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How to reduce your appetite to lose weight?

Image 004 One of the most important things for an actively striving to lose weight is an appetite. Like the caloric content of the diet is reduced to a minimum, and sports is engaged, and kilograms are gone, but the feeling of impending disruption from the diet is becoming clearer.The constant feeling of hunger is the main enemy of losing weight, what makes a man give up on what has been achieved and get into a culinary bacchanalia.But the hunger that is experienced during a diet is a sign that everything is going wrong.

Contents: What is appetite? Uncontrolled eating. Food in the company. Snacks from boredom. Stinging stress. Consequences of education. Hunger is a mistake in the diet. How to reduce appetite.

What is appetite

Appetite is a desire to eat, and certain food.This is its difference from the feeling of hunger, although only scientists pay attention to this difference.Ordinary people call appetite cravings for any food, so we will also use this term.

Appetite can be normal, increased or decreased.Reduction of it is usually observed in sick people due to violation of its regulation or exchange failures.Increased appetite accompanies certain diseases of the nervous system, hyperthyroidism and mental disorders.

29 Important: is what most people consider an increased appetite, in fact, can be attributed to eating disorders. To be sure, just ask them a few questions:

  • Do you only eat when you are hungry?
  • Do you overeat?
  • Can you stop without milking?

If at least one question is answered positively, then it's not about the increased appetite, but about the wrong eating habits.The reasons for this are known, but it is not out of place to remind them.

Uncontrolled power supply

This includes most situations in which a person does not realize how much he eats.All sorts of Swedish tables, feasts, dinner parties and dinners - all this is associated with a wide variety of dishes, each of which you want at least to try.As a result - overeating, gradually entering into a habit.

Food in the company


Another scenario is possible - a meal in the company.During a conversation with an interesting interlocutor( especially if it occurs in a cafe or restaurant), the control over the amount of food eaten is greatly reduced.And if a person does not hold anything, he can order another portion of dessert for the company( we do not have to sit at an empty table!)

Bites from boredom

The next option is to eat "from nothing to do" or "to take your hands".Sometimes a man from boredom is able to absorb a very decent amount of food, and not by dietary apples.Many can confirm - during the holidays they often recover, if they do not repair, move or something like that.Here it is not the appetite, but the absence of any long enough occupation.

Stunting of stress

Sticking of emotions is another variant of "increased appetite".Scientists for a long time trying to explain this phenomenon, and ordinary people just eat with depression, with joy and with any other vivid emotions.

Consequences of education

Finally, you can also include the factors of upbringing."Eat your happiness / strength / good luck" - this phrase parents, without knowing it themselves, put a kind of program on the wrong diet into the child.A person should eat almost enough, and certainly without overeating.The slightest error with the amount of food on the plate, which must certainly be emptied, leads to the consumption of unnecessary, unnecessary calories.

Hunger is a mistake in the diet

The regulation of hunger in the body is carried out through a number of mechanisms.Here, the production of hormones in response to ingestion of food in the stomach and intestines, and the mechanical extension of these organs, and even visual perception( a person perceives a large volume of food as more satiating).

Note: most modern diets are physiologically inferior.The lack of proteins leads to rapid digestion of food and the appearance of hunger.With insufficient intake of carbohydrates, the brain "feels danger" and gives the command to eat.It is for these reasons that most of the slimming people can not get rid of the burning desire to eat anything.

It is possible and such an error when a person wants to get everything at once and for this severely restricts himself in food, while simultaneously increasing physical activity.Any athlete consumes much more calories than, for example, an office worker, without gaining excess weight.Lack of energy intake, coupled with increased workloads, can lead to severe hunger.

How to reduce your appetite?

First of all, the weight loss diet should be balanced by the number of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as well as vitamins.Lack of any of these components will lead to the desire to eat, which will be difficult to suppress( the food is incomplete!)


The diet should contain many fruits and vegetables.They contain fiber, which, swelling, takes up a lot of space in the stomach, making him think that you are full.

The use of spices, especially sharp ones, should be minimized.Their main property is to arouse appetite, and this is absolutely not what is needed by the slimming one.The "paler" the taste of food, the less it wants to eat.

Note: on the table should not have an abundance of dishes - studies prove that a person is eager to try them all, and eventually eats more than necessary.

Do not try to create from the dishes samples of fine art.The brighter the food, the more attractive it is, the more one wants to eat it, the stronger the appetite.

Finally, very good appetite reduces ordinary water.Firstly, with just one glass of it you can deceive the stomach with a slight sense of hunger.Secondly, drank 200 m of water half an hour before a meal will force you to eat less food.

There is no universal recipe for reducing appetite.Some people will easily give up spices, but they can not live without "first-second compote", while others will prepare such a tasty diet dish that they will eat two portions and will overeat.It is hard enough for slimming to remember that it is necessary to sit at the table slightly hungry, and get up because of it - slightly underdone.And do not forget about the nutrients, which should be enough to cover all the needs of the body.

Bozbey Gennadiy, medical reviewer, ambulance doctor

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