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Can there be acne due to worms?


According to most experts, the presence of worms in the body causes the appearance of pronounced changes.Symptoms of helminthic invasion are quite diverse, but you can identify the appearance of a rash, because acne from the worms can be on the body, and on the face, have characteristic features.

How to distinguish pimples from worms from other rashes?This question will be answered in the presented material.

Contents: How acne appears What worms are the most dangerous Skin rashes with worms Stages of development of rashes in helminthias What other symptoms will indicate the presence of worms in the body What should I do?

How acne appears

Worms are parasitic organisms that live in internal organs and provoke the destruction of their walls.In helminthic invasions, the intestine suffers first, metabolic processes are disrupted and the body "signals" about health problems by the allocation of an incredible amount of eosinophils.

Acne can also appear due to the appearance of decay products in the body, which are the result of the vital activity of worms.It is difficult to get rid of such rashes, since the cause of acne is almost never established immediately after their appearance.

What worms are the most dangerous

It is worth knowing that most of the rashes on the face and body of adults and children appear when the ascarids are infected - this type of worms provoke the considered reaction of the body.In addition to acne, ascariasis can be manifested by a digestive system disorder, a cough of unexplained etiology and conjunctivitis.


But not only ascariasis can be suspected when there are extensive rashes on the body and face!With pimples, the body "signals" the presence in the body of lamblia and fasicol, pinworm and paragon, Trichinella and hookworm.

Eruptions on the skin with worms

The appearance of any rash a person regards as an indicator of malnutrition or inadequate hygiene.If the pimples do not disappear on their own, then when you go to the doctor, a person will have to undergo a check-up - experts first check the patient's hormonal background and test it for various diseases. To determine at the early stage of the spread of the rash that the worms are caused by worms, you need to know some of the signs of this phenomenon:

  1. Acne rash.Most often, blackheads appear on the face, look like large enough dark acne.In some people, acne can appear massively on the body.Acne rash is a sign of intoxication of the body, which is due to the accumulation of decay products from the vital activity of the worms in the body.
  2. Eczematous rashes.Similar acne can appear on the body, and on the face, characterized by burning and itching, the appearance - purulent blisters of a dark or light shade.
  3. Papillomas.These are small growths on the skin that are benign in nature.Papillomas are a sign of infection with papillomavirus, and this is due to a decrease in the body's immunity due to the presence of worms.
  4. Hives.It is well known that in some people the body reacts to any disorders of allergy.Urticaria is an allergic reaction of the body to the presence of worms in it.
  5. Purulent furuncles.Since worms significantly reduce immunity, the skin loses its resistance to various infections and viruses.As a result, can develop furunculosis - multiple formation of deep and wide abscesses.

Note: , when any rash appears, contact qualified health care personnel as soon as possible.Only a specialist will be able to establish the true cause of the appearance of acne and prescribe an effective complex treatment.If no measures are taken, then serious enough complications may develop.In some cases, serious stages of helminthic invasion lead to the lethal outcome of .

Where does the rash appear due to the presence of worms in the body:

  1. acne First, the rash affects the back and chin, as it is in these places that the skin has the smallest fat layer.
  2. Acne rashes not only the face, it will be present on the feet, upper limbs, legs and in the space between the fingers and toes.
  3. Acne often appears on the ears and in those parts of the body where there is thin skin( for example, the upper eyelid).
  4. Boils with purulent contents can be in the armpits, in the popliteal region and even in the scalp.

Stages of development of rashes in helminthiosis

Eruptions in this condition can be very diverse, their degree of development will depend directly on the stage of helminthic invasion. There are following stages of development of rashes:

  1. Latent.In this period, the process of infection has just begun, the number of symptoms will be minimal, on the skin can appear single acne.
  2. Acute.At this stage, the worms are already in the internal organs and lead an active life, most often affect the intestines, liver and lungs.Eruptions at this stage will have the appearance of urticaria, which is associated with an allergic reaction of the body to worms.In some cases on the skin integuments papules are formed - large and heavily inflamed acne.
  3. Chronic.Worms begin to lay eggs for further spread, against which a pronounced change occurs in the human body.Acne at this stage will appear simply in huge quantities and of a very different nature - from "innocent" urticaria to purulent furuncles.

Note: chronic stage of helminthic invasion may last for several years.Naturally, all the measures taken to get rid of acne will not give any result.

What other symptoms will indicate the presence of worms in the body

It is believed that various acne on the body and face is a late symptom of helminthic invasion. Therefore, you need to know and some additional symptoms of infection with worms:

  • pain syndrome in the abdominal region;
  • insomnia;
  • obtrusive itching in the anus;
  • stool disorders( there may be diarrhea and constipation);
  • lamination of the nail plate;
  • periodically, regardless of food intake, there is vomiting and nausea;
  • the skin on the face becomes excessively dry;
  • body weight is steadily declining, while the appetite does not decrease at all.

Against the backdrop of the above picture, the appearance of a person who has worms in the body changes cardinally and quickly: the hair becomes dull, the sclera of the eyes can acquire a subtle yellow color, the skin has a pronounced untreated appearance.

Because of worms

What should I do?

First, you need to understand that you can not treat acne on your own!The use of even the most expensive cosmetic and medical products from acne will not give positive results.At the time of the rash may disappear, but the cause of their appearance remains in the body, and therefore, in a short time the rashes will return and in a larger volume.

Secondly, even if it was determined that acne appeared from worms, do not rely on funds from the category of "traditional medicine" - they can only stop the multiplication of parasites, but complete cure will not work.

Thirdly, with the appearance of rashes and symptoms, characteristic of helminthic invasion, you should always seek qualified help.The specialist will not only conduct a full survey, but also make competent appointments.The therapy will be complex - and the worms will be able to get rid of, and restore the normal condition of the skin is obtained.

Acne from worms are not just, but cause quite serious damage to the body.And this despite the fact that the worms themselves are dangerous for the human body parasites.Therefore, treatment of all kinds of rashes should be done only under medical supervision.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapist of the highest qualification category

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