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Respiratory exercises for coughing for adults and children

breathing exercises Cough - so unpleasant phenomenon that not only makes you feel pain and discomfort in the next attack, but also embarrasses, you have to experience the embarrassment in society.Naturally, when a cough occurs, each person tries to get rid of it as quickly as possible by all known methods - in the course go and folk remedies, and medications, and physiotherapy.And very few people know that significant help with coughing can be provided by respiratory gymnastics.

Table of contents: Necessity of respiratory gymnastics for coughing Breathing exercises for dry coughing Breathing exercises for adults coughing We breathe correctly and treat cough in children

Necessity of respiratory gymnastics for coughing

The method of respiratory gymnastics is a complex of exercises that help to release respiratoryWay from sputum, reduce the intensity of the inflammatory process.In addition, this technique helps to strengthen immunity and increase the body's defenses.

According to official data, breathing exercises help normalize the cardiovascular system, improve the work of the gastrointestinal tract, help to relax as much as possible and fully rest.

The only clarification from experts about respiratory gymnastics - all its positive effects on health will be provided only if the exercises are performed correctly and regularly.

Respiratory exercises for dry cough

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dry cough Basically, the exercises aimed at improving the work of the respiratory system can be found in any complex of therapeutic gymnastics.They will promote a better oxygenation of the body, serve as a preventive maintenance of respiratory diseases.But the technique in question will be most useful in the event that a dry cough already takes place.A certain set of exercises will ensure the prompt formation of sputum in the lower and middle parts of the bronchi, removing it outward.This, in turn, provides a reduction in the number and intensity of coughing attacks, facilitates the overall condition of the patient, increases the protective functions of the body and accelerates recovery.

Especially it is necessary to note the fact that the performance of the complex of exercises by the method of respiratory gymnastics is carried out at any time both at home and at work - this will not cause any inconvenience or discomfort.

Respiratory Exercises for Coughing for Adults

There are a number of exercises that will help to speed up recovery.They are suitable for adults, performed regularly and in strict accordance with the description.

Exercises for respiratory gymnastics for cough:

  1. Oxysize Steps in place .It is necessary to walk for 2-3 minutes in place, raising your knees high.At the same time, lifting one leg, you need to raise your hands up and take a deep breath in your mouth.When we lift the second leg, we lower hands downwards, we make a deep exhalation with simultaneous pronunciation of the sound "huuuuuuuuuuuu".
  2. Breath lying .We lie down on our backs, take a deep breath and simultaneously draw / strain the abdominal muscles.Then we do the same deep exhalation and relax the muscles / bulge our belly.If there is a rapid contraction of the muscles of the press, then you need to clear your throat and only then continue the exercise.

Note: the above exercise can be done not only in the supine position, but also sitting / standing.

  1. Hints of the .The starting position is standing with widely spaced legs( shoulder width).We spread our hands to the sides and then embrace ourselves by ourselves, trying to reach with our fingers to the shoulder blades.Just at the moment of embracing, we make a strong, loud exhalation.
  2. Firewood cutting .We put our feet at the width of the shoulders, raise our hands above our heads and join our fingers "into the lock."Lifting up on the socks, we bend back and sharply lean down, making a movement, simulating the cutting of firewood.When raising hands, take a deep breath, while tilting down - a strong and loud exhalation.
  3. Helicopter .We stand straight, hands are lowered along the trunk.We begin to make circular movements with our hands in different directions - for example, the left hand makes circles forward, the right hand - back.With these movements you need to breathe through your nose often.

If these exercises from the complex of respiratory gymnastics are conducted at home, then you need to do a wet cleaning beforehand and ensure a constant flow of fresh air into the room.

We breathe properly and treat cough in children

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Children during illness become capricious and sluggish, and simple breathing exercises will surely interest the child, and the benefit will be greater - the cough will pass faster, the breathing will recover and become full, nightSleep will be calm without coughing.

Exercises from a complex of respiratory gymnastics for children coughing:

  1. Complex-to-hatel-ny-gymnastics Beetle. The child sits on a chair, makes a turn with his torso to the right, withdrawing his hand and breathing in.Returning to the starting position, the baby should breathe out and simultaneously pronounce the sound "zhzhzhzhzh."Do the same in the other direction.
  2. Bubbles .You need to prepare a glass / jar of water and put a cocktail in it.The child takes a deep breath through his nose and exhales through the tube - in the water will appear bubbles.
  3. Bird .The child stands straight, then spreads his hands to the sides and slowly raises them up, taking a deep breath.Then the hands go down quickly, the breath is exhaled and the sound "uuuu" is pronounced.Such strokes need to be done 6-10 in a row.
  4. The clock .The baby is standing straight, hands are located along the trunk.You need to do short strokes with your hands alternately, your palms should be turned towards your torso.During the exercise, you must say "tick-tak" to each hand swing.Repeat the exercise 10-12 times.

Note: respiratory gymnastics is highly undesirable to conduct at elevated temperature, severe weakness and drowsiness.Carefully you need to follow and feel for the child during the exercise - if the baby coughs heavily, complains of dizziness or general malaise, then you need to stop exercising.

Breathing exercises with a cough - an excellent way to accelerate recovery.And even this technique in most cases allows you to do without the use of medications.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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