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Myths about worms: 8 popular misconceptions

Worms in children According to WHO helminths, about 4.5 billion people are affected in the world, of which about 10-20% are pre-school children.But despite the availability of information about scientific research, developed prevention and treatment measures, parasitic diseases are still shrouded in a large number of myths.

Contents: Parasites are the lot of third world countries Food from their garden is safe From pets it is impossible to get helminths impossible Anthelminthic medications for prevention Movements of worms in the body can be felt Worms cause atopic dermatitis Intestinal parasites can be detected with the help of a blood test.Sleep with teeth - means worms

Parasites are destiny of the third world countries

Countries of Asia and Africa with their warm climate really arered coating medium for the life of worms.Also true is the fact that the incidence of helminthiasis is higher in countries where sanitary requirements, as well as the timely detection of patients with parasitic diseases, are not fully realized.

But also socially and economically prosperous countries are not at all free of helminths.So, every third European suffers helminthiasis.It turns out that helminths can easily become infected in Russia and Ukraine.But it is worth noting that if intestinal helminthiases predominate in these countries, then in the Asian countries extracorporeal helminthiases are widespread.

Myths about worms

Products from your garden are safe

Wash-pepper-under-tap There is an opinion that all market is dangerous, but the fact that it's safe from your own garden.It's a delusion.To get infected with helminths by eating the product from the bed is very easy.Even if a person planted vegetables and berries in his garden, he can not be sure that the land is clean from helminths.That is why vegetables, fruits and berries should always be thoroughly washed before consumption.Especially good it is necessary to wash greens, after all between its leaves there are eggs of helminths.By the way, vegetarians often suffer from parasitic diseases, which is due to the use of insufficiently washed and purified plant products.

Another danger is that gardeners often fill up beds with manure so that berries and vegetables grow faster.In manure there can be helminths and their eggs, and also bacteria.Strawberries can and grow well under such cover, but by using it you can easily get a parasitic disease.

Helminths are found not only in soil, but also in water.Before you drink the water from an unknown well - it is also worthwhile to think carefully.

Pets can not be infected with helminths

Worms in children Pets can be affected by helminths, but not all of the parasites are dangerous to humans.People can get infected from pets by toxocaram, echinococcus, and toxoplasm.This does not mean that the animal immediately need to get rid of.Suffice it regularly animals prevention of anthelmintic drugs.But do not forget that the animal is able to bring on his paws after walking helminth eggs.Therefore, when the animal returns home to wash his paws.In addition, children need to explain that it is better not to contact street animals and birds.Such simple measures will save the child from the probability of catching helminthiasis.

Anthelminthic drugs for prevention

Worm tablets It is widely accepted that periodically it is necessary to undergo a preventive course of taking anthelmintic drugs.Modern antiparasitic drugs are very effective in the treatment of helminthiases.But it is quite serious drugs that are poorly tolerated by man.Therefore, before their appointment, the risk between possible infection with parasites and potential side effects from taking medications always correlates.WHO recommends that prophylaxis be carried out with antiparasitic medicines, but only in endemic areas.So, if the prevalence of geogelmintoses in a certain territory is 20% - it is recommended to carry out preventive maintenance with medicines once a year, if this figure reaches 50% - it means twice a year.In such situations, the probability of acquiring helminths is very high, which means that the potential risk of side effects of the drug is significantly less than from the disease itself.

Worms can be moved around the body

It is impossible to feel the movement of the parasite through the intestines, vessels or lungs.If a person seriously talks about such a thing - it is necessary to turn to a psychotherapist, because this phenomenon is nothing but visceral hallucinations.

Another thing skin forms of helminthiases.For example, with dirofilariasis, the parasite migrates beneath the human skin and is able to travel long distances.Helminth is able, for example, for one day to move from the groin area to the clavicle.His movements can cause a person unpleasant sensations, itching.Moreover, a person can even notice the movement of the helminth itself.The parasite that causes dirofilariasis is very fond of the sclera of the eye.In this case, the patient himself in the mirror can see in the eye of the parasite.

Defeat of the eye

Worms are the cause of atopic dermatitis

Treatment-dermatitis-in-children Helminths and their life products are inherently allergens.They cause inflammatory changes in the body, suppress immunity.Therefore, helminthiases can be accompanied by skin rashes, itching.This is the result of the toxic-allergenic effect of helminths on the human body.

Helminthiasis can become a kind of trigger factor for the development of atopic dermatitis, bronchial asthma.Atopic dermatitis is a chronic skin disease, for which a genetic predisposition is characteristic.Infection with helminths can not be considered the cause of these diseases.But helminthiases support the allergic inflammatory process, contributes to the chronic, undulating course of atopic dermatitis.

Intestinal parasites can be detected using a blood test

Modern laboratories offer a large number of all sorts of complex packages for the diagnosis of intestinal parasites.So, the package of services can include a diagnostic method called ELISA.All you need to do this analysis is a sample of the patient's blood.

Bakissledovanie_mikroskopia The essence of the method is based on identifying not the parasite itself, but antibodies to it.The detection of antibodies to a particular parasite suggests that the person has been in contact with this parasite.But it is not known whether the person is sick right now or he has already been ill with this helminthiasis.In addition, the method has a weak sensitivity and specificity, and therefore the probability of false-negative and false-positive results is present.

ELISA should be performed with toxocarosis, trichinellosis, toxoplasmosis, echinococcosis, opisthorchiasis and fascioliasis.To diagnose other intestinal infections, the gold standard is a three-fold microscopic examination of feces.Here lies another misconception of people when they believe that a single negative result is sufficient to exclude the presence of helminthiosis.Only a three-fold microscopic examination can give such confidence.In most intestinal helminthiases, the results of a blood test are not a reliable indicator.

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Creks in a dream with teeth - means worms

Gnashing teeth in medical literature is called bruxism .This, in fact, convulsive contractions of the chewing muscles, because of which the jaws contract and there is a gnashing.

There is such an opinion, if a man grinds his teeth in a dream - then he has worms.It can be assumed that helminths and their toxins affect the central nervous system and lead to increased nervous excitability.This leads to a spasm of chewing muscles and the appearance of a grating.However, it is not possible to confirm this hypothesis, since no scientific studies have been carried out in this direction.

Currently, physicians associate the appearance of bruxism with nervous overstrain and stress.

Grigorova Valeria, medical reviewer

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