please note: is the main condition - the regularity of performing the selected complex of therapeutic physical training.If the patient does the exercises from time to time, it will not only not have the desired effect, but can also lead to deterioration of the patient's well-being( exercises lead in some cases to exacerbation of arthrosis of the knee).

Complex of exercises

Doing exercises that are not prescribed must be regular and the speed during gymnastics is absolutely unnecessary, even harmful!

  1. The patient lies on his back with straight legs and hands.It is necessary to stretch out with heels, but socks should not be involved.Such an exercise improves the metabolic processes in the joints and relieves muscle tension.
  2. A man lies on his back with straight legs.It is necessary to lift the legs over the floor alternately 15 cm apart and hold them in the raised position for a few seconds( as long as the holding time is sufficient).It is necessary to watch, that at performance of this exercise the back and buttocks were densely pressed to a floor.
  3. Position lying on the back, arms and legs straightened.Alternately, you need to lift the knee bent in the knee and pull it to the chest.Exercise is done slowly, if there are problems with knee flexion, then it is necessary to do it by virtue of its capabilities.
  4. Lying on the back, the patient should perform a "scissors" exercise 20 cm from the floor in the horizontal plane.Buttocks and back should be tightly pressed to the floor, hands - located along the trunk.
  5. Arthrosis The patient lies on his side.The lower leg is located on the floor, slightly bent at the knee.The upper leg slowly rises, while it remains straight.Flies with a straight leg should not be active and with a large amplitude.
  6. The patient lies on the abdomen, the arms are located along the trunk, the lower limbs are straight.Alternately, and then simultaneously it is necessary to bend the legs in the knees( the heels touch / almost touch the buttocks).
  7. The starting position is lying on the abdomen, the arms are located along the trunk.It is necessary to tear off legs( alternately) from the floor of the leg( alternately) 15-20 cm, at the same time it is necessary to fulfill the condition: the shoulders, abdomen and pelvis should be firmly pressed to the floor, since the effect of the exercise will be only if, when lifting the lower limbs,Only the muscles of the thigh.
  8. The patient sits on a chair and performs free rocking foot movements, at which the knee bends / unbends.

There is also a complex of static exercises in the treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint.They can be performed at any time, regardless of where the patient is - at work, in public transport or in front of the TV.

Static exercises for the knee:

  1. Sitting on a chair, lift the knee bent in the knee and hold in this position for 10 seconds.Perform the exercise alternately with the left and right feet.
  2. Stand at the back of a chair, lean on it and rise on toes, "frozen" in this position for 60 seconds.
  3. Stand at the back of the chair, lean on it and transfer the weight of the body to the heels( lift the toes above the floor), stay in that position for 60 seconds.
  4. Stand at the back of the chair, lean on it and perform smooth "rolling" from the heel to the toe for 60 seconds.


In the framework of curative physical exercises with arthrosis of the knee joint, experts recommend self-massage - the procedure takes only 3-5 minutes, but its effectiveness is high.It is necessary to stretch the hips from the inner and the outer side in the direction from the groin to the knee joint immediately after performing a set of exercises from physiotherapy exercises.You can not make too active movements, aggressive - no pain, no burning should not be felt.

Knee Arthrosis Diet

Patients with diagnosed arthrosis of the knee should understand that weight plays an important role in restoring health.If there are extra pounds, then you need to take urgent measures to lose weight. Nutritionists recommend to adjust their diet to each patient with arthrosis :

  • in the menu must be present vegetables and fruits;
  • food should be prepared on vegetable fats - for example, on olive, corn or sunflower oil;
  • give preference to turkey, chicken and rabbit meat;
  • fish in the menu should be present, but the best choice will be its lean varieties.

Patients with arthrosis should pay special attention to the use of sour-milk products, buckwheat, natural yoghurt and whole-grain bakery products - they must be present in the diet.

In the framework of maintaining general health, the disease under consideration requires the intake of vitamin-mineral complexes - chondroprotectors and vitamin B. But all these drugs can be picked up only by the attending physician, he will take into account the stage of progression of arthrosis of the knee joint, the patient's age and general health.

Gymnastics for arthrosis under condition of proper nutrition is an excellent and effective method of introducing the disease into long-term remission.The main condition is regular exercise, and then the effect will be noticeable quickly, and will persist for a long time.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapist of the highest qualification category

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