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Spinach: good and bad

Spinach is prescribed to pregnant women for daily use in a volume not less than 50 grams per day.After all, it has a beneficial effect on the condition of teeth and gums( its juice can even be used as a mouth rinse), improves the pancreas, strengthens the vessels and normalizes the activity of the intestine.

The most important role of spinach has been proved in the fight against a number of oncological diseases.This leafy vegetable is recommended for patients undergoing chickens of antitumor chemotherapy.Spinach and children are useful.

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.After all, it contains a full vitamin and mineral "kit", necessary for the physically harmonious development of growing organisms.

And spinach is very effective against excess weight and stress of various nature.

What is harmful is spinach

An obvious drawback of the leafy vegetable, which allows to determine the damage to spinach, is the abundance of oxalic acid in it.Hence, almost all contraindications to spinach.After all, oxalic acid can aggravate the condition of a person with diseased kidneys or suffering from gout or rheumatism.

Also this acid is contraindicated in patients with problems:

  1. Bile ducts.
  2. Liver.
  3. Duodenum.

However, an excess of oxalic acid is observed only in the old leaves of spinach, in young it is present in very small quantities.Therefore, only the spinach-overgrowth is harmful, and it gets very little in the market and it is always possible not to disrupt it on your own bed.

Special recommendations for the use of spinach

Spinach as soon as you cook!It is put in salads and stuffing for pies.Fry, stew and boil for garnish.Use when creating all kinds of snacks, canned food, seasonings.And the spinach is pressed very useful juice.

Spinach soup promotes weight loss and normalizes digestion.A chlorophyll, contained in this leafy vegetable, contributes to the resolution of the problem of constipation.

In general, spinach helps assimilate red and white meat, fish and other foods rich in proteins. And it is perfectly combined with a number of products:

  • cheese;
  • cream;
  • bacon;
  • curd and many others.

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Dishes with spinach are good after work.They perfectly relieve fatigue and replenish the energy reserves in the body.Spinach juice is highly recommended by dietitians to people with a sedentary lifestyle.And also to athletes with large training loads.

This vegetable culture allows you to improve the skin condition, make your face healthier, get rid of freckles.Spinach leaves treat irritations, swelling from insect bites and even eczema.And in order to get a healing paste, spinach is boiled in olive oil.

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