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Cancer - ten myths and denials

Rak mifi Information about cancer a lot, not only in the print media - the Internet is replete with literally drum up headlines, articles, and even some "scientific" works.Most articles represent promises of a miracle cure that will cure cancer of everyone.There are articles on the Internet, which seem to be the most real scientific work, but it turns out that there is no official confirmation of the facts stated.In this material, the 10 most stable myths about cancer will be singled out.

Contents: Cancer - a modern disease, earlier this pathology, there is not there a cancer prevention - a simple and effective cancer causing "acid" diet Sugar triggers the formation of cancer cells Cancer is a fungal etiology, will help in the fight only baking soda There is a miracle curecancer Treatment Pharmaceutical conspiracy kills faster than the cancer itself in the fight against cancer has come a lull Sharks do not get cancer

cancer - a modern disease, earlier this pathology existed

The owlsYemen world thought about cancer take up too much space in the minds of the people, so it seems that before about the disease and no one heard, because no historical opus, nor in the epics and tales about something similar is not mentioned.But in fact, scientists argue that cancer exists as much as humanity itself.Various manifestations of cancer have been described in the works of ancient doctors from Egypt and Greece, during excavations and studies of human bones from past centuries, signs of cancer were found specifically on bone tissues.

But it is worth noting that the number of cases of cancer has really increased in recent years. This may be due to several factors:

  1. Rak mifi Age .People have learned to fight many infectious diseases, to carry out preventive vaccination, to treat a lot of pathologies that were incurable even 100 years ago.Life expectancy increased, which led to aging of DNA, its damage, which provokes the appearance of malignant tumors.
  2. Incorrect power supply .Notorious fast foods, the use of low-quality alcohol in large quantities - this is also a risk factor for cancer.Naturally, modern society does not focus on such little things, and absolutely in vain!Previously, people ate only natural products, used salt and spices in limited quantities, neglected strong drinks( there were exceptions, of course).
  3. Air pollution .There is no need to "discover America" ​​- there is so much harmful substance in the air that the frequency of diagnosing cancer has already become something familiar for doctors working in large cities and industrial centers.

Note: does not mean all these factors, cancer is a disease of a technogenic society.In most cases, and now the cancer has the viral and bacteriological etiology of .

There is the prevention of cancer - a simple and effective

garlic, cranberries, green tea, beets. .. Many products, fruits and vegetables, drinks presented as prophylactic agents against cancer to resources on the Internet, but in fact all of this "dummy".No, the use of green tea and blueberries will be very useful in the diet, but the relationship to the prevention of malignant tumors has none of these products.

The human body is very complicated, as well as cancerous tumors - they can not be overcome by any product.At one time it was believed that foods high in antioxidants also help prevent cancer, but now it's clearly proven that they can be harmful.

Remember: only a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of cancer.It's about giving up smoking and drinking alcohol, controlling body weight( not to admit obesity), managing an active lifestyle - this is part of the European Code against Cancer.

Cancer causes "acid" diet

There are myths that clearly contradict the laws of biology, but people continue to persist in believing in them.One of these myths is the statement that you need to eat as much as possible "alkaline" foods( green vegetables, fruits and lemons, paradoxically did not sound) to prevent the appearance of cancer cells in the body.But this is biological nonsense - cancer cells can not live for a long time in a too alkaline environment, but it is impossible to regulate the process of alkaline environment formation in the body solely by diet.

There is no scientific evidence that "alkaline" products can prevent the development of cancer in the body, although eating fruits and vegetables will, of course, strengthen health.

Sugar provokes the formation of cancer cells

Sahar It is believed that in order to prevent cancer, it is necessary to completely abandon the use of sugar - supposedly it feeds them, provides them with growth and spread.You should know that sugar is glucose, which is necessary for normal vital activity of the whole organism, for obtaining energy.Entering the body sugar does not distinguish between healthy and cancer cells, so if a person refuses it, he will not get the energy he needs, he can not work normally and lead an active lifestyle.

Scientists are working to "teach" the body to distinguish between cancerous and healthy cells.In this case, he will be able to provide food only first, but it's all in the distant future, so you can fearlessly eat sugar.

Cancer has a fungal etiology, will help fight only baking soda

cancer This theory was created and actively promoted "to the masses" Italian Simoncini.He claims that cancer occurs against the background of Candida fungus, and antifungal drugs are absolutely ineffective, and you need to be treated exclusively with baking soda.

To disprove this theory, it is enough to look at the cancerous tumors that were removed from the patients.The fact is that their structure is not at all the same as it is represented in Simoncini's video clips( for good reason it demonstrates only the outer shell of the tumor, never showing it in a cut).Yes, and operations conducted by the Italian method are officially banned in Holland, since there were cases of death of the patient on the table.

All official denials of the theory of the fungal origin of cancer are available on the Internet - they are freely available, you can study them and make sure of the untruthfulness of such statements.

There is a miracle cure for cancer

Rak preparat And not only exists, but also actively sold on the Internet!Of course, one needs to understand with understanding the desperate cancer patients - they really are looking for all the ways of treatment, are ready to try anything at all.But you need to understand that the sale of funds on the Internet is just a marketing move, there have been no official studies in their respect.

It is fair to say that scientists are now conducting research on the drug based on the Australian walnut, there are some positive results.But this does not mean that all patients should go to Australia and chew the bark of this tree!Remember that preparations based on any plant source are complexes in which the active substances are correctly arranged and selected in exact dosage.

On the Internet, among other things, there is information about useless drugs against cancer, which are actively advertised.

Pharmaceutical plot

This is not even funny!Discussing that simple methods or some remedy helps to get rid of cancer, but they are not known, because pharmacological companies do not want to suffer losses, it is at least naive.Think about it - if any medicine for cancer were received / withdrawn / invented, then the companies that produce it would simply be enriched.

Cancer can be cured

Some people manage to believe that too simple a part of the product can not be patented - this is also nonsense!Pharmacological companies know perfectly well that it is enough to introduce a new ingredient into the composition of even the simplest remedy( it can be generally useless) and it can be patented as a new drug and a trademark.

Treatment kills faster than cancer itself

That's a lie!Yes, radiation therapy has a negative effect on healthy cells, but does not accelerate the death of the patient at all.And the treatment of cancer is not at all useless - for example, testicular cancer in men is cured by radiotherapy in 97% of cases, and the man after this leads an absolutely normal, full-fledged way of life.

In the fight against cancer, the calm has come

In fact, humanity is making progress in the fight against cancer.For example, even 100 years ago the death rate from this disease among patients was 60% higher than now.

Sharks do not get cancer

Cancer from sharks On this myth, sellers actively work miraculous tools.In fact, sharks suffer from cancer and can not help in treatment - this is official, scientifically confirmed material.

Believe it or not in the myths about cancer - it's purely voluntary.But it is much more reasonable to apply for qualified medical care and undergo a full course of treatment, rather than taking any herbs, an enema made of coffee, soda and various imaginary miraculous remedies.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category.

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