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Treating the calcaneal spur at home

Treating the calcaneal spur at home

Heel spur, or plantar fasciitis is currently a fairly common problem, and it can occur at a young age and in the older.But according to statistics, the typical symptoms for the calcaneal spur appear in the second half of life, and people with excessive weight experience these same sensations 2-3 times more often.

Naturally, people ask questions about the reason for the appearance of the heel spur, and about the possibility of its treatment at home.The answers to these questions can be found in this article.

Contents: What is heel spur and the reasons for its formation? The symptoms of calcaneal spur Treating the calcaneal spur at home

What is heel spur and the reasons for its formation

The sole has a powerful fascia that extends from the toes to the heel.It is the inflammatory process in the powerful fascia of the sole in medicine that is classified as the calcaneal spur.If the patient does not perform any treatment, ignores the appointments and recommendations of specialists, then the inflammatory process will progress.The result is impregnation of the affected area with calcium salts and the appearance of osteophytes - small bone formations.

What is the heel spur

The reason for the development of the heel spur is an excessive load on the heel.The fact is that even with normal walking, the powerful fascia of the soles is constantly injured, but usually all microcracks, tears quickly heal.If this does not happen and the consequences of permanent trauma to the powerful fascia of the soles accumulate in large numbers, a person begins to experience the strongest pain .But the reason for the last factor can be:

  • constant wearing of high-heeled shoes - by the way, that's why in women heel spurs are diagnosed much more often than men;
  • flat feet and various spine injuries - these pathologies can lead to a change in gait, the weight will be distributed when walking unevenly;
  • doing sports in uncomfortable shoes - especially for athletes.

Note: development of plantar fasciitis( calcaneal spur) can also contribute to infectious diseases that occur secretively.These include chlamydia, gout, rheumatoid arthritis.In this case, the disease under consideration develops even if there is no excessive load on the foot.

Symptoms of calcaneal spur

Symptoms of the calcaneal spur This disease begins to manifest itself at early stages of its development.Patients begin to feel pain in the heel in the morning, immediately after awakening.Then, during the day, unpleasant sensations go away, but towards evening they manifest again, and more pronouncedly.It is this symptom of "coming" pain in the heel that should alert the person - it's time to seek medical help, because this is the most favorable period for treatment.

If, with regularly appearing pains in the heel, no measures are taken, then the inflammatory process will progress, and after a short time the patient will complain about the sensation "as if a nail was hammered into the heel".The result is a change in gait - there is lameness, because a person spares a sick leg.If the calcaneal spur develops simultaneously on both lower limbs, the walking process will be very difficult, some patients either step on the foot only on their socks, or refuse to move at all.

Treating the calcaneal spur at home

First of all, if you have symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor.First, it will help to establish a true diagnosis - pain in the heel can appear and against the background of the development of other pathologies of the bone system( for example, with arthritis).Secondly, only a specialist will be able to find out the cause of the development of the inflammatory process - it will have to be eliminated in order to obtain a positive result from the course of treatment.Thirdly, often to get rid of the heel spur you need to use medicines - they can correctly choose only a doctor.

Note: if a patient is diagnosed with chlamydia, gout or rheumatoid arthritis, then a complete examination with laboratory biomaterials and computed tomography will be required.In this case, treatment of the calcaneal spur at home is impractical - no result.

Pain in the heel is usually so strong that a person loses free movement.Of course, you will need to wait for the results of the examination and appointments from the doctor, but after all, and suffer the pain, suffer and do not want to suffer!In this case, you can do the following: a rubber roller is placed in the shoes in such a way that the sore spot does not touch the interior at all.Load on the inflamed area of ​​soft tissues is removed, the pain becomes less intense.

To reduce inflammation and get rid of pain at home, you can also use medicines.For example, indomethacin ointment, doloben gel - will be effective - they just lubricate the heel.But note that the choice of medications and the scheme of their use should be determined by the attending physician.

Please note: any thermal procedures, heated baths are strictly prohibited in the early stages - they can provoke an aggressive, rapid development of the inflammatory process.The result will be an increase in edema and increased pain.

Treating the calcaneal spur folk remedies

Treating the calcaneal spur folk remedies There are many methods of treating the calcaneal spur from the category of "folk medicine".Someone believes in their miraculous power, someone doubts the ability of such "healing" - a purely individual matter.But if the attending physician has nothing against the use of folk methods of getting rid of inflammation and pain with a diagnosed heel spur, why not try it?

It is interesting that there are medicinal herbs that will bring relief to the patient, and not quite the usual use of familiar products.

Original methods for treating the heel spur at home:

  1. Take a sheet of white cabbage, slightly repulse / crush a thick base( you can simply "beat" it with the blunt side of the knife) to lay on it a tablespoon of honey.The obtained product is tied to the heel, and the cotton sock is put on top.This procedure is done 3-5 days in a row, it is better to apply a cabbage-honey compress in the evening, at night.
  2. In a three-liter pot, combine the small potatoes and potato peels, cook until cooked.The resulting "dish" put in a shallow basin and allow to cool slightly.Then knead the cooked potatoes with the legs cleaned until completely cooled.Next - wipe the feet, put on the heel of a thin iodine mesh and put on cotton socks.Typically, this procedure is recommended to be done at night.Usually 3-4 procedures are enough to get rid of the pain syndrome for a long time.

Note: hot potatoes can be used to treat the heel spur at home only in the 2-3 stages of the development of the disease.If the pain in the heel appears extremely rare, then do not experiment - a warming procedure can only hurt.

  1. Take a small slice of old( !) Lard, attach it to the heel, fasten and put on the toe.Then a polyethylene bag is stretched on the sock, and already on it is another sock.In this situation, a piece of old lard does not move even with active walking, but it is better to do this either on a day off when there is no need to leave the house or in the evening / night time.
  2. Collect the flowers of the lilac ordinary( color does not matter), put in a bowl of dark glass and pour vodka( or alcohol) in the proportion of 1:10.This remedy is insisted for at least 10 days, and then it is used as a shredded heel.
  3. Break the plantain leaf and attach it with the "purl" side to the heel.Please note that you can not wash the leaf of this plant!Of course, the sheet will need to be fixed in some way on the heel - for example, with a bandage.Do not worry if the pain in the heel intensifies in the first 2-3 days of this procedure is normal.But after 14 days heel spurs will stop worrying at all.
  4. Mix 40 g of bile of any animal( only not birds!), 20 g of vodka( or alcohol) and a little shampoo.Before going to bed, you need to wash your feet, apply a remedy and carefully bandage.Even after one procedure the patient becomes easier to walk, and after 3-4 procedures the pain passes definitively, the inflammatory process ceases to develop.

There is another very effective method to get rid of the heel spur, but it must be used very carefully.You will need to prepare an ointment from one fresh chicken egg, 200 g of butter and acetic essence 70%. Preparation:

  1. Place the egg in a glass and pour it with acetic essence - the amount is determined individually, but the egg must completely immerse itself in the essence.
  2. After 3 days you will see that the shell is completely dissolved - it means it's time to remove the egg.
  3. Tear a thin shell, discard it, and pour the contents of the egg into a separate cup.
  4. Butter is melted in a water bath.
  5. Added to the oil is a deferred egg, peeled from the film.
  6. Everything is thoroughly mixed with a mixer.

Please note: in many sources indicates that the vinegar essence should be mixed with butter and egg - this is a big mistake!Do not use vinegar essence - heel burn, pain enhancement is guaranteed.

Recommended to read:

This ointment should be used every night - just apply the product on the heel and fix it with a bandage or a sock.Specification: do not lubricate the heel with ointment, namely impose the prepared preparation.As a rule, 4 days of procedures are enough to make the calcaneal spur cease to disturb.By the way, the prepared ointment according to the above recipe can be stored in a cool place for 2-3 years.

Medicinal herbs for the treatment of the heel spur at home:

  1. And( 22) Root of the iris flower - it needs to be digged, chopped and poured with a small amount of vodka or alcohol.Then the tincture( after 5 days) can be used to rub the diseased feet.
  2. Nettle( and stems and leaves) are ground until the appearance of juice and applied to the heel as a regular lotion.You do not need to fix this tool somehow - the procedure lasts no more than 20 minutes, but you need to do it every day for a week.
  3. Take 3 tablespoons of buttercup one-color, pour 2 cups of water and cook over a small fire for 10 minutes.The resulting broth can be used for cold compresses.

All these methods of treating the heel spur at home should be used for a long time - in some cases it may take 6 months for full therapy.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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