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Nutrition after cesarean section: what you can eat after breastfeeding

food Caesarean section is a cavitary surgical operation.Recovery after any surgery requires some time, as well as compliance with certain conditions.Not the least role in this period is the nutrition of women.

Table of contents: Food on the first day after cesarean delivery. Food on the third or fifth day. Meals on the sixth day.

. Food on the first day after cesarean section.

. Caesarean section is performed under general or spinal anesthesia. Regardless of the narcosis used, it is important to understand that in any case, the anesthetic has an effect on the intestine.Under the influence of anesthesia, the peristalsis of the intestine decreases, which is fraught with constipation of .Of course, such a situation is not desirable for only a woman who gave birth.The likelihood of the accumulation of gases in the intestine also increases, so during this period it is worth avoiding foods that enhance the processes of fermentation in the intestine.

In the first days after giving birth, a woman is in the maternity ward under the care of doctors.For recovery after surgery, the body needs nutrients.

But, as a rule, on the first day after cesarean section, a woman is prescribed hunger, and she receives all necessary nutrients in the form of droppers.During this period, a woman can drink ordinary non-carbonated water or compote .

On the second day after cesarean section, the digestive tract begins to work.At this stage it's time to move from starvation to eating easily digestible food .At the same time, you can not overload the digestive tract, and therefore prefer liquid and semi-liquid foods.On the second day after surgery, doctors recommend to adhere to the dietary table number 0a.

What can you eat for a young mother during this period?

  • Easy meat broth;
  • Rice broth;
  • Kissel berry;
  • Compote of berries, dried fruits;

You need to eat small meals, but often - 7-8 times a day.The volume of a portion of food for one meal is about 200 mg.

Sample menu on the second day after cesarean section:

  • Kyrinnii-bylion 8.00 - compote of dried fruits;
  • 10.00 - rice decoction;
  • 12.00 - berry jelly;
  • 14.00 -Chicken broth with the addition of butter;
  • 17.00 - low-fat kefir;
  • 20.00 - chicken broth with the addition of butter;
  • 21.00 - compote of dried fruits.

Meals for the third or fifth day

Starting from the third day after the cesarean section, the diet of the mother can safely expand .But this certainly does not mean that there is absolutely everything you can wish for.The task at this stage is to increase the calorie content of the daily ration.And with this successfully cures the therapeutic diet number 1 surgical.Such a diet normalizes gastric secretion and intestinal peristalsis.

Recommended products at this stage:

  • All the same meat broths;
  • Liquid mashed cereals;
  • Cereal soups;Chicken eggs boiled or in the form of a steam omelette;
  • Steam soufflĂ©, puree, cutlets and little bits of low-fat meat and fish;
  • Jelly from non-acid berries;
  • Kissel from berries;Stale bread, dry biscuits;
  • ;
  • Low-fat kefir, yogurt, ryazhenka, yoghurt;
  • Cottage cheese and dishes from it;
  • Vegetables welded or smoothed.

All dishes are steamed or boiled, no roasting.Eat regularly, five to six times a day .It is also necessary to drink liquid in sufficient quantity, preference should be given to ordinary drinking non-carbonated water.

Sample menu for the day:

  • Dieta 9.00 - buckwheat porridge, a sandwich with cheese, weak tea;
  • 11.00 - low-fat meat broth, a piece of black bread;
  • 14.00 - a piece of boiled chicken fillet, barley porridge, dried fruit compote;
  • 17.00 - cottage cheese casserole, steamed;
  • 20.00 - steam cutlet from white fish, buckwheat porridge.

If after a dinner a woman experiences hunger, then you can drink a glass of low-fat kefir without damage to your health.

Power for the sixth day

As a rule, by the sixth day after cesarean section it is possible to pass to the usual diet . But it is necessary to avoid products that cause flatulence( these are legumes, fresh pastries, carbonated drinks).

Important! If a woman is breastfeeding, some foods will have to be temporarily removed from her diet.After all, certain foods can cause an allergic reaction in the baby.

A woman should avoid products such as:

  • breast-feeding Coffee;
  • Chocolate;
  • Citrus Fruit;
  • Honey;
  • Seafood;
  • Red fish;
  • Mushrooms;
  • Nuts;
  • Alcoholic beverages.
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Many women after the birth are concerned about the problem of excess weight and therefore they limit themselves to eating with the goal of losing weight.But to starve definitely not worth it, because the body needs nutrients for recovery. The basis of the diet should be cereal cereals, low-fat varieties of meat and fish, as well as fresh vegetables.It is useful for the nursing mother to eat fruits, but to introduce them into the diet you need gradually .First, start to introduce apples, pears, after that you can try the bananas.After introducing a new fruit into the diet, you need to monitor the reaction of the baby, if he has an allergic reaction to the product.

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In addition, the diet should necessarily contain dairy products that will help fight the constipation of .Also, fresh and stewed vegetables, baked fruit( for example, apples), cereal cereals, wheat bran will help in combating this delicate problem.

Thus, the therapeutic diet provides the mother's body with the necessary nutrients and promotes the speedy recovery of a woman after the operation.In addition, proper nutrition normalizes the work of the digestive tract and prevents the occurrence of postoperative intestinal disturbances.

Grigorova Valeriya, doctor, medical reviewer

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