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How to cook to lose weight?

78974610-dieti-servizno-otnositsya Abandoning sugar, baking or fatty pork is not all that is needed for weight loss.And if you decide to deal with excess weight, it will be superfluous to go to the end - take care of your health as a whole.And for this, some restrictions are few.Proper cooking is an important aspect of a healthy diet.

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There are several rules, compliance with which will make even the habitual food more useful and low-calorie.

1365149898_teflon-pans-1 First of all you need to get rid of fat.Completely it can not be excluded, but fry potatoes in a frying pan filled with a hundred grams of butter, and eating it with bacon is not the best way to lose weight.It is better to simply lubricate the dishes with a small amount of olive or sunflower oil, and ideally - use a pan with non-stick coating.

When cooking meat, remove all visible fat as much as possible, and from the bird - also skin.This will reduce the calorie content of the dish by 30-40%.

You can also reduce the fat content of the ready-made dish in another way - by refusing to fry in favor of baking in the oven or on an open fire, or by grilling.In this case, even the available fat( for example, in meat) will drain, and the calorie content of food will decrease.


Important : should not simultaneously prepare meat and vegetables, since the latter absorb fat well.Cooking and steaming are a very good way to get rid of excess calories.

1283014923_selecting steamer-01First, with this method, there is absolutely no need to add extra fat, and secondly, when cooking, the temperature of cooking never rises to very high values, and therefore no carcinogenic substances are formed.

A good help when cooking is the use of a steamer or multivark.Food cooked using these devices is no different from cooked in a conventional saucepan.However, the convenience of cooking is an obvious plus here.

Forum-user_foto-7d2036a408b83f4384c2e2c02bc772bf For filling any dishes it is recommended to abandon mayonnaise and other fatty sauces.It is better to use lemon juice or a mix-beaten mixture of low-fat yogurt and cottage cheese.

And the last rule - do not salt food!The norm of 5 grams of sodium chloride, recommended by the World Health Organization, can easily be provided by sodium contained in the products themselves.In the beginning it will be difficult, but then get used to the natural taste of food.

Cooking delicious

When preparing a dinner( breakfast, dinner), it is not necessary to use ready-made sauces and other flavoring additives.Food can become tasty and without salt, and without ketchup with mayonnaise. Here's how to make diet food tasty:

  1. Salad.Try replacing mayonnaise with a spoonful of vegetable oil and lemon juice.Season the salad with kefir or yogurt, add nuts or sesame to it.At the first moment, the taste will seem unusual, but having rasprobovav, you will never return to the "Dream of the mistress."
  2. Vegetables.When they are prepared, spices are simply asked.Try adding a little ground ginger to the vegetables( do not overdo it - this seasoning is very sharp), curry or sage.Use spices in very small quantities - spice should emphasize the taste of vegetables, and not replace it.
  3. Meat.In itself, it has a rather mediocre taste.Having smeared it before baking mustard with honey, you will get a delicious and very unusual dish.
  4. Soup.Vegetable soups - the basis of any weight loss diet - can be enjoyed except that very unpretentious in food people.However, having flavored it with low-fat grated cheese, you will get a very appetizing dish with a sufficiently low calorie content.
  5. Dessert.Sugar for slimming is prohibited.However, replacing traditional cakes with dried fruits, you can taste delicious and normalize digestion( fiber in dried fruits contains quite a lot).And you can use a stevia extract - a plant containing a natural sugar substitute - steviol.
  6. Fruits, berries.This product need not be replaced.On the contrary, during the day, anyone is recommended to eat up to half a kilogram of fruits, vegetables and berries.Use them preferably moist.
  7. Beverages.Freshly squeezed juice, mors, jelly, compote and traditional tea and coffee - the choice of beverages that do not interfere with losing weight, is colossal.Do not add sugar to them, do not buy prepackaged juices and excess weight will go away even faster.


The process of losing weight proceeds the harder the more a person has to limit himself.It is because of this breakdown occurs, which is why people begin to recover after seemingly very effective diets.Accustomed to eat deliciously can never switch to fresh food.However, diet food should be healthy, and not tasteless.Observance of the rules described above will allow to create the correct eating behavior - that is what is needed to combat excess weight.

Bozbey Gennadiy, medical reviewer, ambulance doctor

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