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How to quickly lose weight without dieting: advice of doctors

How to quickly lose weight without dieting: advice of doctors

Many of us would like to receive a ready-made weight-loss recipe, preferably a step-by-step plan in which it would be possible to cross out the completed items.Unfortunately, the exact method of rapid weight loss, which would work for everyone without exception, does not exist.

Everyone gets rid of excess weight in different ways: someone adheres to extreme diets, some like the method of excluding "junk" food, some go for vegetarianism or raw food.However, it is more correct to lose weight "in science".In this article we will give universal recommendations that will help you get closer to your dream and lose weight without dieting and strict restrictions.The main thing is to follow simple rules.

Table of contents: Obesity is an epidemic of the XXI century. Sleep well. Do not eat with a spoon. Eat thoughtfully. Do not be afraid of "harmful" fast food. Do not watch TV. Avoid fat-free foods. Try a vegetarian diet. Eat only one serving. Change the social circle. Eat alone. Drink coffee. Do not forget aboutPhysical exercises Several psychological tricks for weight loss

Obesity - epidemic XXI century

"What to eat to lose weight" - this phrase has long turned into a popularth joke.And they say: "Laziness is the engine of progress."Everything seems to be right, but the result of this frivolous approach was a real "fatty catastrophe".Here is a quote from the World Health Organization's newsletter:

"According to 2014, over 1.9 billion adults aged 18 and over are overweight.Of this number, more than 600 million people suffer from obesity. "

The scale of the disaster is staggering, but worst of all, the figures are gradually growing.The reason is simple: we eat a lot and move little.And the point here is in the wrong food behavior, and not at all in metabolism, hormonal problems or "wide bone".In more than 90% of cases of obesity, it is only alimentary, that is caused by excess energy intake over its consumption.

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However, there are usually no reasons for disputes, but with weight loss there are serious problems.Unfortunately, the exact method of weight loss, which would work on each of us without exception, does not exist.Someone can help weekly fasting days, some lose weight, limiting only the consumption of simple carbohydrates, others are recorded in the gym.We have collected the universal and most effective recommendations of doctors and nutritionists around the world to help you quickly lose weight( and most importantly, the missing kilograms will not return again unless, of course, you strictly abide by the rules).

Sleep as much

Sleep enough Sleep is not only health, but also a way to fight overweight.And it's not that when you sleep, you do not eat.Swedish scientists say that people who did not sleep just one night put on their plates 16% more food next morning.

Moreover, people who are deprived of sleep for at least one night, even in stores, choose more caloric foods in volumes that exceed the usual ones.According to scientists this is due to the increase in the concentration of ghrelin - a hormone that makes a person feel hungry.So sleep is not only the best medicine, but also a good way to avoid overeating.

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Do not eat with a spoon

Do not eat with a spoon

An old joke states that world hunger will come when China starts to eat with a spoon.Of course, liquid meals can not be used in any other way, but it's better to use everything else. .. no, not a fork, but sticks.For those notorious 20 minutes, during which the signals of saturation reach the brain, a spoonful can eat a full dinner with an additive.With chopsticks, you increase your portion to a maximum of half a plate.In fact - this is a tricky way to eat slower, that is what dieticians of the whole world constantly say.

Eat thoughtfully

Usually people who are overweight do not even think about what and how they eat.Quickly leaving in the mouth what lies on the table, they safely forget that they had had dinner, in a few minutes.But this is one of the reasons for overeating.

A person who is not distracted by extraneous activity will well remember the fact of eating and next time will eat less.This phenomenon was proved by scientists of the University of Birmingham in 2008.

Do not be afraid of "harmful" fast food

ZGI37sN9eMk Fast food has long been a scary for those who want to lose weight.Most articles in glossy magazines and on the Internet pages clearly indicate that hamburgers, hot dogs and other "junk" food are the surest way to obesity.The first thing you should, supposedly, do is to give up fast food.

And now the good news - fast food does not cause obesity.A recent study published in November 2015 indicates that more than 90% of people, both normal and fat and lean, use almost the same amount of fast food.Only 2.5% of very obese and 1.8% too thin eat a lot or very few similar products.Alas, this is a reality - French fries and hamburgers do not affect the body mass index.The only exception is Coca-Cola with ice: here it really can contribute to a set of extra pounds.

However, if there are hamburgers and french fries in large quantities, then you can seriously recover.However, this is not to be blamed for fast food, but excessive appetites.So if you like hamburgers - eat, but do not overdo it.

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Do not watch TV

Now it's fashionable to hang TV in the kitchen.With him and cook more fun and dine is not so boring.However, scientists caution that watching movies while eating causes a person to eat more.This is especially true of blockbusters: it's proved that people watch their food eat twice as many snacks as they do at a "boring" lunch.Asd20ASD

Do not watch TV

Melodramas, by the way, also increase appetite.The person who empathizes with the heroes is sad and tries to "seize" the sadness that has appeared.As a result, he eats up 50% more snacks.

If you are accustomed to sit in front of the TV and chew something, then you have two options:

  • or choose something low-calorie - carrots, an apple;
  • or watch something boring, for example talk show, and even better - the ballet "Swan Lake".

After a week you either stop eating too much, or refuse watching TV.

Avoid fat-free products

Paradoxically, fat-free products are more conducive to weight gain than conventional ones.Here works pure psychology:

  • a person knows that he is eating fat-free;
  • his brain thinks that food is less caloric;
  • man allows himself to eat more food, feeling less guilt.

As a result, the amount of calories consumed increases by 50%.

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Try the vegetarian diet

Try a vegetarian diet One of the good ways to lose extra pounds can be considered as a transition to vegetarian food.Let's leave aside the argument about the improvement of the skin, stool and hair color.American scientists have published convincing data that vegans and vegetarians lose weight better than those who do not refuse meat( 3 kilograms vs. 0.5 for six months).

Some doctors may object that vegetable food does not contain several vitamins necessary for the body, but conventional multivitamin complexes can solve this "problem".

Eat only one serving

Eat only one serving Self-limitation is perhaps one of the most difficult things for losing weight.It's hard not to eat a spoonful of delicious stew or half a cup of ravioli.This is what scientists from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics researched.They managed to prove that people who ate food, packed portion by piece, ate half as much as those who ate the standard packaged product.

Of course, we studied the people who were accustomed to prepackaged food, but who prevents you from picking the right size plates and eating exactly as much as it fits in it?By the way, if you take a smaller dish, then you can eat quickly - other researchers have confirmed that one of the saturation signals that our brain receives is an empty plate.

Change the circle of communication

Yes, everything is clear: with this friend you went through a lot, and he sold you a car on favorable terms, and the third one is a girlfriend who has been entrusted with many secrets.The problem is that they are all well-nourished and, even unwilling, do you the same.This is convincingly proved by two studies.In the first one( it is indicated that people with excess weight are perceived as people with normal weight, if they communicate with the same well-fed ones as themselves.) There is nobody to stop, but they do not concentrate on their own.

Change the social circle

In the secondIt is reported that the chances of getting better increase by 57% if someone else gets fat in your environment.

The conclusion is one - either change the circle of communication by decreasing contacts with full people or start to influence them.Someone should be the first in the fightWith excess weight!

EatE alone

Eat alone If you can not change the social circle, then do not eat with your friends, neither with fat nor with thin ones - with anything you do not eat.In studies during a friendly dinner with just one nice person you will eat onOne third more food than if you were alone alone, if you are three, the volume of food will grow by half, and in a big, cheerful company of seven people you will cope with a double portion volume.

However, some do not think their meals without communication.Well, you can quote the advice of the scientific journalist Asya Kazantseva:

"If you are so bored with one, it is recommended to do it with strangers.It is not necessary to sit down at a table to strangers and spoil their lunch: you can simply combine dinner with a job interview or a first date.In these situations, people gather, control themselves and eat less than usual. ยป

Drink Coffee

Drink coffee Coffee is now considered probably the most popular non-alcoholic beverage.Many believe that it helps to lose weight, and therefore drink it in liters.And they are right, because a group of researchers from Greece and the US proved a direct link between coffee consumption and a reduction in caloric intake.It turned out that people with excess weight ate less food for lunch, if before they drank 2-3 cups of coffee.

Skeptics can say that such an amount of this noble drink is dangerous.This opinion in 2012 was unequivocally denied by another group of scientists, also from the United States.According to them, the danger of consuming even large quantities of coffee is greatly exaggerated.People who constantly drink coffee for 4-5 or more cups, did not die at all more often than those who did not use it at all.

Do not forget about physical activities

Do not forget about physical activity It sounds trite, but still: without sports, weight loss becomes a very difficult task.Energy balance has not been canceled, and the only really working way to get rid of excess weight is to create a deficit of energy.And you can do this only by reducing its flow and increasing - burning.Physical loads by nature itself are meant for this.

The study published in 2014 in the journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics shows that the maximum fat burning effect is a combination of diet and exercise.The truth is this rule only in cases of long-term struggle with excess weight( a year or more).With a more short-term "weight loss", those who adhered to only diet were dumped the same number of kilograms, as well as those who in addition to food restrictions were involved in sports.

Several psychological tricks for weight loss

IStock_000015613067_Medium Take advantage of the experience of merchandisers in supermarkets.They know that a person pays attention first of all to what is right in front of his eyes.Do the same - put in a prominent place in the refrigerator, fruits and vegetables, and high-calorie foods push it out.It is desirable to still pack them so that they are not conspicuous.As a result, looking into the fridge for something tasty, you grab a low-calorie carrot, not a tasty, but fatty sausage.

Keep in the vase at hand not biscuits or sweets, but berries, apples or carrots.So you get a very low-calorie snack and do not change your habit of intercepting anything between meals.

Lay out on piece packets what can be packaged( for example, crackers).So you can stop in time when you take a snack.

Never eat in the semi-darkness and in a pleasant sound atmosphere.Remember, in all restaurants the light is muffled, light non-tensioning music plays.Restaurateurs know that in such conditions, people pay less attention to food and more - to the interlocutor, their own thoughts and such things.And scientists from Illinois have proved this in 2004

Do not abuse diversity.Most of us can not stop and not try everything that's on the table.The practice of the "Swedish tables" confirms this fact, and it was proved by scientists from Pennsylvania in 2004.Subjects ate more M & M's sweets if they were offered a wide variety of their colors.

Everyone wishing to lose weight quickly should remember the main rule - to consume less energy than to spend.If you follow this rule - weight loss is inevitable.But you need to prepare for the long journey - the longer the more kilograms you plan to reset .

Bozbey Gennady Andreevich, ambulance doctor

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