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Myths about the flu

Myths about the flu

Rumors about the flu so crowded and the masses, and the information field that understand where the truth, and where only a lie, almost impossible without medical education.This is not about deliberate lies, but about some myths, which we refute with facts and arguments.

Contents: The virus "strides" around the country - it's time to vaccinate. Preventing immunomodulators. Increased temperature must be knocked down!The medical mask during the flu epidemic must be worn constantly. Folk remedies will help fight the flu?Aspirin for influenza is useful Many vitamins will strengthen immunity

The virus "strides" around the country - it's time to get vaccinated?

The virus "strides" around the country Already in the midst of an epidemic, some employers insist on vaccination against influenza by their employees, and on the Internet, you can find a lot of proposals from enterprising businessmen - "kits for vaccination against influenza at home", "departure of a medical worker to a home for vaccination."In the best case, a person will simply be administered a placebo - an absolutely safe and ineffective drug, at worst - they really use a flu vaccine and then problems can not be avoided.

Doctor of Medical Sciences Nikiforov Vladimir warns: in the midst of an epidemic of influenza vaccination is extremely dangerous and not permissible!After all, no one guarantees that a person is no longer infected with the influenza virus or the usual acute respiratory viral infection, and the introduced vaccine will only aggravate the course of the disease, leading to serious complications.

In addition, immunity to influenza is produced in the human body for 3-4 weeks - by this time, as long as the vaccine starts to "work" effectively, the epidemic of the disease will decline.

Immunomodulator prophylaxis is the best prevention?

Advertising immunomodulators do their job - people are confident that their use will be an excellent prevention of influenza.And what about - the immunity becomes so strong and stable that the viruses literally "bounce off" from such a person.But Dr. Nikiforov argues that even the most popular immunomodulators do not have any real help with the flu.

The fact is that the person has either immunity or not, and all advertised drugs are no more than a placebo.Some scientists in general warn that interference in the work of the human immune system can lead to irreversible pathological processes.

If you really want to prevent the flu, then following the recommendations of specialists:

  • 2121x1415 as less as possible move on public transport;
  • to avoid places of congestion of people, not to visit cinema, theaters, educational and medical institutions without special need;
  • before going out, lubricate the nasal passages with oxolin ointment;
  • as often as possible, you need to wash your hands with soap;
  • , after coming home, be sure to wash the nasal passages with a spray of sea water;
  • face hands should not be touched;
  • ventilate rooms as often as possible;
  • introduce citrus fruits, fermented milk products and protein foods into the diet;
  • in places of large concentrations of people use a medical mask.

Increased temperature must be knocked down!

Elevated temperature For some reason, many believe that increasing the temperature requires the use of medications with antipyretic effect.But doctors say that the temperature of the body to 38 degrees can not be knocked down - this is how we harm our bodies, because it is with such boundaries of hyperemia that viruses are destroyed.

Please note: body temperature above 38 degrees becomes dangerous for health and even human life - blood vessels and heart begin to suffer.

Medical mask during flu epidemic must be worn constantly

20100410214214___year_7928 The strange "fashion" for medical masks goes all the limits - teachers go all day in the same mask, and in Novosibirsk even dancers of nightclubs are forced to wear this "attribute"Influenza.

Experts of the World Health Organization warn - it is advisable to wear a medical mask for no more than 60-90 minutes in a row, then she herself becomes a hotbed of infection.The fact is that from the breath of a person the mask becomes moist and warm - this is the most favorable environment for the growth and reproduction of viruses.

Doctors recommend wearing a medical mask only when in the thick of the people and only in enclosed spaces.In the street to wear a medical mask does not make sense at all.

Folk remedies will help fight the flu?

Fight the flu The craze for folk remedies for treating various diseases is becoming dangerous for mankind - this is no exaggeration!Even with pronounced signs of influenza, people manage to follow the advice of social networks - in the ears lay the lobules of onions, and lubricate the nasal passages with rubbed garlic.Doctors also literally sob from such advice - garlic burns on the mucous membrane, and on the burned surface, influenza viruses will just feel very comfortable.

No one disputes the possibilities of traditional medicine in the treatment of various diseases, but the flu is treated exclusively with medicines and under the supervision of doctors - it should be known, understood and remembered.

Aspirin for influenza is useful

Yes, this drug has antipyretic and anti-inflammatory properties, with many diseases has a quick and exceptionally positive effect.But it is during the flu that aspirin is not recommended for use, because acetylsalicylic acid, which is part of this drug, has a thinning effect on the blood.Simultaneously, the influenza virus begins to act negatively on the walls of the vessels - it is possible to "cure" up to the uterine, nasal or internal bleeding.

Many vitamins will strengthen the immunity

Indeed, a full intake of vitamins and minerals in the body strengthens the immune system, which allows the body to resist the flu viruses.But if vitamin-mineral complexes are taken in large quantities, count on the effect of a "shock dose", then one can only weaken the immunity.The fact that vitamins in large quantities are very poorly digested by the body and as a result begin to work with violations of the kidney and liver, children in general may have a powerful allergic reaction.This, of course, weakens immunity and "attracts" influenza viruses.

Influenza is an infectious disease of the viral etiology.It is well studied by doctors and scientists, it is well known how and how to help a patient, what to do to prevent the development of severe complications.Do not believe and trust all rumors and legends about the flu - many of them appeared "from scratch."

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category.

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