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Myalgia of the neck: symptoms, causes, treatment

  • requires the appointment of medications that have an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect of .The most commonly used group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.They can be used in the form of tablets, capsules, ointments, gels.In the most severe cases for the treatment of myalgia of the neck, these drugs are injected.Preference should be given to Diclofenac, Ibuprofen, Indomethacin.Sometimes you should concentrate on the predominantly analgesic effect.Such an action has Xefokam, Keiver.In more lighter cases, you can limit yourself to Aspirin, Analgin, Sedalgin;
  • includes antispasmodics .These medications relieve pain in the presence of spasms and convulsive manifestations in the muscles of the neck.Both tablets and injections for the treatment of myalgia of the neck are recommended by Platifillin, Spasmoverin, No-Shpa, Spasmalgon and others;
  • is supplemented with excessive intensity of pain - hormonal drugs - Dexamethasone, Prednisolone( strictly according to the doctor's prescription!);
  • uses anti-histamine medications , if the nature of the pain is allergic.The best drugs for the treatment of myalgia of the neck are drugs of the latest generation, since they are most effective at a minimum of side effects.But, proceeding from their high cost, drugs of 2 generations, for example Loratadin, Azilastin, are also quite suitable;
  • in the case of development of myalgia of the neck against a background of stress factors, sedatives, tranquilizers should be used.In medium doses, for a short time.They, also, should be taken only after examination and appointment of a doctor.

Physiotherapeutic and auxiliary methods for the treatment of neck mialgia

Neck pain is greatly facilitated by methods:

  • Myalgia acupuncture;
  • point and classical massage of painful zones;
  • electropulse procedures;
  • electrophoresis;
  • using therapeutic muds, sea baths;
  • hirudotherapy( treatment with leeches);
  • stonerapii( treatment with stones of various formulations, heated and cooled);
  • aromatherapy( oil of rosemary, cinnamon, cedar).

In the interboreal period, during the process's timing, special water procedures are recommended - contrast douches.

Traditional medicine for neck pain relief

The pain is greatly facilitated when:

  • is applied to the neck of the heated sand, or salt, which is covered in a linen or canvas sack.The procedure is repeated twice a day for 10-15 minutes;
  • applying a warming compress made of linen material impregnated with vaseline, or vegetable oil.Between the two layers of material is placed a mixture of finely chopped cabbage and horsetail.Both layers are applied to the pain site, then covered with soft waxed paper covering the treatment layer completely( 2 cm wider).Then tightly fixed with a dense bandage, under which lay an even larger layer of cotton wool.The procedure is very effective in treating myalgia, carried out at night;
  • grated from a mixture of leaves of marshmallow, bay leaf and burdock in equal percentages.The composition is crushed and placed in a glass of oil( vegetable, olive).When stirring, a dessert spoon of honey is added.The mixture is infused for a week.Rubbed into the pain zones - once a day for 10 days;
  • application of paraffin compress.The paraffin, preheated to liquid state, is applied to the skin and fixed as a warming compress( a layer of waxed paper, a layer of cotton wool, a bandage).After an hour the compress is removed, the paraffin flows freely from the skin.Before the procedure, the skin can be wiped with a small amount of petroleum jelly.

Please note! The contents of compresses can be combined.Instead of the already mentioned ingredients for the treatment of myalgia, folk medicine recommends the use of small-cut potatoes, chamomile oil, sponge, and burdock( leaves).

Nial Myalgia

Pain in children may occur for the same reasons as in adults.But, they also happen in healthy children, especially at the end of the day, which the child spent in excessive activity.This phenomenon is not pathological and arises in connection with active growth, some advance of this process in some tissues, over others.Parents should not be overly concerned about this fact.The child simply enough to calm, stretch his shoulders and neck, the pain will go away.

Myalgia of the neck during pregnancy

Women who are preparing to become mothers also periodically complain of manifestations of pain in the neck.If they are not associated with the aforementioned diseases, they are of a functional nature and are removed by usual rest.

Diet in myalgia

Nutrition in this form of malaise is not strict and can depend only on the underlying cause of development.If no restrictions are required, the patient can eat normally.

Prophylaxis and prognosis

To prevent recurrence of pain in the neck, it is necessary to correctly treat the underlying pathology causing myalgia.Physical education, any kind of motor activity are the best protective methods from the appearance of myalgia of the neck.The prognosis of myalgia in most cases is favorable with the proper treatment of the main disease.

Alexander Lotin, medical reviewer

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