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Treatment of schizophrenia at home

15 Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that can occur in different forms and forms.Such a pathology doctors always consider as dangerous for the patient and others - during the attacks of aggression the behavior of the schizophrenic is absolutely not controlled, and to resist, calm and stop people who do not have specific knowledge is almost impossible.

Table of contents: Supportive therapy Treatment of schizophrenia with folk remedies Compliance with day and diet regimen Recipe for treating schizophrenia from Tibetan monks Recommended to read:

Only the specialist should monitor the development of schizophrenia of any kind, and if it is a question of treating schizrenia in domesticConditions, it is implied:

  • holding maintenance therapy;
  • reception of decoctions, tinctures from herbs that can help stabilize the condition;
  • compliance with the diet;
  • visit the therapist and practice with him in the rhythm of group meetings or individual receptions.

Important: In any case, the treatment of schizophrenia at home is the appointment of medications prescribed by your doctor.Refusal of drug therapy necessarily leads to exacerbations of this mental disorder.

Supportive therapy

Specialists do not recommend patients with schizophrenia to stay in hospital for more than 3 consecutive weeks, even during an exacerbation of the disease.As a rule, during this time the attack is stopped and the patient goes to outpatient treatment - just during the period of remission and supportive therapy is needed.

It is as follows:

  1. Admission of prescription drugs.Modern methods of treating schizophrenia exclude the appointment of severe antidepressants and psychotropic drugs, therefore such side effects as oppression of consciousness, apathy and loss of the simplest skills are excluded.
  2. Visit to the attending physician.This is necessary to monitor the dynamics of the development of the mental state in question - only a specialist can predict the nearest development of a new attack, which will allow him to timely or correct the scheme of prescription of medicines, or completely replace it.
  3. Classes for the therapist.This is a very important stage that allows not only to understand the patient's diagnosis, take it and learn to solve problems associated with it, but also to conduct a rehabilitation period correctly after the main treatment in the hospital.Patients after classes with such specialists are perfectly adapted in the society, can engage in work activities and serve themselves.

1905b19d2be5298fe32766084854cd04 Similar supportive therapy at home is only indicated for those patients in whom schizophrenia is at an early stage of development and has not yet acquired a dangerous form for the schizophrenic and the people around him.In all other cases, patients with this diagnosis are in a specialized medical institution under the constant supervision of doctors.

Treatment of schizophrenia with folk remedies

During periods of remission, schizophrenic patients can help their own organism cope with the problem - it is about the use of medicinal herbs.

The most effective prescriptions approved by official medicine:

  1. Against hallucinations.It takes 1 teaspoon of medicinal comfrey, which is poured with 1 liter of water and brought to a boil on high heat, then it remains to simmer for another 10 minutes.Ready-made broth should be insisted for 45-60 minutes, strain.The resulting amount of decoction medicinal comfrey should be drunk during the day.You can use this remedy for 10 days, then you need to take a break for 14 days and take a course again if necessary.
  2. To prevent aggression.You need 200 grams of flowering reseda, which is poured with 0.5 liters of vegetable oil( sunflower) and insist for 14 days in a dish of dark glass and in a cool place( periodically the product must be shaken carefully).The resulting healing oil needs to be rubbed into the whiskey twice a day - in the morning and in the evening.The duration of the application is unlimited.
  3. From tremors of the upper extremities.You will need a thermos, 3 glasses of steep boiling water and 3 tablespoons of oregano, which is steamed for 12 hours.Then the resulting infusion is filtered and drunk for 24 hours, divided into 4 divided doses.The scheme of reception: the infusion is drunk every day for 25-30 days, then it is necessary to make a break for a month.Such treatment can be continued until the tremor of the hands disappears.
  4. For relief of seizures.300-350 ml of steep boiling water should be poured into the thermos, there also put the herb of digitalis in the amount of 1 teaspoon.The drug is infused for 12 hours, and it is taken 50 ml four times a day.

Important: This remedy can be used only if the seizures occur infrequently and do not pose a danger to the patient and others.


Since schizophrenia causes disorders in the central nervous system, it is recommended to use a mixture of blackberry leaves and hop cones to strengthen it - they must be dry and thoroughly shredded.For 500 ml of boiling water, 2 tablespoons of two components are enough.This drug is infused for 12 hours, and then consumed within four days.

Usage scheme: Drink 15 days at the specified number, then take a break for 7 days, if necessary, the course of consumption of blackberry-hop can be repeated.

Very often patients with schizophrenia suffer from insomnia, and in the recommendations of doctors includes a full night's rest. To solve this problem, one of the following medicinal plant collections should be prepared:

  • Melissa / Thyme / Suzyznik - are taken in equal proportions;
  • valerian root / marshweed - in proportion, respectively, 50/100 grams;
  • hop cones / clover grass / valerian root - in proportion respectively 100 /50/ 100 grams.

One of these fees should be filled with a glass of boiling water( 1 tablespoon of dry ingredients), insist for 60 minutes and drink an hour and a half before bedtime.

Please note: on the above medicinal plants may be allergic, so before use, make sure that there is no hypersensitivity and / or individual intolerance to the patient.If an allergic reaction occurs, it can trigger an exacerbation of schizophrenia.

Observance of day and diet regimen

Long-term treatment of schizophrenia at home is possible only if the prescriber's medical prescriptions and certain conditions of the day regimen are observed. Specialists from official medicine and folk healers recommend:

  1. Continuously ventilate the room in which the patient is sleeping, and sleep with an open window, regardless of the weather conditions - this contributes to a greater intake of oxygen into the body.
  2. Every day to go for a walk, in the heat, you must wear a hat.
  3. Ensure maximum restriction of negative emotions.This applies to books, films, music, communication with unpleasant people.
  4. Avoid wearing synthetic fabrics, it is better to choose clothes from natural materials.This limitation is associated with possible irritation of the skin, the occurrence of itching and burning - this can provoke irritation and an attack of hysteria or aggression.

20140304121924 Treatment of schizophrenia at home is also regular physical activity.It does not have to be professional sport - even the simplest morning run will help get rid of hallucinations( with their non-intensive manifestation), fear and anxiety.Very good help to prolong the period of remission and water procedures - for example, dousing with cold water or a contrast shower.In general, it is recommended to establish a certain order of the day and clearly adhere to it. For example, this will be an excellent option:

  • 5-7 o'clock in the morning - lifting, charging, water procedures( contrast shower or douche, hygienic procedures), personal / community affairs;
  • 12-14 hours - lunch, the implementation of current affairs;
  • 17-18 - dinner, personal time;
  • 21-00 - water procedures;
  • 23-00 - maximum time for night rest.

First, it will be difficult for a patient to adhere to such a strict schedule, especially if the symptoms of schizophrenia appear in adulthood.But over time, this mode will become familiar and its execution will occur automatically, without any reminders.

Note : The specified mode of the day is very approximate and needs correction for each patient.For example, if you need to supplement it with one more meal, you can make a snack or a second breakfast.It is important to go to sleep at the same time at the same time, and not vary depending on the desire to watch another movie or finish the book, finish the work.

The prescription for the treatment of schizophrenia from Tibetan monks

Olive-oil There is another method of treating schizophrenia in the home, which "got" to the public from Tibetan monks.To do this, pour into a large vessel( preferably clay) olive oil and bury it in the ground for 12 months.After this time, the oil is taken and used as a grinder.They lubricate the entire body of the patient, but special attention should be paid to the shoulder girdle of the back, neck and head - no need to regret these zones.Treatment schedule: two days in a row the procedure is carried out, then a break for 2 days, a long course is 60 days.Then you need to take a break for a month and you can again continue the course of rubbing with infused olive oil according to the scheme.Such two-month courses can be any number.

When using the method of treating schizophrenia from Tibetan monks, it is important that during trituration there is a calm situation, the patient nothing distracted or annoyed.Each procedure should last at least half an hour and be carried out smooth circular, rubbing and slightly kneading movements.Take water procedures with such treatment is possible only in those days when grinding olive oil is not carried out.


Despite the seeming contradiction, even in the phrase "treating schizophrenia at home", do not disparage the above methods.Yes, they are not suitable for those patients who have a severe form of schizophrenia, but in most cases, patients at home are able to carry out maintenance therapy, apply methods of alternative medicine, thereby providing a long-term remission of the disease.

Yana Tsygankova, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category.

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