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Top-10 products that cause drowsiness

Top-10 products that cause drowsiness How often do people complain about the lack of strength for those cases that were previously performed "light"?There are many explanations for this - avitaminosis( in summer?), Age( 35-40 years?), Excess of work( with half an hour in the smoking room - this is the norm), but the reason for constant fatigue can be quite different.The ancients said: "We are what we eat" and were right.There are a lot of products that can overtake drowsiness more than sleeping pills.There are eating habits that cause a desire to sleep.It will be about them.

Table of contents: Salads Lactic acid products Bananas Almonds, peanuts, cashews Spinach Coffee Sweet fat Late dinner Alcohol Recommended:


Salads According to Dr. Elisabetta Politi, who is the director of the Center for Nutrition and FitnessIn North Carolina, food salads can not be called healthy.In fact, it is just grass, to which man is only partially adapted.Many do not even make a salad, but they simply mix spinach with carrots or one of the dressings, but this does not make it more valuable.

According to the doctor, 200 kilocalories obtained from a salad are only calories, but not a full meal.These dishes do not give the body an adequate amount of high-grade proteins and fats, and calories in salads too little.The result is a quick return of hunger, and therefore a breakdown.

Not claiming that salads are harmful, the doctor says that replacing a fat steak with salads is not the right food at all.This change simply means that you do not eat harmful food, but at the same time from the "useful" you do not get all the necessary nutrients and minerals for the body.A full set of nutrients can be created only with a variety of products.

And according to the representative of the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Marissa Moore, the benefits of salads dressed with mayonnaise, ketchup or mustard fillings, in general, speech can not be.

Lactic acid products

Lactic acid products Despite the well-known thesis about the "usefulness" of similar products, cheese and yogurt can be blamed for a hypnotic effect.Perfectly digesting in childhood, these products are much worse tolerated by adults, since casein and lactose are digested them quite hard.That's the reason for fatigue.

Dr. Laila Blake-Gambs, who works at the Center for Integrative Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic, says bluntly that every third of her patients complaining of a lack of energy, one in three was the victim of "milk".

The reason is that enzymes that break down milk components after 30 years are produced in insufficient quantities.However, this process is individual - some can drink milk in any quantities, while others because of 100 ml of this "drink-eating" there are typical symptoms of intolerance - upset of the stool, bloating and. .. drowsiness.If after receiving small amounts of milk you already have a desire to sleep - go to the doctor.But even if you carry it well, drink it on an empty stomach and little by little so that it does not curdle into a large bun that will be digested all day.


Seizures, spasms, heart problems - that's when what states recommend eating bananas.It is a real storehouse of magnesium and this is the treachery of this tropical fruit.


Magnesium not only eliminates muscle spasms, but also affects the brain, and its action - inhibitory.An overdose of this macronutrient causes vasodilation, slowing of the pulse and suppression of most processes, including nervous activity.It's the right way to bed.

Almonds, peanuts, cashews

Almonds, peanuts, cashews

These products are incredibly useful.The fact that they contain unsaturated fatty acids makes them an obligatory element of the diet of any person.But they also have magnesium, and you can easily overdose it if you take multivitamins with minerals or get a course of magnesia treatment.


And again magnesium.Spinach is eaten by all lovers of the ideal figure, but do not be like a seaman. I get taped from the famous American TV series( he swallowed spinach with handfuls), otherwise the kilograms will go away, taking with them health.Moderation should be even in losing weight.


Coffee Strangely enough, but as a psychostimulant, coffee can also cause drowsiness.Only for this purpose it is necessary to drink not one cup, but three-four, moreover and with small breaks.Imagine that you jump on a horse and urge it so that it runs faster.If you do not stop in time, the horse will fall.The same happens with the brain - it is impossible to stimulate it without end, sooner or later it will require rest.

Geneticist Dmitry Nikogosov says that in the human body, two types of receptors react to caffeine - inhibitory and stimulating.The relationship between them is an individual value.If there are more stimulants, the effect of caffeine on them will cause an explosion of energy.If braking prevails, then after a cup of coffee a person can( and wants to!) Go to lie down.


Sweet can lead to drowsiness for a very simple reason - the content in tryptophan sweets.This amino acid is the precursor of melatonin, the main sleep hormone.The more tryptophan the body receives, the more melatonin will be produced by the epiphysis.Of course, the result will be an irresistible desire to sleep.



Fatty food is digested for a long time, creating a lasting sense of satiety and satisfaction with this fact.For pleasure meets serotonin, which, again, is a precursor of melatonin.Everything is the same as the situation with the sweet.

Late Dinner

Any late dinner is bad.But if you eat a piece of meat before bed, eggs or a plate of cottage cheese - you will provide yourself with completely unpleasant sensations.Sleepiness before going to bed is a necessary thing, but you'll have to sleep with heartburn.It is better to eat the "wrong" salad, nuts, apple or light porridge, since we did not have time to have dinner 3 hours before bedtime.


This substance has a very interesting effect - in small doses it acts excitantly on the nervous system, and in large doses it depresses it right up to loss of consciousness.Drowsiness with alcohol is a pathological phenomenon, so you want to be cheerful - give up a bad habit.There are many other ways to enjoy life.

Bozbey Gennady Andreevich, ambulance doctor

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