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Treatment of giardiasis in adults and children

Lyamblioz The simplest microorganisms of the flagellum species parasitizing in the intestine, gallbladder and its ducts in an adult or a child are called lamblia in medicine.


These microorganisms occur in the form of adults or cysts, but in any case, they will be infected with the following symptoms:

  • bloating;
  • alternation of constipation and diarrhea;
  • pain in the right hypochondrium;
  • pain in the belly region.

If infection with Giardia has occurred in very young children, then they will have a multiple stool in the form of a gruel-like mass.These symptoms can be associated with a decrease in appetite, a constant rumbling in the abdomen, a feeling of heaviness.The body can respond to the appearance in it lamblia and allergic reactions - rashes on the skin, swelling, dermatitis.

The lamblias treatment regimen consists of three stages: preparatory, therapeutic and stabilization.

Preparatory stage of treatment for lamblia

This treatment period lasts from 2 to 4 weeks, during which it is necessary to completely purify the body of toxins.These toxins were isolated by Giardia in the process of their vital activity, but no medications are prescribed to the patient, only health promotion is carried out.

The necessary effects can be achieved by the following methods:

  1. Strengthen the secretion of bile with funds from the category of "traditional medicine".
  2. Perform blind probing.
  3. Normalize the diet.


Normalization / correction of the patient's diet can not remove the lamblia from the body, but this will contribute to the formation of an environment in the body that is not suitable for growth and reproduction of parasites, and to increase immunity. This effect can be achieved by introducing into the diet the following products:

  • Lingonberry cranberries and cranberries;
  • cereals from whole grains;
  • vegetable oils;
  • products rich in fiber( vegetables, fruits and dried fruits);
  • bran.

It is necessary to exclude from the menu products that contain a lot of sugar in their composition, as it is carbohydrates that supply glucose to micro-organisms.Specially selected diet contributes to weakening lamblia, which greatly facilitates the process of removing them from the body.

Stimulation of bile secretion

This procedure is performed only with the use of folk remedies.The patient will have to take a course of taking medications, prepared on the basis of tansy, immortelle, barberry, stalk of corn, milk thistle and lily of the valley.To stimulate the output of bile, decoctions, infusions or tinctures from the medicinal plants listed above are used.Proportions and methods of preparation must be specified by the attending physician( they can be different for each individual case).

Blind sounding


This procedure is also carried out to stimulate the release of bile, which ultimately contributes to the release of bile ducts from the pathogens in question.This manipulation( it is called tjubazh) can be done at home. Algorithm for blind probing:

  1. In the morning on an empty stomach is eaten a yolk of a hen's egg, you can instead drink mineral water with the content of sulfurous magnesia( the exact dosage is specified by the attending physician).Suitable "Borjomi", "Jemruk."
  2. The patient should lie on the bed and apply a hot water bottle or a bottle of hot water to the upper right side of the stomach.The duration of lying is 2 hours.

Blind probing should be carried out 3 times a week throughout the entire preparatory period.

Therapeutic phase

Only after carrying out the preparatory phase, it is possible to use any medicines that have activity against the parasites under consideration. Most commonly used for the treatment of allopathic remedies:

  • Tiberal;
  • Trichopol;
  • Macmirror;
  • Tinidazole;
  • Furazolidone.

These medications should be taken strictly in the dosages that are prescribed for adults and children, as they are significantly different.If you have to undergo a treatment course for a child, then he is most often prescribed Furazolidone, Tiberal or Macmirror.The course of therapy in both the adult patient and the child is 5-7 days.

If the lamblia was not cured, or a second infection occurred, then two courses of therapy will be provided for older children and adults. An exemplary scheme of treatment in this case will look like this:

  1. Trichopolum for 7 days( perhaps it will be enough and 5 days, but this remains at the discretion of the attending physician).
  2. Break 3 days.
  3. Furazolidone for 5 days.
  4. Blind probing.

pills Note: is often noted by doctors in the treatment of lamblias, the side effects of taking medications.These include a decrease in appetite, nausea and vomiting, an allergic reaction of the body.

The funds from the category of "folk medicine", which are made on the basis of mint, garlic, fig and pumpkin, can also contribute to the excretion of lamblias.But in any case, you need to get advice about the advisability of using traditional medicine from your doctor.

Stabilization phase of treatment

After carrying out the two above-described stages, it is necessary to "fix" the result obtained.To do this, you need to adjust the immune system and normalize digestion. The following methods can be used to achieve the desired results:

  • The use of fees, which include bearberry, black poplar, birch buds - they have immunomodulatory properties;
  • the use of decoctions of beet, cranberries and cranberries - these plants contribute to the normalization and stabilization of digestion processes.

Traditional medicine against lamblia

We recommend that you read:

We will immediately stipulate that the use of any folk remedies should begin with a consultation with the treating doctor.Only a competent approach to the use of various decoctions and infusions, the passage of the mandatory medication stage of treatment will give a positive result - lamblia from the body will be fully withdrawn.


Hren It is necessary to take 2-3 root horseradish( washed and together with the skin), fine-tune them and pour cool boiled water in the amount of 1 liter.The glass container, into which the horseradish roots are piled, should be tightly closed and left alone for three days at room temperature.Then the resulting extract is filtered, honey is added to the medicine( the amount is equal), stir well and leave for another three days.Do not forget to shake the medicine regularly!

Take this remedy 20 minutes before meals, three times a day.The adult dosage is 1 tablespoon per reception, children under 1 year old - ½ teaspoon, children from 1 year to 10 years old - 1 dessert spoon at the reception.


garlic In a mortar you need to grind 50 grams of peeled garlic cloves, pour them a glass of vodka.The resulting mixture must be poured into a bottle of dark glass and tightly clogged.The medicine is infused for 7 days.

Adult should be consumed three times a day 30 minutes before meals at a dosage of 20 drops.If it is necessary to excrete lamblia for children, then this drug before consumption is bred in water or milk.

Seeds of pumpkin

Sunflower seeds Seeds of pumpkin are not only an effective remedy for lamblia, but also very tasty, which is an important fact in the treatment of children.You need to grind 300 grams of pumpkin seeds( peeled) and add to them 50 grams of honey and the same amount of water.This portion the adult patient should eat on an empty stomach for 1 hour, then it is necessary to take any laxative.For children, one-third of the total amount of medication will be enough for a single dose.

Tansy and wormwood

Wormwood-and-tansy Mix in equal proportions dry tansy and wormwood, take a handful of cooked collection and pour steep boiling water in an amount of 250-300 ml.The remedy is insisted for half an hour, then filtered.

Take infusion in the amount of ½ cup before meals at least 3 times a day.Children such a folk remedy is not recommended.

Please note: to pregnant women, infusion of wormwood and tansy is categorically contraindicated for admission, as it can provoke miscarriage or premature birth.

Oats and stigmas of corn

These two plants are considered to be one of the most effective for the treatment of Giardiasis.In addition, they are easy enough and easy to prepare, and broths do not have an unpleasant taste and smell, so that their children consume without whims.

To prepare a medicine from oats, you need to take it 250 grams, pour 1 liter of water and put on a small fire.Do not bring to a rapid boil, evaporate a quarter of the water.Take this drug you need 250 ml every 6 hours, regardless of food intake.

Corn sticks can be made even easier: a tablespoon of dry raw material is poured into a glass of steep boiling water and insisted for 3 hours.Take the product you need for 1 tablespoon every 5-6 hours.

Beet and carrot juice

Attention!This folk remedy can be used to treat giardiasis only in adults!

It is necessary to take the glassware and put it on the bottom with clean / washed birch leaves.Then pour a glass of cognac into the prepared container and insist it all for 3 weeks( just this makes up the preparatory period).Then the mixture must be filtered and added to it the juice of carrots and beets, liquid honey - all these additional ingredients are taken for 1 glass.

This product is taken in an amount of half a glass 3 times a day.

Calendula with birch juice

tincture of calendula Three liters of birch juice should be boiled and add to it a pack of dry flowers of calendula( they are sold in pharmacies of 50 grams).All is thoroughly mixed and cooked for 10 minutes with the lid closed.Then wrap the wrap with a blanket and insist in a warm place for 12 hours.

A sick child should take ¼ cup decoction three times a day, for an adult, the indicated single dose should be doubled.Store the drug in a break between the meals you need in the refrigerator.

Note: there are many popular recipes that promise to rid the patient of Giardia.But their application should be necessarily coordinated with the attending physician - in its composition such products contain potentially dangerous medicinal plants, which can lead to serious complications.

Treatment of Giardiasis is a false process, it needs to be done only under the supervision of medical workers.Only in this case can we expect complete disposal of these parasites.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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