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Folk remedies for worms: a review of effective methods for treating helminthoses

Worm agents

Parasitic diseases are known to mankind for a long time.Undoubtedly, the improvement in the quality of life has led to a reduction in these diseases, but nevertheless a considerable percentage of the population of the whole world suffers from helminthiasis.Now modern medicines are available to help a person get rid of a parasite.But a few centuries ago, worms were fought with the help of plants.And now some people prefer plant products.How safe are these therapies and do they have a right to exist in the modern world?

Table of contents: Pumpkin Seeds Tansy Flowers Flowers of Artemisia Ferns of the male

Medicinal Plants from Helminths

In an attempt to get rid of parasites, the Slavs used all kinds of plants.Some of these experiments were successful, the latter were not.By now, some recipes have been preserved, which will be discussed below.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pomegranate seeds-prostatitis Pumpkin seeds contain many useful substances: vitamins, minerals, unsaturated fats, carbohydrates, proteins.But the ability of seeds to fight parasites( mainly bandworms) is due to the presence in them of a special substance -

cucurbitin .This substance has a depressing effect on the transmission of the neuromuscular pulse, which leads to paralysis and death of the helminth.Fiber, which is also part of the seeds, stimulates intestinal motility, so that the helminth leaves the human body.

Before the beginning of treatment, namely for two days the patient needs to do a cleansing enema in the morning.And the previous evening you should take a salt remedy.On the day of treatment, it is also necessary to put an enema.

Seeds can be used in several ways.

The first method of involves the use of powder from seeds.Pumpkin seeds are carefully cleansed from the hard peel, but at the same time they retain the inner green envelope, it contains cucurbitin.300 g of peeled seeds( dosage for adults) must be crushed in a mortar.When the seeds are ground, they must be poured into a plate.In a mortar pour fifty milliliters of boiled water, rinse it and pour the liquid into a bowl with chopped seeds.You can also add fifty-one hundred grams of honey or jam, and mix everything thoroughly.The patient should receive the resulting mixture on an empty stomach, in a horizontal position, in small portions for an hour.Necessarily after three hours the patient is given a laxative drink, and then in an hour or so put an enema.You can eat only after defecation.

Pumpkin seeds-need-for-prophylaxis-physiological-malfunctions-the body Daily dosage of pumpkin seeds:

  • For adults - 300 gr of seeds;
  • For children 3-4 years old - 75 g;
  • For children 5-7 years old - 100 gr;
  • For children 8-10 years old - 150 g;
  • For children 10-15years old - 200-250 gr.

The second method of involves the use of a decoction of pumpkin seeds.For this, the seeds, together with the peel, are ground in a meat grinder, poured into a bowl and poured into a double volume of water.The liquid must be evaporated in a water bath for two hours over low heat, without boiling.Then the broth must be filtered through gauze, and remove the oil film from the surface.The resulting infusion should be drunk in small sips for half an hour.In two hours the patient must take a salt laxative.

pumpkin seeds Dosage:

  • Adult - a decoction prepared from 500 g of unrefined seeds;
  • For children 10 years old - a decoction made from 300 grams of unrefined seeds;
  • For children 5-7 years old - a decoction made from 200 g of unrefined seeds;
  • For children 3-5 years old - a decoction, prepared from 100-150 gr of untreated seeds.

In general, pumpkin seeds are a harmless product.But there are certain limitations for their application.So, seeds are contraindicated for people with hyperacid gastritis, as well as intestinal obstruction.

Tansy flowers

Pizhma This plant with yellow flowers is visually familiar to many.It occurs everywhere: along roads, in fields, in fringes.In the inflorescences of tansy there are organic acids, alkaloids, polysaccharides, proteins, glycosides, tannins, bitterness, vitamins, essential oil.Tansy also contains thujone, which has a toxic effect.

Flowering tansy is used in medicine as an anthelmintic agent, mainly they are effective against pinworms and ascarids.Also, tansy-based preparations are used as a cholagogue, for stimulating appetite, improving digestion, increasing the acidity of gastric juice, and constipation.

In case of helminthiosis, it is necessary to prepare a decoction from the plant.To do this, pour a glass of water into a saucepan, boil and add a tablespoon of tansy flowers.Boil the broth for ten to fifteen minutes.The resulting infusion filter and take a tablespoon three times a day.Drink the broth for fifteen to twenty minutes before eating.So it is necessary to do it within three days.If necessary, the infusion is repeated after one to two weeks.

Use of tansy is contraindicated in young children and pregnant women.In addition, when an overdose of the drug has a toxic effect, manifested by nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.Therefore, you can use the plant only after consulting a doctor.

Artemisia flowers

wormwood Wormwood is a plant with a strong odor and bitterness.Just like tansy grows everywhere.Flowering contains bitter glycosides, lactones, saponins, flavonoids, phytoncides, tannins, vitamins, organic acids, essential oil, and also santonin.It is the latter component that has an anthelmintic effect.Wormwood, like tansy, contains toxic substance thujone.

Flowers of wormwood are used to treat ascariasis.Also, medicines prepared on the basis of wormwood, improve appetite, digestion, are used for hypoacid gastritis.

Before starting treatment, you must observe certain conditions: adhere to a diet, and at night you must take a laxative.On the second and third days the patient takes a wormwood powder, ground in a mortar from the flowers of the plant.The daily dose of the drug is divided into three parts and taken three times a day for a half to two hours before meals.On the third day after the last dose, a laxative is taken.

Recommended doses for a single dose:

  • For adults - 5 gr;
  • For children 4-6 years old - 1.0-1.5 gr;
  • For children 7-9 years old - 1,75-2,25 gr;
  • For children aged 10-14 years - 2,5-3,5 gr;
  • For children 15-16 years old - 4.0 gr.

Powder from the inflorescence is used in conjunction with honey or jam.

Application of wormwood is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women, as well as in young children.When an overdose of the drug occurs intoxication, manifested by vomiting, convulsions, a violation of consciousness, hallucinations.

Fern male

Recommended to read:

Photo_292 This plant is also known as male shield.It includes phenolic compounds, anti-cyanases, triterpinoids, vitamins, fatty acids, tannins.As a medicine, it is the rhizome that is used.The main active substance of the rhizome is phenolic compounds, they have an antihelminthic effect.These substances lead to paralysis of the musculature of the helminth, its immobilization, which are then excreted by means of a laxative.Especially effective is the plant with regard to ribbon helminths.

Important! Despite the fact that the plant has a toxic effect on the parasite, it also has the same effect on the nervous system, the human heart.Preparations of fern masculine are contraindicated in diseases of the heart, liver, kidneys, peptic ulcer, anemia and pregnancy.The plant is poisonous, so do not experiment on yourself and test folk recipes with fern, because it can lead to poisoning.Symptoms of intoxication are vomiting, diarrhea, convulsions, confusion of consciousness.

enema Now the extract of the fern male is available in capsules of 0.5 gr.The day before the start of treatment, they observe a special diet, they are prescribed laxatives the night before.The next day the drug is taken on an empty stomach at regular intervals for half an hour.So, for half an hour the patient should take the necessary dose of the drug, but not at once, but in parts.An hour after the last intake of the fern extract, a salt laxative is prescribed.After two hours, give a light breakfast.If there was no stool at the end of three hours - the patient is given an enema.

The highest single dose is inside 8 g( once).

Recommended doses of fern extract per day:

  • For adults - 4-7 g;
  • Children 3-4 years old at 1.5-2 g;
  • Children 5-6 years of age at 2.5-3 grams;
  • For children 7-9 years old for 3.5-4 gr;
  • For children 10-14 years old, 5 gr.

Treatment can be performed in several cycles at intervals of ten to fourteen days.

Many people are afraid of drugs, considering them harmful.But it turns out that plant products can cause strong intoxication in humans.Therefore, doctors do not recommend self-medication, because uncontrolled use of both tablets and plants can lead to serious consequences.

Grigorova Valeria, medical reviewer

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