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Back pain: causes, nature, treatment

back pain Back pain is familiar to every second person on the planet - this is confirmed by official statistics.And in fact, all pain intensity in the spinal column was experienced by everyone, and it's not worth talking about backstroke attacks - something was wrongly raised, bent too sharply, slept in an uncomfortable position, and pain would be present.

Back pain can be absolutely diverse: aching and pulling, sharp and constant, paroxysmal and cutting, lumbago and local.Even the intensity of the syndrome under consideration is variable - the pain can appear suddenly, without visible prerequisites, but it can develop constantly "on increasing".

Back pain can be tolerated by a person relatively easily, but can become a cause of immobility - it all depends on the individual tolerance of the syndrome, the psychoemotional state of the patient.

Table of contents: Causes of low back pain in men Causes of back pain in women Common causes of back pain Lower back pain Lower back pain - what to do?Actions that are contraindicated in back pain Low back pain

Causes of back pain in men

Men are more likely to work in extreme conditions, for example, at regularly low temperatures, in conditions of high humidity, with the need to lift weights and so on.Not surprisingly, in the first place among the causes of the pain in the lower back are physiological factors.

Pain in the lumbar spine in men may appear with prostatitis - an inflammatory process in the prostate gland.Pay attention: prostatitis manifests itself not only with back pain with irradiation into the rectum, there are also irregularities in the process of urination, pulling unpleasant sensations in the groin and perineum, hyperthermia( fever).

If a man develops testicular inflammation( epididymitis), back pain along with an increase in the size of the testicles and their tumor can be the main reason for conducting a full-fledged examination with the andrologist.

Causes of low back pain in women

For women, low back pain is typical for some gynecological conditions / conditions:

  1. Adnexitis.Inflammation of the ovaries provokes the development of constantly increasing pain in the lower back.It can be one-sided and two-sided - it all depends on the localization of the inflammatory process.To lower back pain, adnexitis is accompanied by a rise in body temperature, altered discharge from the vagina, general weakness, increased pain during intimate relationships.
  2. Pregnancy.This physiological condition, which is accompanied by excessive stress on all organs and systems - bearing a child a priori implies the functioning of the body "to wear."Another factor in the appearance of low back pain during pregnancy is the threat of miscarriage / spontaneous abortion.
  3. Climax.During this period, the body of a woman undergoes powerful changes, including hormonal balance.The level of estrogen in the blood becomes unstable, which the nerve endings react to - back pain can be fully explained by this factor.

Note: women are characterized by idiopathic back pains - their appearance is incomprehensible, doctors associate pain with the psycho-emotional state of a woman, her minimal stress resistance.

Common causes of low back pain

This classification includes pain in the lumbar spine, which can occur due to internal pathologies in both men and women. The most common factors and reasons are:

  1. Attack of acute or chronic appendicitis.Of course, this pathology is characterized by pain syndrome in the right upper quadrant, but in some cases( depending on the physiological characteristics of the organism and the intensity of the inflammatory process), pain can appear in the lower back on the right side.
  2. Cholecystitis( inflammation of the gallbladder) of a chronic form.The pain syndrome in this case will be localized in the right hypochondrium with a strong irradiation in the lower back - this means that the pathological process involves the fibers of the spinal nerves.
  3. Inflammatory / infectious processes in the kidneys.For them, low back pain is considered the main symptom to which hyperthermia( a steady increase in body temperature), morning swelling on the face, increased blood pressure are added.
  4. Diseases of the small intestine.They are characterized by standard digestive disorders( stool disorder, increased gas production, intestinal colic), together with pain in the lower back.
  5. Pancreatitis( inflammation of the pancreas).The pain in this pathology is shrouded in nature and accompanied by nausea, vomiting.Pay attention: if pain in the lower back is caused by pancreatitis, then when the palpation of the spinal column changes the intensity of sensations are absent.
  6. Infectious pathology.Not with all infectious diseases there are pains in the lower back - this syndrome is characteristic only in those cases when there is a pathological lesion of bone tissue.And the loin hurts more often due to the heavy load on this part of the spine.

The main cause of low back pain in both men and women is the doctors consider the inflammatory processes in the muscles - myositis.They are characterized by aching persistent pain with a gradual increase in intensity - this symptom and, in the absence of other symptoms, you can put a preliminary diagnosis.

In addition, the syndrome in question can appear in patients diagnosed with obesity of 4 degrees - the load on muscles and bones is too large, so the pain in the loins will be constant, amplifying, with irradiation in the legs.

Note: Pain syndrome in the lumbar spine may be caused by malignant or benign neoplasms.But in this case there will be no problems with diagnosis - this syndrome does not appear at the first stage of cancer.

Diseases always accompanied by back pain

There are a number of pathological conditions in which back pain is the main symptom:

  1. Lumbago.It is characterized by acute, penetrating pain, it is most often diagnosed in male patients and can be a consequence of infringement of the sciatic nerve, displacement of several vertebrae.
  2. Scoliosis.Curvature of vertebrae, which can be congenital and acquired character.The pathological process can affect any part of the spine, the following classification of the disease is typical for the loin:
    • is a common scoliosis that develops as a child and is a consequence of the child's incorrect posture;
    • rickety type - the final stage of metabolic disorders in childhood;
    • rheumatic - more often diagnosed in adult patients, always a consequence of serious pathologies in the joints;
    • paralytic scoliosis.
  3. Intervertebral osteochondrosis.Hernia of the lumbar spine.
  4. .
  5. Rheumatoid arthritis.It is more often diagnosed in women who are in menopausal age.
  6. Osteoporosis.This is thinning of bone tissue, the causes of which are exceptionally age-related.In addition to pain in the lumbar spine, the patient is diagnosed with hernias, deformity of the vertebral joints, and problems with cartilage.
  7. Phlebothrombosis.This is not an inflammatory process in the vessels, and their blockage - the disease is more common in people in old age.It is characteristic that with phlebothrombosis pains in the lower back appear only with a long walk.

In addition, back pain may be triggered by arteriosclerosis of grade 3-4, obstructed by blood flow through inflamed vessels( various phlebitis), Bekhterev's disease and other factors and causes.

It is necessary to call a doctor and undergo a complete examination - the cause of the syndrome may be the development of severe pathology in the body.

Back pain - what to do?

To help yourself with low back pain, you need to remember a few recommendations from specialists:

  1. If you have a syndrome for the first time - take a comfortable position, monitor the nature of the pain:
    • at what time occurs, intensifies or abates;
    • is accompanied by nausea, headaches, changes in physiological processes( urination, defecation);
    • is there a temperature increase and foreign flavors in the oral cavity.
  2. If the cause of back pain is injury, stretch or injury, then the following should be done:
    • take a drug from the group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs( eg diclofenac);
    • to take a diuretic - this will help quickly get rid of puffiness and speed up the process of getting rid of inflammation;
    • to tighten the waist with any fixing material - special orthopedic belt, towel, scarf, elastic bandage.

In any case, you will need a doctor's consultation and a full examination - even the simplest trauma of the spinal column and short-term back pain can be caused by a serious pathological process.

Actions that are contraindicated in back pain

The following manipulations should not be performed at all:

  1. To heat the area of ​​pain syndrome localization without first determining the cause of its occurrence - this can provoke a powerful progression of the inflammatory process;
  2. take pain medication if the cause of the pain syndrome in the lumbar spine remains unexplained;
  3. to direct vertebrae - this point many patients miss and consider that professional manual therapists will not cause harm.In fact, the displacement of the vertebrae can be caused not only by strong physical stress, but also by various degenerative processes in cartilages and ligaments.The result of forcible repositioning of the vertebra in place in the degeneration of connective tissue or cartilage can be a complete destruction of the latter and immobilization.

Back pain treatment

Professional treatment of the pain syndrome under consideration is carried out only in a hospital.As a rule, after the examination( radiography, computed tomography, laboratory tests of blood / urine and so on), patients are prescribed medications that can quickly and with long-term effect stop the pain attack.Then, depending on the general state of health, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed, the doctor selects general restorative therapy, the patient undergoes a course of physiotherapy and massages.

Note: you need to learn how to rest properly after heavy physical exertion: in a supine position with low raised legs.If the loin hurts after sleep, then an orthopedic mattress will be needed, and if the pains become regular and strong, the doctors can make the blockade.But this does not mean that after the disappearance of the syndrome under consideration, one can calm down and the treatment can not be carried out - seizures will be repeated more often.

Treatment of low back pain

Any remedy from the category of traditional medicine that is intended to restore the function of the spinal column and get rid of low back pain can only be used with an identified etiology of the problem!Only in this case they will be really effective and absolutely safe.

Some methods of treating low back pain:

  1. For osteochondrosis, you need to take the wax, melt it and apply it to the waist( in the place of pain localization).On top you need to put a scarf or warm handkerchief so that the warming procedure has a greater effect.Pay attention: on the skin in the area of ​​the application of molten wax there should be no damage or visible pathologies from the field of dermatology.
  2. With regular stress, nervous breakdowns and low back pains against a background of psycho-emotional background disorders, you can use it to treat St. John's Wort.Take 2 tablespoons of dry St. John's wort, pour 400 ml of boiling water and leave overnight.Then extract the infusion and take 100 ml at least 4 times a day.The course of treatment is a week, even if the pain disappeared on the second or third day, it is not recommended to interrupt the intake of the infusion of St. John's wort.
  3. When diagnosing the usual nerve impairment( eg, sciatic), tincture of hot red pepper and fir oil is used.It is necessary to apply these components to the lower back, exactly in the area of ​​localization of the pain syndrome during the week twice a day.Pay attention: first, tincture of bitter pepper, and then fir oil, is rubbed into the skin.The number of procedures depends on the intensity of the pain syndrome - as soon as the condition is normalized, the treatment stops.

Very well with the usual pain in the lower back helps regular massage.Independently to do it is problematic, but our ancestors used the following method: you need to take a kapron / nylon stocking and at the same distance make three knots.This stocking needs to rub your back daily - it's quite possible to do it yourself.

Back pain may be a consequence of various pathological conditions.Many habitually "brush aside" this syndrome, writing off everything for excessive tension or nerves.But doctors warn: even periodically arising, not intensive pains in a lumbar department of a vertebral column can testify to development of an internal pathology.

For more information about the possible causes of back pain, read this video review:

Tsygankova Yana, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category.

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