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Are meat and meat products harmful: WHO official position


The World Health Organization report indicates that eating processed meat( sausages, bacon, ham, sausage) leads to the development of malignant diseases.During the research it was found that even eating 50 grams of bacon a day( these are two small pieces) increases the risk of developing colon cancer by 18%.

Note: experts from the World Health Organization say that even common red meat is classified as a carcinogenic product, although there is not enough evidence yet to collect it, but work is in progress.

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In general, the risk of consumption of red meat( beef, lamb, pork) is very conditional, because those same experts emphasize - this meat can be part of a healthy diet.

Meat - is an excellent source of protein, zinc, iron and vitamin B. And that is why the organization of the UK Cancer Research UK does not recommend completely abandon meat, and those who can afford to use a small amount of bacon or ham for breakfast, generallyDo not be afraid of the harmful effects of these products.

Shhlik Recycled meat is one that has undergone a specific treatment, which allows to increase its shelf life - for example, smoking, adding salt, canning and more.Treating high temperatures of meat( over the coals) also makes the product carcinogenic, so that a kebab favorite by many is included in the group of health-threatening meat products.


How dangerous is the use of processed meat

World Health Organization and its International Division for Research on Cancer, based solely on the findings of scientific research.This is how processed meat was put on a par with plutonium and alcohol - these substances also provoke the development of malignant diseases.

But the risk of developing cancer does not depend on the very fact of eating processed meat, on the amount eaten by .For example, a morning sandwich with bacon or ham is much less harmful than a smoked cigarette for a cup of coffee.

The representative of the World Health Organization, Dr. Kurt Straif, says that even with regular use of processed meat, the risk of developing cancer is small, it all depends only on the amount in which the products under consideration are absorbed.

According to statistics, 34 thousand people die every year due to excessive consumption of processed meat, but in fact this indicator is quite low - for example, nearly one million people die of smoking every year, of alcohol - more than 600 thousand.

Please note: The World Health Organization emphasizes that eating even 100 grams of meat products daily increases the risk of cancer by 17%, but these data can not yet be documented by experts - the question is controversial.

Professor Tim Ki of Oxford( organization branch Cancer Research UK ) explains the research results:

«Do not just abandon the use of red and / or processed meat, but if a person is tooEats a lot of these products, it is necessary to revise and change their taste preferences.If a person from time to time eats up a few sausages or ham slices, then there is no danger in this is not »


Representatives of the Union of meat producers( Meat Advisory Panel) argue that most cancer develops on the background of alcohol and tobacco use than from consumedIn the food of red and processed meat.

Some statistics:

86% of cases of lung cancer is triggered by smoking

19% of cancers of other organs and systems is also caused by smoking

21% of cases, diagnosis of colon cancer associated with the consumption of meat products

3% of cancers of other organs and systems are also caused by eating meat products

meat A healthy diet consists in moderation - if a person consumes a piece of ham, sausages, bacon only from time to time, then there is nothing to worry about.

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