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Burning with urination

35 The most diverse pathological processes in the urinary system can trigger the appearance of the main sign of impairment - burning with urination.This syndrome is never single, it is always accompanied by other unpleasant sensations, deterioration in general well-being or uncritical discomfort.

Table of contents:

Causes of burning with urination in men and women

Doctors distinguish three main groups of health problems that are accompanied by the syndrome under consideration:

  • inflammatory diseases of the urinary system;
  • infectious processes occurring in the genitourinary system;
  • psychoemotional / nerve disorders.

Urinary tract pathologies


Urolithiasis.The formation of stones in any of the kidneys can occur at any age.The expressed burning sensation at an emiction does not appear right after their formation, at the very beginning of growth of stones the person in general does not test any inconveniences.But when the microparticles of stones and salts start to wash out with the urine, a burning sensation appears, moreover, directly during the outflow of urine through the urethra.

This syndrome is always accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • too frequent urge to enter the toilet with unchanged fluid intake;
  • pain in the anatomical location of the kidney with irradiation in the perineum and inguinal region;
  • with urine flow suddenly stops the process( the jet disappears) and resumes only after a while, if the patient changes his position or several times will sit down.

Urethritis.Burning with urination in women and men is a symptom of the exclusively chronic form of this inflammatory process.In addition to burning, the patient experiences pain and pain directly during urination.Please note: burning with urination in a woman with urethritis will manifest itself with severe discomfort, but for men this symptom will be not expressed, but the pain in the urethra will be very palpable.

Prostatitis.The inflammatory process, which takes place in the prostate gland - the disease is inherent only in men, is more often diagnosed at the age of 20-50 years.The causes of prostatitis can become infections of the genital tract of a chronic nature, frequent hypothermia, fungal diseases. Note: burning sensation when urinating in men is not the only and unconditional symptom.Unpleasant sensations can be absolutely non-intensive, men often do not focus at all on this syndrome.


Cystitis.Inflammation of the bladder is considered the most often diagnosed disease, which manifests itself by burning with urination.This symptom is one of the earliest signs that signal cystitis.In addition to burning, patients get complaints of pain in the abdomen, discomfort during sexual intercourse.

Sexual infections

Chlamydia.An infection develops due to penetration into the genito-urinary system of chlamydia, the path of infection is unprotected sex. Often this infectious disease is asymptomatic, but more often there are:

  • burning sensation when urinating;
  • pain immediately after the end of urination;
  • itching in the area of ​​the external genitalia.

Note: burning with urination is often mistaken for the manifestation of cystitis, which leads to improper treatment.This is the danger - launched chlamydia is the cause of infertility, both female and male.

Trichomoniasis.The disease is classified as venereal, the path of spread - at sexual contacts from person to person.The development of the disease begins with getting into the genitourinary system of the simplest parasites( trichomonads) and almost immediately there is burning sensation after urination - it may not be intense, but all patients complain about this or that degree of discomfort.

Candidiasis.This disease, caused by colonies of fungi of the genus Candida, affects both men and women.In the acute course of the disease, burning sensation when urinating is absent - this syndrome is inherent only in the chronic form of candidiasis.In addition to burning, there will be pruritus in the perineum, characteristic discharge from the vagina( in women) and urethra( in men) in the form of large white flakes or a consistency of milk.

Gonorrhea.The disease quickly manifests itself in men, and in women it often goes asymptomatically - this is the danger, since the infection spreads in the ascending direction, affecting the uterus and its appendages.But even with complete absence of symptoms, gonorrhea provokes a brief burning sensation at the very beginning of urination.

Psychoemotional factors

Burning with urination may be a symptom of psychoneurological disorders - for example, doctors often diagnose the syndrome under consideration in depression, unmotivated irritability, chronic nerves.In addition, false burning can occur due to fears, anxieties and other mental disorders.Usually burning in this case occurs as a single syndrome, not accompanied by pain, pathological discharge from the vagina or urethra.Please note: according to statistics, burning with urination due to psychoemotional and nervous disorders is more often diagnosed in women, for men this condition is an exception.

Other causes of burning when urinating

There is a category of causes that can provoke burning sensation when urinating, which is not classified in any way. These include:

  • trauma to the external and internal genital organs - for example, the bruise of the labia in women or the penis in men, the vaginal rupture;
  • allergic reaction to the detergents used - many gels, creams have aggressive chemicals in their composition.In some cases, burning with urination in women occurs when using hygienic pads and tampons;
  • tumors of benign or malignant nature, located in close proximity to the genitourinary system - the syndrome in question appears due to the pressure of the neoplasm on the organs of the genitourinary system;
  • age-related changes in the female reproductive system - during menopause or developing menopause, excessive dryness of the vaginal mucosa and urethra is often diagnosed.This is due to the inadequate production of female hormones.

Treatment of

Before taking any measures to relieve burning sensation when urinating, it is necessary to identify the true cause of this syndrome.It can be done only in the laboratory with the help of specialists - the syndrome can lead to gynecologists, urologists, venereologists or andrologists. Diagnosis of the disease will consist in a full examination of the patient with complaints about the syndrome in question:

  • fence materials for laboratory testing - a swab of the vagina in a woman and the urethra in a man, blood and urine;
  • examination of a woman on a gynecological chair and visual detection of pathological changes in the mucous membrane of the vagina - for example, in candidiasis, a diagnosis can be made immediately after a woman is examined by a gynecologist;
  • ultrasound and computed tomography - doctors will be able to assess the condition of the pelvic organs, identify the presence of stones or benign / malignant neoplasms, note pathological changes in the tissues of the organs being examined.

Please note: self-diagnosis during burning during urination is not allowed - this syndrome may indicate the development of various pathologies in form and form.
The choice of treatment will depend on the diagnosis:

  1. In inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system - antibacterial drugs( antibiotics), antiviral drugs, therapeutic methods from the category of "traditional medicine".
  2. In case of diagnosis of sexual infections, complex therapy will be prescribed - antibiotics and specific medications intended for the treatment of specific diseases.
  3. If the burning sensation is caused by an allergic reaction to an external stimulus, the patient will be prescribed a course of antihistamines.
  4. If a woman's hormone is deficient during the menopause or developing menopause, doctors prefer to prescribe hormone therapy - it can consist of taking conventional contraceptive pills by a specially designed scheme.

In some pathologies( eg, cystitis), the doctor concurrently with the medicamental treatment will make a dietary diet - it must be followed throughout the course of therapy.

Please note: herbal medicinal herbs, which possess anti-inflammatory drugs and relieve the syndrome in question for a short time, can only be used after the diagnosis has been made.

Burning with urination always indicates a pathology in the genitourinary system.Even if the measures taken( self-administration of antibiotics, douching and sessile baths with decoctions of sage, thyme or camomile and others) produced the result and discomfort sensation disappeared, a visit to the doctor can not be postponed.Only an accurate diagnosis carried out by professionals will enable the doctor to choose an effective treatment and avoid the occurrence of serious, health-threatening complications.

More information about the pain syndrome with urination is obtained by viewing this video review:

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category.

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