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Chicken meat

Chicken meat The first chicken meat species appeared in Indochina.However, for a long time they had almost decorative meaning or were used as hens, because in the winter season they brought a large number of eggs, which was highly appreciated by the hostesses.

Interesting! Due to the "eastern origin", the youngsters of these breeds could live and develop only in warm countries.More cold-blooded breeds appeared only towards the end of the nineteenth century.The first selections on an industrial scale were conducted in France, England and Russia.

Composition and nutritional value of chicken meat

Chicken meat has a low percentage of calories, rich in amino acids and proteins.That is why many nutritionists advise to include it in the diet for people suffering from excess weight.The composition also includes essential oils, nitrogen-containing substances and glutamic acid, giving the dishes of chicken a specific flavor and taste.

  • From macro and microelements we can distinguish: iron, potassium, phosphorus and zinc.
  • The vitamin group is represented by the following components: A, E, C, PP, B.
  • Another plus of the benefits of chicken meat is glutamine.This component helps build muscle mass without harming the body.
  • It should be noted that the meat of the chicken practically does not contain carbohydrates.This fact also speaks in favor of this product in cases of metabolic disorders, obesity or simply overweight.

It should be noted that the most useful part is breast - chicken fillet, and the most harmful - ham.

Useful properties of chicken meat

Nutritional value of 100 g:

  • Calories: 113 kcal
  • Proteins:
  • c 23.6 Fats 1.9 Carbohydrates
  • c 0.4 c

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  • Water: 73 c
  • Ash: 1.1 c


  • Vitamin PP: 10,9 mg
  • Vitamin A( RE) 70 mcg Vitamin B1
  • (Thiamine): 0.07 mg
  • Vitamin B2( riboflavin): 0.07 mg
  • Vitamin B5( pantothenic): 0.8 mg
  • Vitamin B6( pyridoxine): 0.5 mg
  • Vitamin B9( folic): 4.3 ug
  • Vitamin B12( cobalamins): 0.6 ug
  • Vitamin C: 1,8 mg
  • Vitamin E( FE): 0.2 mg
  • Vitamin H( Biotin): 10. mu.g
  • Vitamin PP( niacin equivalent): 10.7212
  • mg Choline 76 mg


  • Calcium:
  • 8 mg Magnesium 86 mg Sodium
  • : 60 mg
  • Potassium:
  • 292 mg Phosphorus: 171 mg
  • Chloro: 77mg
  • Sulfur: 186 mg


  • Iron 1.4 mg Zinc
  • : 2,055 mg
  • Iodine: 6 ug
  • Copper 76 mcg
  • Manganese: 0.019 mg
  • Chromium: 9 ug
  • Fluoro 130 ug
  • Cobalt 12 ug

Due to the large content may assume polyunsaturated acids chicken itsA kind of preventive agent against such serious diseases as heart attack, ischemic disease, stroke.B vitamins positively affect the metabolic processes, maintain the health of hair and nails, and also hinder the development of depressive conditions and insomnia.

Artleo.com-25356 Protein helps food to be quickly absorbed, therefore chicken meat is shown to people with stomach diseases, gout, polyarthritis.Chicken is also useful for the immune system.Scientists have proved that people who prefer chicken pork or beef are less likely to have colds.

Important! Indispensable is chicken meat for diabetics, as it increases the number of polyunsaturated acids in the blood.Elderly people who consume it, reduce the risk of developing atherosclerosis.

The use of chicken meat is also expressed in the following cases:

  • Normalization of metabolism;
  • Support for blood pressure in the right state;
  • Regulation of blood sugar;
  • Lowering of cholesterol;
  • Activation of kidney function;
  • Reduced and increased acidity of the stomach.

Important! Thanks to the presence in the product of vitamins B9 and B12, participating in the work of the reproductive organs and beneficially affecting the work of the female body during pregnancy, the chicken is simply indispensable in the nutrition of the expectant mother.

Broth from chicken meat is no less useful than the product itself.His medicinal properties for colds were appreciated by our grandmothers.In addition, it is believed that chicken broth improves the performance of the heart muscle.For preventive purposes, it is enough to drink about 100 ml of concentrated broth per day.

But, it should be remembered that a really useful, saturated broth is obtained only from poultry.Broiler chickens grown in factories with growth stimulants are not suitable for broth.

Possible harm to chicken meat

Chicken meat has not so many contraindications, however it is worth paying attention to some nuances.The most "unhelpful" part of chicken carcass is skin, because it contains fatty tissue.Therefore, for dietary meals it is better to use meat that has been peeled from it.

In general, the negative effect of the product on the body is reduced to possible putrefactive processes occurring in the colon.This is due to the bacteria settling on undigested food residues.

Possible harm to chicken meat

But, it is worth noting that these processes are possible only with excessive consumption of meat, in other words - with overeating.Therefore, do not get carried away, especially it concerns fried or smoked chicken dishes.

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