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The Kremlin diet - food specialties

Kremlin diet For the first time about the Kremlin diet began talking in the early 2000's.A diet allegedly "a secret way of losing weight to Kremlin politicians" was immediately picked up by the media."Kremlevke" devoted articles in newspapers, video on television and even whole books!Now the popularity of this diet has dropped noticeably, and still, those who want to try it on their own are still there.

Table of contents: The essence of the Kremlin diet The allowed products Prohibited products The Kremlin diet: a daily menu Contraindications The harm of the Kremlin diet

The essence of the Kremlin diet

The history of the "Kremlin" is shrouded in many legends.The most common opinion - the Kremlin diet originated on the basis of the Atkins diet, which was developed specifically for American astronauts and military.When the Atkins diet reached the CIS, here it underwent changes and was allegedly very fond of it because of its effectiveness to the Kremlin's political cream.So the diet was called "Kremlin".

The basic principle of the Kremlin diet is to limit( and almost completely eliminate) carbohydrates .The idea of ​​such a diet is understandable.

The body receives energy mainly from carbohydrates.When carbohydrates are critically small, and you need to take energy from somewhere, the body switches to the splitting of fats.That is, with a low-carb diet actively begin to split available fat reserves and a person grows thin.

This principle of nutrition is also used by bodybuilders when they need to quickly "dry" the body before the competition. However, everything is not so simple, long-term low-carbohydrate nutrition inevitably leads to changes in metabolism and the occurrence of complications of .


Losing weight on the Kremlin diet will have to constantly count the conventional units( cu) - points.These scores are determined according to the amount of carbohydrates contained in a particular product: 1 gram of carbohydrates is equal to one score.The score is calculated per 100 grams of the product.The smallest number of points are meat products, the largest - flour products, cereals. To lose weight a person needs to eat a meal a day to 40 points.However, it is dangerous to eat according to the system of the Kremlin diet for more than seven to ten days.

Allowed products

The Kremlin diet

The lowest "price" in points are protein and fatty foods.Many of them have zero points.It turns out that these products can be eaten in unlimited quantities, without going beyond the daily total score. Which products have the lowest "price"?

  • Poultry meat - 0 b;
  • Beef, pork, lamb, rabbit - 0 b;
  • Russian cheese - 0 b;
  • Brynza - 0-0.5 b;
  • Smoked sausage - 0-0,5 b;
  • Salo - 0 b;
  • Beef liver - 0 b;
  • Fish - 0 b.

Ironically, the Kremlin diet does not prohibit, but even encourages in some way the eating of sausage, because it has few carbohydrates. But in fact no nutritionist will advise his client to eat sausage, because this is not the most useful product.

Prohibited products

Under the ban, the "Kremlevka" has carbohydrate food.However, do not forget that for a full, healthy diet a person should receive all macronutrients: carbohydrates, proteins, fats.The fact is that carbohydrates are contained not only in such harmful products as fried potatoes and cakes, but also in cereal cereals, fruits and vegetables.Yes, the consumption of vegetables and fruits will also have to be limited.But the exclusion of these products from the diet is fraught with serious consequences.

Products with a high score:

  • Wheat flour( highest grade) - 71 b;
  • Baton threaded - 51 b;
  • Macaroni - 69 b;
  • Gingerbread - 75 b;
  • Chocolate candies - 51 b;
  • Buckwheat groats - 57 b;
  • Groats "Hercules" - 62 b;
  • Long grain rice - 78,5 b;
  • Potatoes-16;
  • Apples - 9.5 b;
  • Parsley - 8 b;
  • Carrots - 7 b.

For a more complete list of food items with the indication of points, you can look at this picture.

The Kremlin diet: the menu for the day

Kremlin diet The person who has decided to eat according to the system of the Kremlin diet will have to count constantly.First of all, you always need to have a kitchen scale at hand, because the points are indicated per 100 grams of a product.Accordingly, increasing the portion above 100 grams entails an increase in the "price" of the product in points.

Adherents of the "Kremlin" advise to lose weight in three stages.The first stage is maximum weight reduction. For fast weight loss, you need to eat 20 points.The second stage is the continuation of weight loss, for this you need to eat no more than 40 points.The third stage - maintaining weight at the received level, you need to eat no more than 60 points a day.

Sample menu for a day of 40 points:

  • Breakfast - two fried eggs, 100 grams of toasted courgettes, 50 grams of hard cheese, tea without sugar.
  • Lunch - potato puree - 100 grams, chicken fillet - 150 grams.
  • Dinner - 200 grams of fried fish, 100 grams of salad( cucumber + tomato).

Thus it is necessary to count on points and to paint the menu for every day.


Lose weight with the help of "kremlevka" is unsafe.There are even separate groups of people who are simply contraindicated in feeding on the system of the Kremlin diet. So, you can not sit on the Kremlin diet:

  1. Pregnant and lactating women;
  2. For children;
  3. People with kidney disease, liver disease;
  4. People suffering from diseases of the digestive tract;
  5. People with diabetes;
  6. People suffering from atherosclerosis, angina pectoris;
  7. Women in menopause - the risk of developing osteoporosis is increasing.

The Kremlin diet is a real test for the body, which only a healthy person can transfer.

Harm to the Kremlin's diet

On the Internet, you can find a lot of positive feedback from people that with the help of the "Kremlin" they were able to lose weight.However, few people think about the fact, due to which the body weight decreases. In such a nutrition scheme, not only fat stores decrease, but liquid is also actively withdrawn from the body, which is fraught with consequences. That's why with protein diets you need to drink plenty of water to make up for its losses.

People who lose weight on low-carb diets often notice the appearance of an unpleasant aftertaste of acetone in the mouth.The reason for this is a high concentration of ketone bodies.Normally, the concentration of these substances is minimal.However, in conditions of carbohydrate starvation, the balance between the formation and utilization of ketone bodies is disturbed.They are formed too much and at the same time they are slowly withdrawn from the body.In high concentrations, ketone bodies have a truly toxic effect on the body, especially the nervous system suffers.

Excess protein food in the diet also has a detrimental effect on the body .Proteins break down into purines, and those in turn to urea and salts of uric acids.Excess concentration of these substances leads to the development of gout, as well as urolithiasis. So, people suffering from kidney diseases need to forget about the Kremlin diet.

The power supply system for the Kremlin diet assumes a significant reduction in cereal crops, vegetables and fruits in the diet.However, these products are sources not only of carbohydrates, but also of fiber, pectins, polysaccharides.Fiber, like a broom, cleanses the intestines of food leftovers.And in the absence of this substance in the diet are observed constipation, hemorrhoids.

Fighting excess weight can and should be done!But it needs to be done competently, to eat fully and healthy.

Grigorova Valeria, medical reviewer

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