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How to gain muscle mass at home: food for men

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Women have always preferred men "with muscles", but the opportunity to gain the right muscle mass, unfortunately, is not available for every member of the stronger sex.Against genetics you will not go - someone is right enough to eat, play sports and lead an active lifestyle, so that the necessary relief is drawn;Others can spend a day in the gym, but, alas, the muscles will increase slowly.And, nevertheless, experts say that with the right approach to solving the problem of muscle mass gain in men, it will be necessary to achieve the desired results.

Table of contents: Proper nutrition of men for muscle mass gaining Muscle mass gain for men

Proper nutrition of men for muscle mass gaining

It should be noted that proper nutrition will promote the collection of muscle mass, while the tummyWill not grow - the figure of a man will be attractive.

Men should remember that success in levying muscle mass is not only in training and the proper distribution of hours of sleep and rest.It is very important to adjust the diet - absorption of 1-2 times a day a lot of food expected results will not.

A man needs to eat a full protein, so every day you need to eat 2-3 servings of meat or fish, 2-3 egg whites and cottage cheese 9% fat.If you are a vegetarian or for some other reason do not eat meat, pay attention to sources of vegetable proteins.

Important! From fast food it is necessary to refuse - the protein in it is small, but carbohydrates, which are deposited on the abdomen and hips, more than enough.

Protein cocktail Muscle mass collection is due to training, they must be regular( at least 3 times a week) and last at least 50 minutes each.At the same time, a man should consume large amounts of protein, so it is advisable to drink a special protein-vitamin cocktail after physical exertion.Such a drink can be purchased only at certified points of sale of such a specific product, or in a training center where training takes place.

Please note: can contact the trainer, who will tell you the type and composition of the protein cocktail, the daily dose and the schedule of its use.

It is necessary to limit the use of fatty foods - muscle mass is unlikely to add, but the fat tissue in the abdomen and thighs will increase significantly.Men should give up sausage, fatty meat, margarine, butter.

Another limitation is fast( simple) carbohydrates, which are found in baked goods, sweet fruits and confectionery.The fact is that fast carbohydrates are rapidly absorbed from the stomach, which leads to an increase in the level of sugar in the blood.The response to such an aggressive "offensive" organism begins to actively transfer glucose to fat.

Please note: fast-digestible carbohydrates can and should be consumed immediately after training - muscles and other organs at this time are able to utilize glucose at a fast pace, while the secretion of anabolic hormone insulin increases, which is very important for a set of musclemasses.

Basic rules for feeding a man in the collection of muscle mass:

  1. The amount of food consumed during the day should be approximately the same, but it is highly desirable to use up to 70% of the total daily food intake before 16-00.
  2. You can not eat fatty foods or sweets for the night.It will be more effective to eat eggs, chicken meat, vegetable salads, sour-milk products, fish.
  3. 2 hours before the start of training, you must definitely take food.Optimal choice will be products that contain "slow" carbohydrates - for example, cereals, vegetables or something flour( whole grain bread, for example).Such food will provide energy and muscles, and the brain for the entire training period.
  4. After 30-40 minutes after exercise, there should be the most voluminous intake of food.But if after a workout a man uses a protein-carbohydrate cocktail, then the meal should not be earlier than an hour and a half.

Please note that muscle mass begins to grow only if the amount of energy that comes from food is much greater than the amount of energy consumed.Therefore, a man who wants to gain muscle mass, you can safely increase the calorie content of meals used by 10 and even 30%.In some cases, in order to successfully build muscle mass, you need to increase the calorie content of food by 50 or even 100%!

Many men are interested in the principle of calculating the amount of food needed to increase muscle mass. To do this it is quite simple:

  • the calorie content of dishes should be increased until the weight gain is 600-800 g per week;
  • if the increase is less, then increase the caloric content of products and further - no single doctor will name a single denominator.

Note: does not exceed the body mass gain per week, this figure should be 800 grams maximum.Otherwise, the male body begins to grow fat.

Muscle mass gain regiment for men

The diet for a man's muscular mass should be varied - this is the basic rule for success.

Protein products

Meat can be any, but with a minimum fat content.Chicken is best absorbed, so it is preferable.

Fish and seafood.Here there are no restrictions on the fat content of fish - you can use it in any quantity and with any fat content.

Sources of proteins

Milk and its derivatives.It is worth giving preference to products from milk with low fat content.In the diet should be present cheese, whole milk, cottage cheese, kefir, sour cream and other products.

Chicken Eggs.A day a man can eat up to 4 eggs with yolks.If desired, you can replace chicken eggs with quail eggs and double their number.

Pulses.It is very useful for a set of muscle mass to consume man beans, lentils, peas and beans.Please note that the list did not include soy - this is due to the fact that this product may have certain contraindications.

Protein in food

Nuts.You can eat any and in large quantities - they contain not only protein, but a group of vitamins / minerals.

Carbohydrate products

First of all, it's porridge.The most useful for men in respect of a set of muscle mass will be buckwheat, corn, millet, pearl barley and wheat porridge.Do not forget about pasta - they should be made from flour and coarse wheat and higher grades.

Further, carbohydrate products include mushrooms and vegetables.The most popular vegetable is the potato - his man should really eat in large quantities.Mushrooms are not as popular as vegetables, but they are very useful.


Carbohydrate products include nuts - hazelnuts, peanuts, and walnuts.Well, do not forget about the fruits and herbs - a lot of them are unlikely to be used( you can provoke a digestive disorder), so men can focus on bananas and mangoes, which are considered the most useful for building muscle mass.


It is not recommended to consume large amounts of animal fats, it is much more appropriate to give preference to vegetable oils.And from the combined fats and products, which contain trans fats, it is absolutely necessary to refuse.


Set of muscle mass - this is quite a difficult task for men.You need to be patient and learn how to control your diet, set your goal and show perseverance.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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