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What kind of fruit can be eaten with gastritis?

gastritis Gastritis - this is exactly the disease that can not cope with alone tablets.It is extremely important for a patient with gastritis to eat according to a curative diet.Thus, proper nutrition promotes the rapid regeneration of the gastric mucosa and normalizes gastric secretion.But the use of prohibited products can lead to aggravation of the inflammatory process and the development of relapses of chronic gastritis.

Table of contents: Features of the diet for gastritis Fruits with gastritis with increased acidity Fruits with gastritis with reduced acidity

Features of the diet for gastritis

There are different types of gastritis, respectively, and the diet with different forms of gastritis has its own characteristics.Dietary regimen for gastritis depends on the secretory function of the stomach, as well as the phase of the disease. In turn, food has a multifaceted effect on the stomach, namely: mechanical, thermal and chemical.This factor should also be taken into account when compiling a diet.

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The main goal of therapeutic nutrition for gastritis with increased gastric secretion is to reduce the pathogenic effect of food on the gastric mucosa.This task can be carried out by such methods:

  • Avoid products that stimulate gastric secretion;
  • Reduce the traumatic mechanical effect of food on the gastric mucosa;
  • Increase the multiplicity of meals.


Therapeutic nutrition for gastritis with reduced gastric secretion is directed to the restoration of gastric secretion, as well as to prevent the progression of atrophy of the gastric mucosa.

These are the main principles of dietotherapy for gastritis, which are important for understanding what fruits can be eaten and which can not. With exacerbations of gastritis, you can prepare pure fruits and berries puree, compotes, as well as various jellies, kissels, mousses. And during periods of remission, you can enjoy fruits in kind, without subjecting them to heat treatment.

Fruits with gastritis with high acidity

Gastritis with increased gastric secretion is not at all an excuse for completely giving up fruit.As you know, fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals, which the organism is extremely undesirable to deprive. However, not all fruits can be eaten with this kind of gastritis. What kind of fruits with gastritis with increased secretion can be consumed without fear?

In the diet of a patient with gastritis, only non-acidic fruits can be present that do not increase gastric secretion.

Post_baked-apple Perhaps the most suitable and familiar fruit for us is the sweet apple .In the acute phase of the disease, doctors recommend eating an apple in a baked, steamy form.For example, you can make delicious and healthy apples with honey.For this, the middle of the apple is cut out and a little honey is poured into the groove.Put the apple in a mold that needs to be put in the oven.After 15 minutes, the apple is ready.

A pear is considered to be a neutral product. This fruit contains many vitamins and minerals.In addition, the pear contains a moderate amount of fiber, which has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract.During the exacerbation of gastritis, you can cook pear puree.To do this, you need to cut out the core and the stem from the pear.Then put the pear in a pot of water and cook it until softened.After this, you need to get the pear and grind it in a blender.To improve the taste, you can add a little sugar powder to the resulting mashed potatoes.

You can also safely use bananas .This tropical fruit contains many useful substances: ascorbic acid, B vitamins, minerals, fiber and pectin.Ripe bananas are very soft in consistency and do not have an irritating effect on the stomach.However, too much to get involved in bananas still not worth it, because in excess they can cause bloating.

With regard to unwanted products, all fruits that increase gastric secretion and have irritating effects on the gastric mucosa fall under the ban. These are fruits such as:

  • Citrus fruits;
  • Pomegranate;
  • fruit Kiwi;
  • Cherries;
  • Plum;
  • Gooseberries;
  • Currant;
  • Raspberries;
  • Melon;
  • Watermelon;
  • Grapes;
  • Apricots and peaches.

Fruits with gastritis with reduced acidity

Dieta With gastritis with reduced gastric secretion, you can eat all the same apples, pears, bananas.With reduced secretion, the use of citrus fruits is allowed.You can add lemon without fear to tea.And mandarins and oranges can even be eaten in a natural, unprocessed form, but with good tolerability.At the same time, use concentrated freshly squeezed orange juice is not worth it, it is better to dilute it with boiled water.

In small portions in the period of remission, you can eat apricots, peaches, watermelon, plums, persimmons, cherries. You can and need to experiment, prepare different dishes from fruits.For example, to prepare a delicate apricot jelly.To do this, you need to wash the apricots, split them in half and take out the bones.Put the apricots in a saucepan and pour over the water.Put the same pot on the fire and wait until the dish boils.After boiling, you must wait another ten minutes.Then shift the apricots into a colander to make all the glass liquid.After this, it is necessary to thoroughly grate the berries until a homogeneous mass is obtained.The resulting apricot puree is transferred to a pan, add sugar and tomato on fire.As the boiling, the dish should decrease in volume twice and get a more dense consistency.Then the dish is poured into molds.Jelly is ready!

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However, not all fruits can be enjoyed by patients with reduced gastric secretion.Still, it is worth to give up those fruits and berries that have a mechanical irritant effect on the gastric mucosa.These are berries with rather coarse grains, such as raspberries, strawberries, red currants or with a rough skin like gooseberry.It is also worthwhile to refrain from eating grapes and melons, which cause flatulence.

Grigorova Valeria, doctor, medical reviewer

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