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Goji berries: benefit and harm, medicinal properties and contraindications


Recently, the Internet was literally "blown up" by the revelations of a large number of people who took advantage of the miraculous Chinese remedy - goji berries.A special excitement was caused by the fact that the use of these miracle-berries promised not only the disposal of chronic diseases, but also "a tremendous fat burning effect."

Modern experts have figured out what is the reason for the frenzied popularity of goji berries and whether there is a grain of truth in all the stories about their miraculous properties.

Contents: What are goji berries?Ingredients of goji berries Useful properties of goji berries Why did a legend arise about the wonder of the goji berries?Common myths about the benefits of goji berries Contraindications to the use of

What are goji berries?

Plodyi-godzhi "Red gold" refers to the fruits of the nightshade plant "Dereza vulgaris".The very first myth about goji berries is a story about the place of their growth.The drug is called Chinese and is attributed to it survival only in the countries of the East, but this is not true.Dereza vulgaris grows in the middle zone of Russia and is known as "wolf berry" or "Chinese barberry", although, indeed, in China, the fruit of a tree called "Ningxia gauti" is very popular.

However, it is worth noting that the "wolfberry" in Russia is also called the fruits of plants "belladonna" and "crow eye".Unlike Chinese barberry, the fruits of such shrubs are really dangerous for humans and they can be poisoned.

The fresh fruits of goji are indeed somewhat similar to barberry berries: red-orange, elongated, with a sweet-sour, pronounced taste.Traditional eastern cuisine and Chinese medicine use both fresh goji berries and dried ones.They are not only eaten, but also ground and added to various drinks and syrups.

Ingredients of goji berries

The chemical composition of the fruits of Chinese barberry is very diverse. The predominance of several active substances acting on the human body is noted:

  • vitamins B, C and A;
  • calcium;
  • phosphorus;
  • iron;
  • copper;
  • zinc;
  • selenium;
  • germanium;
  • cellulose;
  • 19 kinds of amino acids;
  • essential oils;
  • polysaccharides.

Useful properties of goji berries


All these useful substances are contained in fairly high concentrations, so the positive effect of using goji will indeed be.However, it is worth noting that a high content of essential substances, vitamins and minerals can be present in any other fruit or vegetable, the goji fruits are not superior to any indication of the content of the product.

Indeed, modern medicine has proven their antioxidant, firming and immune-stimulating effect, but the original and unique qualities of these berries can not wait.They are not able to have any miraculous momentary effect.

Interesting! The fruits of goji will indeed have a beneficial effect on the body, no more than any other vitamin and micronutrient-rich product.Therefore, only their eating in any form will lead to nothing, it is important to fully switch to a healthy lifestyle and observe the culture of nutrition.

Why did a legend arise about the wonder of the goji berries?

Godgi Goji berries have gained their frenzied popularity due to competent network marketing, and also influence rather inflexible minds of people.

Everyone knows that traditional Chinese medicine is famous for its efficiency and quick action.In addition, not everyone understands how different Chinese drugs, traditional medicines and manipulations actually work.All the eastern is surrounded for people of other countries by an incomprehensible philosophy, secret and powerful, which goes back to the streams of consciousness and the forces of nature.

It's no wonder that when a new product with a beautiful Chinese network legend appeared on the market, many believed in its miracle-working ability and the ability to heal the pathologies of the cardiovascular and hormonal systems, as well as promote weight loss. As a factor that proves the usefulness of goji berries, a summary table containing the names of substances rich in berries and their doses in a single fruit is given.However, the matter is that any berry, for example, raspberries possesses not a smaller set of complex elements, vitamins and minerals.With a competent approach, it can also be advertised as a miracle cure, using only its chemical composition.

The advertisement of goji berries is often accompanied by a biography of a man named Li Qing Yong, who reached the age of 240 years only due to the daily consumption of goji berries.This is the biggest lie of marketers.There is no evidence that such a Chinese centenarian ever existed.

Important! Modern medical specialists have proved that the use of goji berries alone as a medicinal and fortifying agent will not lead to the desired result.Preliminary research in this area, if conducted, was of extremely poor quality and did not provide reliable information.

Common myths about the benefits of berries

In itself, goji berries give an extremely low physiological indicator both in terms of the level of effect on the body and the composition of the active substances. For example, goji berries are marketed as a product with the highest content of vitamin C, but studies have confirmed that citrus in the composition of ascorbic acid is much higher than the Chinese barberry.

As for weight loss with the use of goji berries, do not be mistaken, based on this fact.They do not have a fat burning effect, they simply contain a large amount of soluble fiber, which, swelling, fills the stomach and promotes the accelerated sense of saturation of .Lose weight without exercise, the impact on the skin and diet, on the mere fruit of the tree is simply impossible.

The myth that dry goji berries and their preparations help with malignant neoplasm, infertility, decreased libido and elimination of chronic pathologies of the cardiovascular system and hormonal regulation of the body is also popular.Unfortunately, internal problems caused by malnutrition, bad habits, hereditary predisposition and high stress factors can not be eliminated with the help of plants alone.Disrupted metabolic processes and hormonal regulation are not able to recover without proven, certified medicines.

Marketers rely on a high content of antioxidants in goji berries.The amount that is contained in the fruits, is not able to compensate the organs and tissues exposed to destructive effects and the lack of oxygen and useful substances, will not contribute to the necessary cellular renewal.Goji berries can only help the taken medicines to show their activity more quickly and slightly accelerate recovery, also reducing the risk of exacerbations.

Contraindications to the use of

The high content of various substances in goji berries leads to the fact that uncontrolled use of them can provoke various diseases.

Fruit of the common tree should never be used if:

  • body temperature increased;
  • has been diagnosed with individual intolerance or susceptibility to food allergies;
  • a woman is pregnant, breast-feeding or currently has menstruation;
  • there are chronic pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract of any nature, as well as various acute phases of diseases of the digestive system.

Before you start using goji berries in any form, you should consult a specialist.If you experience discomfort, poor health, signs of an allergic reaction or poisoning, you should immediately stop taking the berries.

Konev Alexander, therapeutist

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