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Chickpeas: benefit and harm

Chickpeas, in various countries called turkish or mutton peas, is a representative of legumes, which taste and useful properties were discovered by mankind long before our era.

Oily structure, barely perceptible nutty taste and pleasant refreshing aftertaste of this fruit have conquered inhabitants not only of Asia and Africa, but even of North America, Australia and Europe.In particular, in Rome and Greece, Turkish peas were roasted in olive oil and consumed with cheese.

chickpea Nutritional value and its chemical composition

Nutritional value of 100 g:

  • Calories: 309 kcal
  • Proteins:
  • 20.1 g Fat: 4.32 g
  • Carbohydrate: 46.16c

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  • Dietary fiber: 9.9 g
  • Water: 14 gr
  • saturated fatty acids: 0.67 g
  • unsaturated fatty acids: 2.9 g
  • Mono andDisaccharides: 2.96 g
  • Starch: 43.2 g
  • Ash: 3 g

The trace elements:

  • Calcium: 193 mg
  • Magnesium: 126 mg
  • Sodium: 72 mg
  • Potassium: 968 mg
  • Phosphorus: 444 mg
  • Chloro: 50mg
  • Sulfur: 198 mg


  • beta-carotene:
  • 0.09 mg Vitamin A( RE): 15. mu.g
  • Vitamin B1( thiamine): 0.08 mg
  • Vitamin PP( niacin equivalent): 3.3366 mg


  • Iron 2.6 mg Zinc
  • : 2.86
  • mg Iodine 3.4 mcg
  • Copper 660 mcg
  • Manganese: 2.14 mg
  • Selenium: 28.5 g
  • Maulvigil: 60.2 g
  • Boron: 540 ug
  • Silicon 92 mg
  • Cobalt: 9.5 ug
  • Nickel: 206.4 g Titanium
  • : 228 ug

Nut comprises:

  • digestible carbohydrates - 55-60%;
  • proteins - 20-30%;
  • fats - 4-8%;
  • vitamins and minerals - 11,8-12%;
  • of water - 11%.

In addition, chickpeas contain soluble and insoluble fiber( fiber). Its fruits are the source of a record amount of valuable for the human body minerals and vitamins( more than eighty), the most basic of which are:

  1. Microelements - manganese, potassium, magnesium, selenium, calcium, boron, silicon and iron.
  2. Vitamins - E, beta-carotene, B1, B2, B3, B5, biotin, B6, B9, PP and C.
  3. Amino acids - methionine, lysine, tryptophan.

Useful properties of chickpea

With regular use of chickpeas, the work of the digestive tract improves, the cardiovascular system is strengthened and the sugar level is normalized.Its fruits help to prevent and treat skin diseases, improve eyesight and prevent the appearance of cataracts and glaucoma.

Also chickens help to stabilize pressure, improve potency and cleanse the vessels.

The high concentration of iron in this product positively affects the female body, curing and preventing anemia, which affects all women during pregnancy, during lactation and menstruation.

IMG_2153 Due to the high manganese content, chickens saturate the body with energy, it has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the nervous and immune systems.This is an indispensable product for people who, according to their desire or for medical reasons, refused to eat meat, because chickpeas are an excellent source of low-fat protein and lysine, responsible for the regeneration of tissues, the production of antibodies and enzymes, and for building muscle mass.

Despite the high caloric content of this product does not contribute to the formation of excess weight, as it contains riboflavin( vitamin B2), which speeds up metabolic processes in the body.

Harmful to the body

Chickpeas Unfortunately, due to certain medical indications, some people do not have the opportunity to evaluate all the advantages of such a useful product as chickpea. Thus, the use of dishes with its content is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • individual chick intolerance;
  • Ulcer of the bladder;
  • acute nephritis and gout;
  • circulatory insufficiency, thrombophlebitis, cholecystitis.

It should be noted that chickpeas tend to increase gas formation, though to a lesser extent, than its relatives( peas, beans).Therefore, immediately after drinking it is not advisable to drink water.With great care it is necessary to treat this product to the elderly, since the chickpea contains oligosaccharides that are poorly soluble in gastric juice.


Nut and Traditional Medicine

  1. With the help of chickpeas, it is possible to clean the intestines of toxins and saturate the body with useful trace elements.To do this, you need to fill half a glass of peas with cold boiled water and leave it overnight.Then the water merges, and chickpeas are chopped either through a meat grinder or in a blender.The resulting mashed potatoes should be eaten raw in small portions or added to different dishes throughout the day.The course of cleansing lasts three months, during which peas are used weekly, that is after each week of taking a seven-day break.
  2. Mask of chickpeas helps to get rid of pimples and swelling and improve complexion.To prepare a miracle cure, you need to take ¼ cup of chickpeas fruit, soak them overnight in cold water, and then grind to a consistency of mashed potatoes.In the resulting mass add one tablespoon of honey and vegetable oil.The mask should be kept on the face for half an hour and then washed off with water left from soaking the chickpeas.
  3. With chicken soup, chickpea diseases are treated.To make it, you need to take one glass of boiled chickpeas, grind it and pour two liters of water.Cook over low heat for half an hour, add butter and salt to taste.The soup should be eaten hot during the day.

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