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Ayran: benefit and harm

Ayran: benefit and harm

Fermented beverage ayran is a national product of the Caucasian peoples.It is obtained by mixing cow, sheep or goat milk and a small amount of yeast, thanks to which the fermentation process begins in the milk.The resulting yogurt( katyk) is mixed with water in a proportion of 2 to 1 and salt and ice are added for cooling.The quality of water plays the main role here - the ideal option is water from mountain springs.Ready-made drink has nutritional properties and perfectly quenches thirst - this fact was recognized by the ancient Greeks and some tribes of the Scythians.

Interesting! If to believe the Caucasian legend, in Russia have learned the recipe of ayran thanks to the Russian girl, which the Armenian prince fell in love with.A beautiful woman agreed to a wedding only if the groom discovers the secret of preparing the cherished drink.

Composition and caloric content

Nutritional information 100 g:

  • Calorie content: 24 kcal
  • Proteins: 1,1 gr
  • Fat: 1,5 gr
  • Carbohydrates: 1.4 g
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In addition to fats, proteins and carbohydrates, ayrane contains ascorbic acid, phosphorus and calcium.This product can be safely called a "health drink", because it has a beneficial effect on the work of the gastrointestinal tract, is well absorbed by the body and, for all its satiety, has a low caloric value.The figure may differ depending on the fat content of the milk used.

The use of Ayran

The benefit of Ayran As mentioned above, ayran benefits digestion, and in the hot season quenches the thirst even better than the popular green tea in the East.In winter, ayran acts as an antiviral agent, preventing colds and strengthening immunity.

People with poor appetite are shown as a stimulant.At overeating and abuse of fat meat products, ayran is indispensable, because it speeds up the metabolism and normalizes the balance of harmful and beneficial intestinal bacteria.

Some scientists believe that this drink, with regular use, restores the nervous system, fights respiratory diseases, contributing to the flow of blood into the lungs.Recommended ayran and cores, and people suffering from chronic headaches, hypertension and atherosclerosis, because it helps to reduce cholesterol in the blood.

Widely used ayran for weight loss.Nutritionists recommend it as a nourishing and low-calorie product that can give strength to the body during a diet.And some traditional healers of the Caucasus believe that the drink acts as an antidote to the snake bite.By the way, there were cases of this kind of healing.

Harm of ayran and contraindications

Ayran, like any sour-milk product, must be correctly prepared and stored.Otherwise poisoning is possible.Harm drink can bring people with an individual intolerance to milk, with gastritis, stomach ulcer and duodenum use it is very careful.

Important! Self-cooked ayran can be stored for no more than 24 hours, preferably in the refrigerator.

Recommendations for use in cooking

  •  Recommendations for use in cooking As a drinking drink, airan combines well with mint, it gives a piquant taste and aroma.
  • If you use the product as a sauce for meat dishes, "zest" will add basil, coriander, zira, paprika and other spicy spices.
  • You can make a fruit ayran.To do this, the best is a green apple, grated and beaten together with a drink in a blender.Great option for a healthy breakfast.
  • For self-cooking, choose quality water, for example, narzan in half-liter glass bottles.
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