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New + picture [2] Guarana( derived from the Mauer warana, which means "the fruit as the eyes of people") was discovered in the 18th century by the botanist Christian Paillini.The fruit was appreciated by the peoples of Tupi and Guarani.Its name was due to the fact that in the cut form really resembles the human eye.

The Mauers rubbed ripe bones into powder and mixed with water.From the flour obtained, they molded kalachi up to 15 cm long, dried them and coated them with products to preserve useful properties in a hot and humid climate.Also guarana was used for long trips as a stimulating drink, and some people as a means of payment.

Antarctica-Guarana-Champagne Guarana began to be used by Brazilians for commercial purposes since 1958.For the first time the production of beverages from Guarana Luis Pereira Barreto was put on stream.A former doctor from Roi-de-Janeiro created a soda on the basis of the fruit in 1906, and in 1921, put on the flow the production of chic and expensive champagne Guarana Antarctica, which has gained popularity all over the world.

Today only a seed is used from a long vine with orange fruits.Only two cherished seeds are obtained by soaking the flesh from them.Later they are grinded into powder and used in many beverages, since the use of guarana is a high content of caffeine.

Nutritional value and chemical composition of guarana

Note: in guarana contains pacemakers, catechins and epicatechins.

It should be noted that most of the impurities do not dissolve, only caffeine is important.Guarana is used in many beverages and food additives, including slimming and sports nutrition.It is even added to candies and sweets, which allows us to talk about its relative safety for children.

The use of guarana

NNxx16F7NsZXSz1Pez1mA The Mauers believed that the plant has healing properties, so the powder was used for medical purposes.For today it is proved that guarana has excellent stimulating and toning properties.It prevents migraines, maintains a normal rhythm of the heart, soothes.With diarrhea, guarana helps to normalize the work of internal organs due to the constituent tannins.Because it stimulates brain activity and the functions of the nervous system due to the caffeine, it is actively added to energy drinks, as well as to medicines.

It is known that guarana improves memory, and also prevents the development of atherosclerosis.In the fight against chronic fatigue it is irreplaceable!Due to the ingredients included in the composition, the product blocks the feeling of hunger, removes toxins from the body, speeds up the metabolism.

Due to these properties it is actively used in the manufacture of additives and teas for weight loss.Athletes also drink drinks with guarana to restore strength after heavy physical exertion, to improve the concentration of attention, relieve tension before a responsible performance.

Harm to guarana

It is worth to understand what is harmful guarana before you go to buy a miracle remedy.In general, plant products are safe enough for humans.However, the useful properties of guarana can result in harm to the unhealthy organism.It is not recommended to use it for people with a sick heart, with increased excitability of the nervous system, with high blood pressure.

As for contraindications for the use of guarana, it is highly recommended that people who are insomniac and old people should not use it.Also, the properties of the product were seen to reduce the subcutaneous fatty layer, because of this, anorexic patient can not use it.

Important: for children and pregnant women is also prohibited in order to avoid unwanted reactions of the body.

Recommendations for the application of guarana

The main thing, as with any application of drugs, is not to violate the recommended dose.After all, for example, with an abundant intake of energy drinks, you can provoke a heart attack, and with prolonged use - epilepsy.

Important: because first of all guarana is in demand among people who decided to get rid of excess weight, it is worth noting that accurate data on its effectiveness are not established.Some experts are sure that the medicinal properties are too exaggerated.Therefore, to use guarana as a panacea for diseases is not recommended.

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