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Human papillomavirus( HPV): characteristics, types and manifestations

25 A benign tumor that grows from a flat epithelium is classified in medicine as a papilloma.It has the appearance of a papilla that protrudes over the cutaneous surface.It can appear not only on the skin, but also on the surface of the mucosa - for example, the bladder, nasal passages, mouth cavity.In principle, such growths can be found anywhere on the body.

Papilloma has a thin stem, on which it has a thickening in the form of "cauliflower".This type of build-up occurs only when a person is infected with the human papillomavirus( HPV), but you should be aware that only some types of this virus can cause a similar manifestation of the disease.Women are more often affected by the disease, according to statistics.The vaccine against HPV allows to avoid infection.

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Characteristics of HPV

Genital warts When infected with the human body, the virus can settle in the anus, and on the eyelids, under the mammary glands, and in the groin- in principle, anywhere on the body.Educated papillomas look very non-aesthetically - they grow quickly and turn into ugly growths.In addition to this unpleasant moment, papillomas are easily traumatized and with time can be regenerated into an oncological disease.

This is why human papillomavirus is considered a disease that requires immediate medical attention.The high risk of infection with the human papillomavirus in those who lead a promiscuous sexual life, abusing alcohol, but a human papilloma virus can be diagnosed even in a newborn - infection occurs when passing through the birth canal( infection from a sick mother).

Important : About the possible ways of infection with the human papillomavirus, the gynecologist tells in details:

Note : human papillomavirus virus 16 and 18 types act directly on the cervical tissue.With the penetration of the virus into the cervical tissue, no changes in the pathological nature of the woman's well-being occur.Only a few years later, genital warts appear on the mucous in places of HPV "settlement" - at the initial stage they are benign in nature and can be removed fairly easily and without complications by doctors.But the problem is that the initial stage of the formation and development of genital warts passes almost asymptomatically - in women the diagnosis of this pathology is carried out at a later date.And the danger of type 16 and 18 HPV is that when genital warts develop on the cervix, benign cells degenerate into malignant cells.


Species and manifestations of HPV

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Symptomatic of the human papillomavirus virus is quite variable - for some species it is practically absent, and many are manifested by the growth of papillomas in different parts of the body.Similar types of skin growths are distinguished in several types: they serve as a basis for HPV classification:

Simple papillomas

Borodavka_15-a-foto1-300x199 Their growth is caused by the human papillomavirus type 2, the growths themselves are characterized by roughness, the presence of a stratum corneum and sizes ranging from 1 mm or more.Very often such growths are not isolated, but represent a localized "merged" zone.Simple( they are also called vulgar) papillomas can be located on the palms and between the fingers, in children they are identified on their knees.

Note : once appearing, simple papillomas can remain unchanged for many years, but medicine knows cases of degeneration of benign growths into malignant ones.

Plantar papilloma

They can appear when different types of HPV fall into the body:

  • type 1 - Deep lesions appear;
  • type 2 - mosaic warts;
  • type 4 - the lesions differ insignificantly.

Image 2326

At the very beginning of its development, plantar papillomas have the appearance of a whitish, shiny patch.Then it slightly "lifts" above the level of the skin surface.Around the main papilloma may appear multiple mosaic neoplasms.Such neoplasms complicate the life of the patient - it is problematic for him to walk, it is almost impossible to find comfortable shoes.

Note : if plantar papillomas appear in childhood, they can disappear without a trace without intervention from health professionals.

Flat papillomas

Caused by the human papillomavirus virus type 3 and type 10, the color is identical to the skin and therefore the least noticeable.But in addition to the appearance of neoplasms, the flat type of papillomas is characterized by itching, redness( redness) of the skin and soreness.

Dermatology27 wart flat

Acrochords - filiform papillomas

This type of examined neoplasm is inherent in women over 50 years old, appearing first in the form of small knobs of yellowish hue.Over time, these bumps grow, they turn into a cluster of numerous "threads".


Note : acrochords never disappear.

Methods of HPV treatment

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Human papillomavirus is considered an incurable disease, but educated papillomas can be destroyed absolutely safely for general health.It is important to pay attention in time to the increased "suddenly" birthmarks, to the appearance of any neoplasms.

Never try to tear off a papilloma or remove it folk way - with the help of a thread.These rash actions can lead to severe trauma to the location of the papilloma, infection of the wound surface.

You should seek help from a medical institution:

  • First, the doctor will determine the nature of the malignancy - malignant / benign;
  • secondly, an effective treatment will be selected in each case;
  • Third, any procedure for the removal of papillomas should be carried out only by specialists.

Laser Therapy

Removal-papillomas-laser-700x300 The essence of laser treatment - on the papilloma is affected by cauterizing rays.In this case, not only the neoplasm is removed / burnt out, but also the bleeding is prevented - the laser is capable of instantly "sealing" torn vessels.As a rule, after the removal of benign neoplasms there are no complications and unpleasant consequences - even scarring is practically not visible.

Note : The laser method allows you to remove both superficial and deep papillomas.It is possible for them to get rid of neoplasms on the cervix of the uterus, which, when progressing, can degenerate into a malignant tumor.

There are other methods to combat the visible manifestations of the human papillomavirus:

  • cryodestruction - the effect on neoplasms at extremely low temperatures;
  • Radiosurgery - in some cases, chemotherapy is considered effective.

Interferon Very often, doctors inject interferon( immunomodulator) directly into the lesion of the human papillomavirus.This helps significantly improve immunity, which helps to fight the disease more effectively.

Please note : in the treatment of HPV it is important that the body receives the right amount of vitamins, trace elements - you need to consult a dietician about the correction of the diet.It is possible that there will be some restrictions on products - everything is strictly individual.But here is the fact that during the treatment of the human papillomavirus virus you need to give up alcoholic beverages - a fact.

Treatment of papillomas with folk remedies

If a patient visits a doctor and is convinced that the appeared papillomas are not of a malignant nature, then one can do without laser therapy or radio irradiation. Traditional medicine recommends the following procedures for :

  • 1271911066_1560 grease each day with neatness of celandine juice.You can buy its concentrate( refined) in the pharmacy, and you can use fresh juice from the plant.It is important to apply the product exactly to the papilloma - it can lead to a burn on healthy tissues;
  • treat every day tumors with ammonia - it must be applied exactly to the papilloma with a cotton swab;
  • apply apple juice to affected areas of the skin - it should only be natural and freshly prepared.

Important: if you do the above procedures, then in a short time all tumors will disappear.But this does not mean that there was a release from the human papilloma virus - it continues to be in the body.Therefore, traditional medicine should be used in conjunction with traditional medicine - medicines should not be ignored.

As support for the body in the fight against the disease under consideration it is possible to use herbal preparations:

  1. The horsetail field, the roots of the dandelion, the plantain leaf, lemon balm, rose hips and are mixed in equal quantities.From the received weight it is necessary to take 3 table spoons and to fill in 800 ml of water, to boil 10 minutes, to insist within 2 hours, to filter.The scheme of reception: for ½ cup three times a day.
  2. Equal parts of yarrow, mother-and-stepmother, birch buds, common oregano, hop cones mixed and 2 tablespoons of mass to pour 500 ml of boiling water.To insist the received means it is necessary not less than 5 hours, and it is desirable to do it in a thermos.Then infusion strain and take 100 ml 4 times daily before meals.
  3. Mix the root of the bug, immortelle and calendula in equal parts, brew 2 tablespoons of dry mass according to the principle of ordinary tea, insist for 60 minutes and take 2 tablespoons 4-5 times a day.

Please note : herbal preparations should be taken for at least 2 weeks in a row.Then there is a break for a month.If necessary, the course of taking the above mentioned herbal fees can be repeated, but the total number of courses per year should not be more than three.

Aromaterapia-1024x727 Essential oils are also very effective in the treatment of the human papillomavirus, for example, it is advisable to actively use tea tree oil and eucalyptus.They need to be applied to all neoplasms every day - they not only have a weak cauterizing effect, but also serve as immunomodulators.

It is very useful to conduct periodic sessions of aromatherapy - by the way, doctors assure that during the treatment of HPV the psychoemotional background of the patient should be at a high level.That is, depression, nervous breakdowns, psychoses and even banal irritation will serve as a "dragging out" factor on the way to cure.

Human papillomavirus, of course, an unpleasant disease, and even dangerous.But if the patient in a timely manner turned for professional help, conducts complex medical therapy, removes neoplasms only by acceptable methods in the conditions of the clinic, supports the body with funds from the category of traditional medicine, then a complete recovery from pathology is quite possible.The expert's opinion about the need for diagnosis and treatment of HPV you will find out by watching this video review:

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category.

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