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Dukan's diet: a menu for every day, the advantages and disadvantages of a diet

Dieta dukana Today, most modern people who want to lose extra pounds can not always find the strength and time to practice in the gym.Therefore, they choose the most suitable way to lose weight - a diet.Of course, no one will give up a diet that allows you to eat and eat well, and at the same time lose weight.Oddly enough, such options are possible, in particular this Dyukan diet , based on protein foods.Its effectiveness has long been proven in practice by a huge number of people who have lost weight, including Kate Middleton, a representative of the royal family.

The protein diet, which is very popular today, is the result of the work of the French doctor Pierre Ducant.More than thirty years ago, when he was practicing medicine in Paris, Pierre Ducant faced the first case of obesity.At that time, doctors agreed that the most effective way to lose weight is to moderate consumption of low-calorie food.Pierre Duacan has developed a different method of losing weight, using which patients in the future no longer gaining excess weight.His doctor examined the four-step approach over twenty years of productive practice, relying on the results of which he wrote his book.

Table of contents:

Basic principles of the Dukan diet

If you follow certain rules and the appropriate diet, the Ducane diet is very effective and effective.It consists of four stages, after which loses not only the weight, but also the risk of the reverse set of lost kilograms.Already in the first stage, which is called Protein Attack , metabolism is quickly accelerated( about five days) and fat is burned, so the staggering results do not make you wait long: up to 4 kg of excess weight can go in 3-4 days.At the second stage under the name Cruise kilograms "melt" a little slower - about one kilogram per week.Accordingly, the more you have excess weight, the longer will be the second stage.To consolidate the results, Monsieur Ducant envisaged the third phase called . Consolidation of is a kind of "bridge" between a strict diet and a time when all restrictions on nutrition are removed.The final phase is called Stabilization .

The whole process of losing weight takes several months, during which the main emphasis is on proteins and the amount of carbohydrates and fats is significantly limited.According to the doctor himself, the body can not function normally without sufficient protein.

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Throughout the diet it is very important to use every day:

  1. One and a half liters and more mineral or drinking water without gas.Oat bran, washing with water.
  2. .The recommended amount of this product varies and depends on which stage of the diet you are currently in.Oat bran is a good prevention of constipation.
  3. Vitamin preparations.

You should also pay attention to regular walking tours.


Ducan products

The DUKAN Diet assumes a fairly diverse menu of 100 products, including 72 protein products and 28 kinds of vegetable sources of carbohydrates.In addition, the basis of the diet is the mandatory daily consumption of oat bran.

As a source of protein Dr. Dukan suggests using meat products such as low-fat parts of beef, veal, horse meat and rabbit.You can include the language of lamb and liver in your diet.At the Consolidation stage, the use of low-fat pork ham( exception, raw smoked) and ham from a lamb is permitted.

It is also recommended to choose such poultry as:

  • chicken;
  • turkey;
  • game;
  • dove.

A weighty place in the diet can be given to low-fat fish and seafood.

Important! Any meat can be consumed in cooked or baked form.For cooking, you can not use fat or any oil.

Dietary menu can be varied with skim milk and sour-milk products, which can be used even with artificial flavorings and sweeteners.Do not have to give up also on chicken or quail eggs that you can eat in any quantity, but be sure to control your cholesterol level.

To improve the taste of consumed meals is allowed with:

  • salts( in minimum doses);
  • of lemon;
  • mustard;
  • vinegar;
  • of garlic;
  • cumin;
  • any sharp seasonings;
  • parsley, basil and other aromatic herbs.

In a small amount, green and onion can be used as a seasoning.

During the second phase of the diet in the menu, you can include several types of vegetables, which are the main source of carbohydrates for the body, necessary for normal operation of the brain.In particular, it can be dishes from eggplants, courgettes, mushrooms, any kind of cabbage, celery, asparagus and asparagus beans, pumpkin, beets, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, turnip and radish.You should also include in your diet leaf salads of all kinds, leeks, chard, chicory salad, dill, spinach and sorrel.It is not recommended to use oil for cooking vegetables.Preference should be given to fresh vegetables, as well as cooked and baked.

Fully or partially restricted products

There are products that can be included in your diet only subject to certain conditions.So, vegetable oil can be used in cooking only in quantities of a few drops, which lubricate the Teflon pan.

The first two stages exclude any starch-containing products, and only at the Consolidation stage you can include dishes from

  • potatoes in the skin twice a week;
  • corn;
  • lentils;
  • beans;
  • pasta;
  • processed wheat cereals;
  • rice.

All other products containing starch are prohibited for the entire period of the diet.

Starting with the second stage, it is allowed to eat ice cream, but it is preferable to use it in a milkshake.

Already in the third stage it is allowed to eat cheese( not more than 40 g per day) and some fruits and berries, in particular:

  • apples, pears, peach, nectarine or grapefruit - 1 pc.in a day;
  • strawberries or raspberries - 1 saucer;
  • melon or watermelon - 1 slice;
  • Apricot, kiwi or small mango - 2 pcs.in a day.

Principles of the Duques

Starting with the Fastening phase, two pieces of whole grain bread made from wholemeal flour are allowed.

Important! The Dukan diet assumes the complete elimination of fats, seeds, sweets and sweets from the diet of animals.

The first stage of the Ducane diet: Attack of

At this stage it is allowed to use only protein products, but in any amount that allows to completely satiate the body.As a result of such a powerful loading of the body protein changes the process of metabolism, and you lose weight very quickly.

  • more than 10 kg - from three to five days;
  • more than 30 kg - from five to ten days.
  • As a rule, according to the results of the attack, usually two to six extra kilograms are lost.

    The results of consumption of pure proteins are comparable with the results to which complete starvation leads, however, the protein attack lacks the disadvantages of the second one.So, proteins are digested for three hours, which gives a person a feeling of satiety for all this time.At the same time, a person spends thirty calories per process of digesting protein products to get 100 calories as a result.While for fats this ratio is 12 to 100, and for carbohydrates and even less - 7 to 100.

    It is important to understand that all dishes should be cooked without fat, that is recommended to cook, cook on steamed or grilled, bake.You can choose not only pure meat, but also various seafood, which have low caloric content and contain proteins.In the diet should also be present products such as fish, eggs in raw and cooked, skimmed milk and sour-milk products.

    To improve the taste of dishes is allowed with the help of salt( in minimal quantity), various seasonings, onions, garlic, capers and lemons.Any other plant products are prohibited at this stage.

    The obligatory element of the diet is oat bran, which at the first stage should be eaten in quantities of 1.5 st.Tablespoons per day.One of the easiest options is to make a pancake from bran, yogurt and eggs.

    Note: plays an important role in the Ducane diet, as in principle and in any other method, the consumption of a large amount of liquid plays - 2 liters per day or more.It is better to give preference to mineral still water, but also it can be diet cola, green tea or tea on herbs, coffee.Water helps to wash out the fat decay products from the body and speeds up metabolism.With insufficient intake of liquid after the fourth day of the attack, constipation may begin.This problem can be solved by increasing the amount of water consumed and drinking a spoonful of paraffin oil at the end of the meal.

    It should be noted that during the first days of the diet, fatigue, dry mouth, weakness may occur.Sometimes these symptoms can be combined with a bad mood, nervousness and a sudden feeling of hunger.It is very important that you always have available products at hand in sufficient quantities.At the first stage of the diet should be abandoned heavy exercise, but it is recommended to walk more often, especially in the fresh air.As a rule, after the third day of Attack, the feeling of hunger disappears.

    Sample menu for the first stage - Attack


    • boiled eggs - 2-3 pcs.(Omelette with milk, poached eggs);
    • piece of cured meat or lightly salted fish;
    • coffee.

    Second breakfast:

    • curd or yogurt;
    • bran( as an option - a pancake made of bran, yoghurt and eggs, fried on both sides).


    • baked fish seasoned with lemon juice, or braised rabbit).


    • boiled seafood sprinkled with spices.


    • boiled tongue;
    • kefir.

    Second stage: Alternating( Cruise)

    In the second stage it is allowed to include carbohydrates in the diet: protein days should alternate with protein-vegetable.Cruise duration is similar to the first stage directly depends on how many kilos you want to reduce your weight.If you need to lose less than 10 kg - protein days with protein-vegetable should be alternated in a sequence of 1: 1, 2: 2 or 3: 3.If it is necessary to lose more than ten kilograms, then the days alternate according to the scheme 5: 5.However, it should be noted that Dr. Dukan recommends the last version of the alternation only in exceptional cases and under the obligatory supervision of a doctor, since such a scheme is a sufficiently serious test for the organism.The most optimal in terms of efficiency and security scheme is the alternation of 1: 1 or 2: 2.


    Weight loss on the Cruise is slower than at the Attack, as the burning of excess kilograms will only be made on protein days.However, this variant of weight loss is characterized by stable results and safety for your health.It is important to know that in any case it is impossible to experiment and change the ratio of protein and protein-vegetable days, trying to speed up the process of losing weight, since this is dangerous.The most actively reduces excess weight in the first two months of the second stage of the diet, and then the pace of the process of losing weight is somewhat reduced.On average, you will have one kilogram per week.Stage Cruise need to continue until you reach the desired results.

    At this stage in the protein-vegetable days, meat products can be combined with the allowed vegetables, which in the Ducane diet list includes 22 species.

    On the cruise, the feeling of hunger decreases slightly, so the amount of food eaten will begin to decrease noticeably.However, it should be noted that in protein-vegetable days in the diet should be present as protein products, and products containing carbohydrates.

    During the second phase of the diet it is forbidden to use:

    • starchy foods;
    • cereals and cereals;
    • any oil, including olive oil.

    It is advisable to give preference to steamed vegetables and all sorts of salads, because vitamins and other important microelements are stored in this way.But also allowed to eat cooked, baked and stewed in meat or fish broth vegetables.You can fill salads with yoghurt, kefir, balsamic vinegar with mustard and various spices.

    Every day on the Cruise menu you can include two products from the following list:

    • 10% fat cheese - 20 g;
    • cream 3-4% - 1 teaspoon;Soy cream - 2 tablespoons
    • .Spoons;
    • dry wine - 80 g;
    • vegetable oil in the amount of a few drops on a napkin to wipe the Teflon pan.

    The list of permitted products in the Cruise phase also includes:

    • gelatin or agar-agar;
    • garlic;
    • algae;
    • soy sauce, adzhika, mustard and vinegar;
    • gherkins;
    • any spices, sugar substitutes;
    • tofu;
    • crab sticks - not more than 8 pcs.in a day;
    • drinks( caloric content up to 1 kcal per 250 ml).

    If the protein products can be eaten in unlimited quantities, then the amount of vegetables eaten should be controlled: once the hunger is satisfied, the vegetables should be discarded.

    On the Cruise, you should eat at least two tablespoons of oat bran per day.

    Sample menu for the second stage - Alternating( Cruise): protein-vegetable days


    • omelette with vegetables;
    • cottage cheese;
    • tea.

    Second breakfast:

    • zucchini pancakes and boiled egg.


    • boiled chicken breast or fish;
    • salad from canned fish, Bulgarian pepper, eggs, green beans, seasoned with yogurt and spices.


    • boiled beef tongue;
    • vegetable salad;
    • green tea.


    • baked chicken breast;
    • grilled vegetables - zucchini, tomatoes, eggplant;
    • kefir.

    Third stage: Fastening( Consolidation)

    A very important phase of the Ducane diet is the third phase called Fastening, or Consolidation.If you think that the goal has already been achieved, because the arrow of the weights shows the long-awaited figures - you are deeply mistaken: the results obtained must be fixed, otherwise the lost weight will quickly return.To avoid this, you should strictly adhere to the rules of the third stage of the diet, which will help your body to find mutual understanding with the new diet.

    3 etap dukan

    The fact is that your body will try to restore the weight by any means - the body includes the so-called "yoyo effect", the symptoms of which are:

    1. A sharp aggravation of hunger.
    2. Reduces energy consumption, which is accompanied by increased fatigue and sensitivity to cold, growing drowsiness, memory impairment, slower growth of hair and nails.
    3. Extraction of food from the food by 30% more calories than in the ordinary state.This is due to the fact that in the intestine there are special enzymes for splitting the incoming elements in such a way that they extract as many calories from them as possible.

    Unfortunately, the "yo-yo effect" can not be neutralized, however this period is still limited in time.Duration of Consolidation directly depends on how many kilos you lost weight in the first two stages.To "fix" every lost kilogram you need to spend ten days.That is, if you lose 3 kg, then the third stage will last one month and three months with weight loss of 9-10 kg.If there are unpleasant sensations, you do not need to panic, but only accept them as a reality and suffer a certain time.After the end of Consolidation, this unpleasant effect will go away. The main goal of this stage is not losing weight, but taking control of excessive reactions of the body.

    On "fixing" the results obtained, protein and vegetable products can be eaten every day, both together and separately.However, one day a week should remain protein.At the third stage, it is important to accustom the body to restrained consumption of previously banned products, including fruits, starch-containing vegetables, honey, grains and fats.

    Now the daily menu becomes more diverse due to some fruits, one serving per day ( list of allowed fruits see above) , two slices of wholemeal bread, hard cheeses, honey( 1 tablespoon).

    Also in the diet can include some starch-containing cereals and vegetables( no more than 2 servings per week). Among the safest starch-containing products are:

    1. Potatoes .It is advisable to eat potatoes baked with skin: more potassium is stored in it.
    2. Wheat .It is better to give preference to such processed croup, as couscous or bulgur.
    3. Corn ( in the form of cereals or flour).
    4. Fig. .It should be used in undercooked form, which retains firmness.The best varieties are wild rice, brown rice or basmati.
    5. Lentils .Making up the menu, it is worth considering that any beans are always digested for a long time.

    Note: on Consolidation is also allowed and pasta.

    When cooking dishes from starchy vegetables and cereals, you do not need to use oil.One portion is not more than 220 g. These products will be better absorbed in combination with fresh tomatoes, onions and spices.

    At this stage, the list of allowed protein products is also replenished: in its menu it is possible to include the usual pork ham and ham from a lamb.You can cook roast pork.However, the basis of your diet should still be low-fat protein products.

    Important! Do not forget about the daily use of oat bran: at this stage, their volume should be 2.5 st.Spoons.

    A pleasant feature of the Consolidation stage is a festive meal, which in the first half of this phase can be arranged once a week, in the second half - twice.A festive meal is an opportunity to eat everything that you so missed during a diet.But it is worth remembering that the interval between the two culinary holidays should be at least two days, and at the same time no additive.The menu of the festive meal should consist of the first and second dishes, dessert, aperitif and wine.

    During this holiday you should enjoy the taste and feel the feeling of satiety, so that your body will understand that you do not infringe on anything, and will cease to strive to make up for lost pounds.

    Example third stage menu - Fastening( Consolidation)


    • curd casserole with vanilla or cinnamon;
    • coffee with milk.

    Second breakfast:

    • Yoghurt, oat bran and fruit.


    • roast of low-fat pork;
    • vegetable salad with a drop of oil.


    • cheese or cottage cheese;
    • tea.


    • steamed chicken cutlets.

    Fourth step: Weight stabilization

    4 etap dyukan

    After your body has adopted a new condition and dimensions, it is necessary to consolidate the achievement, so that the lost kilograms do not begin to return again.The foundations of the fourth stage of the diet may well become the principles of your daily lifestyle, since there are no strict restrictions here.

    To avoid falling back to uncontrolled weight gain, it's enough to follow only a few simple rules:

    1. You can not overeat.It is important to control the amount of food consumed.
    2. One day a week you need to dedicate a protein diet.Choose those products that are recommended for use in the Attack phase.
    3. The amount of fruit consumed is still limited.Eat them no more than once a day.
    4. The volume of fish consumption is also worth reducing.You can limit it to a single protein day.This restriction does not apply to seafood.
    5. Starchy foods should be used with caution.For example, potatoes should not be cooked more often than twice a week.
    6. On a protein day, it is recommended to limit salt intake.Such a measure will stabilize blood pressure and will contribute to a better body cleansing.
    7. Walk more in the open air, walk more and play sports.
    8. Drink 2 liters or more daily.With regular physical activity, the amount of fluid consumed can be increased to 3 liters per day.
    9. Do not forget to eat oat bran daily: it is recommended to increase their volume to 3 tbsp.Spoons a day.

    Positive aspects of the Ducane diet

    Dyukan principles

    The main advantage of the Duket Diet is the ability to eat deliciously, without limiting the amount and time of eating.Also worth noting, its effectiveness: the extra pounds quickly leave, and if all the conditions and instructions in the future are not returned.

    Contraindications to the Ducane diet and critic

    With all the advantages of the Ducane diet, it also has certain contraindications.In particular, this method can not be practiced by women during pregnancy and lactation, children, as well as people with chronic diseases such as cardiovascular, gout, kidney, liver and GI.

    In addition, it is worth mentioning the ambiguous reputation of the Ducane diet in the scientific community.First, against this method, Dr. Luris Aronye pronounced quite sharply.At a seminar on lipid metabolism and healthy nutrition in Austria, he said that the excess protein in food contributes to a serious disruption of the kidneys, and in time can lead to a severe form of a disease such as kidney failure and dialysis.

    The conclusion that the Ducant Diet is one of the most detrimental to the health of any person, was also made on the basis of the opinion of the panel of experts in the field of health of the USA, including dieticians and specialists in the field of endocrinology, heart health, psychology.In the ranking of the "Best Diets for Healthy Eating" in 2016, the Ducane diet is on the 34th place out of 36 possible( the average score is 2.0 out of 5.0 possible: the evaluation of the possibility of losing weight in the short term is 3.0, in the long term - 2.0, The level of acceptability - 1.5, the evaluation of the health benefits - 2.1).

    Oleg Yevtushenko, medical consultant, endocrinologist

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