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Sweethearts: Benefit and Harm

PX00250_9 Sweets are a hybrid that is a combination of grapefruit and pomelo.In general, the goal of scientists who started work on crossing these two citrus fruits was to improve the taste of grapefruit while maintaining all its useful qualities - it was completely successful.

Sweetie is a fairly large citrus( the size of pomelo), has a green peel and a pulp of a pleasant yellow tint.The negative aspect is too thick skin of the fruit - when cleaning the pulp is only 50% of the total mass.And yet - it has a bitter white film, so it must also be deleted.

Composition of the

Chemical composition:

  • Calories: 45 kcal
  • Proteins: 0,7 gr
  • Fats: 0,2 gr

See the list ┬╗

  • Carbohydrates: 9 g
  • Dietary fiber: 1 g
  • Water: 90 g
  • Beta Carotene: 0.02 mg
  • Vitamin B1, Thiamine: 0.05 mg
  • Vitamin B2, riboflavin: 0.03 mg
  • Vitamin C, ascorbic:45 mg
  • Vitamin PP, NE: 0.23 mg
  • Calcium, Ca: 23 mg
  • Magnesium, Mg: 10 mg
  • Sodium, Na: 13 mg
  • Potassium, K: 212 mg
  • Phosphorus, Ph: 18 mg
  • Iron, Fe: 0.5 mg

Sweetness belongs to the group of citrus fruits, therefore, in the first place there is a high content of vitamin C. The composition of the suite contains both essential oils and vitaminComplex, and mineral substances.

Distinctive feature of the fetus in question: it contains specific enzymes that promote the breakdown of proteins and carbohydrates, as well as fats - sweets can safely be used for weight loss.

Use of

Wpid-xo-PlNitgfc20 The presented product, thanks to the large content of vitamins, is an excellent preventive tool - colds, acute respiratory infections, influenza often "bypass" those who regularly eat this fruit.

Sweets have anti-edematous properties, so you need to eat every day one fruit to get rid of existing swelling in general without medications and prevent the emergence of new ones.

This citrus has a unique ability to improve mood, improve performance, and serves as a preventive measure for chronic fatigue syndrome.It is necessary to eat one fruit a day for those people whose work is related to mental activity - the benefit of the suite is to increase the concentration of attention.

30022_0 In addition, the suite normalizes blood pressure( with increased-lowers it, lowers it - increases), solves digestion problems( when food is poorly digested), stabilizes the gallbladder, lowers cholesterol in the blood.

Sweetie also benefits for the rejuvenation of the body - vitamin C is able to literally tighten the face and d├ęcolletage, making it more fresh and eliminating acne.

Harm of sweat and contraindications

Sweets is a unique complex of vitamins and minerals, and the benefits of the swine are undeniable.But it is this unique composition that can cause harm to the body with unreasonable use of fruit.Vitamin C in the suite can cause an allergic reaction and even the appearance of signs of poisoning - too many sweets are not worth it.The same vitamin C is contraindicated for people with gastritis( increased acidity of gastric juice), with diseases of the intestine and duodenum. It is also extremely undesirable to use the described fruit in the following diseases:

  • hepatitis;
  • cholecystitis;
  • acute nephritis;
  • enteritis;
  • colitis.

And even if there are no contraindications to the use of the suite, do not be too fond of fruit - an excess of vitamin C can lead to the first allergic reactions, both to vomiting, and to a headache.

Do not enter into the diet of the swine and pregnant women - this can trigger the birth of a baby with an allergy.

How to choose the

Sweets are an exotic fruit and very few people know how to choose it right in the store.Do not pay attention to the color of the peel - it should be green, allowed only a small presence of a golden hue.Therefore, the color of the rind of the fruit in question will not be an indicator of its ripeness. It is advisable to pay attention to the following points:

  • skin must be whole, do not have dark spots or mold;
  • The weight of the suite is always a bit heavier than it seems at first glance;
  • , when pressing down on the stem, no liquid should be released;
  • the fruit itself should be elastic.

How to use sweets

This product is used fresh - you can just eat the flesh, you can make juice from it.

In some kitchens, you can see the use of the suite as a shade moment when baking a large piece of meat.It will be nice to "feel" the suite and when marinating meat - it will be an excellent substitute for the usual citrus.

Image 2438

Sweets, although very exotic fruit, deserves attention.Becomes a fan of his not worth it, but to enter the diet carefully and no more than one fruit a week will be very useful.

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