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Ephedra Drug Addiction: Effects and Effects on the Body of Ephedra

Ephedrine Ephedra drug addiction is a dependence formed by the use of ephedrine, synthesized from ephedrine-containing drugs.The breadth of these medicines is strictly controlled by law.In the CIS countries, ephedrine dependence on prevalence is third, behind the palm tree of the primacy of opioid and cannabinoid addiction.

Table of contents: Causes of ephedrine addiction Symptoms of ephedrine addiction Ephedrine: consequences of use Principles of treatment

Causes of ephedrine addiction

Teenager-Bad Company Ephedra drug addiction is not a new phenomenon at all.In the 80 years of the twentieth century, this ailment massively struck Soviet youth.The reason for this - a large number of ephedrine-containing drugs in pharmacies and their availability.But even in the 21st century, ephedra drug addiction is not uncommon.

As a rule, ephedrine addiction is common among teenagers. Psychic in young people is not yet fully formed, they are easily influenced, they want to seem more experienced and relaxed.Here, the imitation factor plays a very important role when a teenager gets into a company where the senior "comrade" uses the drug and tells how it is "cool".

Ephedrine is extracted by handicraft using chemicals, this is the whole technology of which teenagers are trained by "experienced" drug addicts.

As a rule, ephedra drugs are used in the company.Windows pre-curtain, trying to remove any external stimuli, in order to enhance the sensation of buzz. It should be noted that ephedron stimulates sexual activity, which is manifested in promiscuous sexual intercourse and even orgies.

Symptoms of ephedrine addiction

Ephedrone is classified as psychostimulating drug.In the slang of addicts, ephedra drugs are called "jef", "mule".The effect of ephedrine is similar to that of amphetamines.

Ephedrine is often taken intravenously, much more rarely by mouth. With intravenous administration of ephedrine, the narcotic effect( essentially intoxication) develops in two phases:

  1. Efedron The first phase occurs 10 to 20 minutes after intravenous administration.First, a person feels a wave of relaxation rising up his body, the weightlessness of the body.Then there is a narcotic euphoria, because of which the person actually takes the drug.There is a feeling that all problems are insignificant, and the person becomes self-confident, it seems that everything is on his shoulder.In the imagination unusual images emerge, and in general everything seems brighter, more saturated.As a rule, during this period a person is in a recumbent position and fully focuses on his own sensations.The duration of the first phase is an average of ten to twenty minutes.
  2. The second phase is characterized by the psycho-stimulating effect of the drug.Addicts experience a surge of energy and try to "pour out" their energy into action.At such times, ideas of greatness often arise.A person begins to think of himself as a great genius, a creator, trying to even create "masterpiece" projects, poems, pictures.

In addition, there is excessive motor activity.The patient rushes, grabs for any business, then throws them, tackles something new.Such activities are absolutely unproductive, because a person is not able to focus and keep attention on any one process.At the same time a man is talkative, thoughts jump from one to another.As it was said above, sexual activity increases under the influence of ephedrine.Therefore, during drug intoxication, sexual intercourse often occurs.

Objectively, with ephedrine intoxication, the following phenomena are determined:

  • Dilation of pupils and reduction of their reaction to light;
  • Nystagmus;
  • Muscle tremor( trembling);
  • Pale face;
  • Increased blood pressure;
  • Increased heart rate.

With a single use of ephedrine, the narcotic effect lasts about two to three hours.Soon, mental resources are depleted and a person is overtaken by an extremely unpleasant feeling of longing, depressed mood, irritability and weakness.Then there is a dream, after which there are signs of nervous exhaustion.

The pathological attraction to ephedra develops after a few applications of .If a person continues to use ephedra drugs, to achieve the same narcotic effect, he has to significantly increase the amount of the drug itself, as well as the number of injections. So, addicts who are hooked on the "ephedrine needle" can inject the drug up to thirty times a day .But even with an increase in the dose, euphoria becomes less pronounced and prolonged.With prolonged use of ephedrine, euphoria can not be achieved and the drug only temporarily removes bad mood, lethargy.

With the resulting dependence, the patient uses ephedrine cyclically, less often continuously.For cyclical consumption is typical daily use of the drug for 2-10 days, after which a person takes a break in 5-7 days.At this time the patient becomes irritable, almost does not eat and does not sleep well.Soon the patient again resorts to the drug.

Ephedron: Implications of use

Efedron When a large dose of ephedrine is used, approximately one-third of patients develop an intoxicating psychosis in the form of a paranoid state of .In this case, after the introduction of the drug, there is not expected euphoria, but expressed fear, anxiety, a sense of impending disaster.Soon delusions of persecution, influence or relationships develop, auditory hallucinations are characteristic.Sometimes there may be tactile, visual hallucinations.In this state, a person does not control himself and can harm others.

When using handicraft drugs, personality changes very quickly: an emotional coarsening, a decrease in working capacity, patients become false, slovenly .Soon the intellect decreases, memory worsens.As a rule, at this stage a person stops going to work, studying, stealing money and surviving at the expense of other people.Encephalopathy develops not only under the influence of the drug itself, but also potassium permanganate, which is used in the synthesis of the substance.

The use of ephedrine drugs affects the somatic state of a person.Addicts are concerned about chronic gastritis, enterocolitis, impotence, amenorrhea.The cardiac system is particularly affected, which is manifested by the formation of myocardial dystrophy.

Principles of treatment

Efedron If a person has a drug dependence, particularly ephedrine, it is important to understand that the patient is not able to stop using drugs on his own.To get rid of ephedrine dependence, you need to turn to an expert in narcology.

Treatment is performed in a hospital.At the first stage detoxification of the body is effected by administration of medicinal solutions.Also resort to symptomatic treatment: the use of soothing, nootropic drugs, vitamins of group B.

To eliminate the pathological attraction to the drug, a patient must undergo a rehabilitation course that includes psychotherapy.In particular, group psychotherapy and classes in groups of "Anonymous drug addicts" can be effective.

Grigorova Valeria, medical reviewer

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