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How to choose a cream with acids: we consider the types and composition

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Cream with acids Among all cosmetic products of the cream with the addition of acids are some of the most popular.Their preference is given to them by representatives of the female and male, because these funds are multifunctional and can be used at almost any age.

Table of contents: What acids are used in cosmetology?How to decide on the choice of cream?Best acid creams

According to the statement of manufacturers, an acid-addition cream can solve the following problems:

  • unhealthy complexion;
  • black dots, acne and acne;
  • disturbed balance of fat content;
  • changed skin relief;
  • mimic wrinkles and other age-related changes;
  • lack of moisture.

Only a few years ago, acid-containing cosmetics could be found only in beauty salons, because they were recognized as unsafe and required certain knowledge to determine the dosage.

Currently, anyone can buy a cream with the addition of acid in any specialized store or pharmacy.The field of cosmetology is constantly being improved, due to which the preparations have become safer.To use them, you do not need to get approval from a dermatologist.However, one should not forget about caution, because some products can act on the deep layers of the skin and have a strong effect on the dermis.

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To ensure that the result of using an acid cream is not a surprise for you, we decided to take a closer look at the criteria for choosing this product.

What acids are used in cosmetology?

Before we turn to the consideration of creams, I would like to tell the readers that all the acids used are divided into 3 groups:

  1. Cream with acids AHA are fruit acids that are obtained by processing milk, sugar cane or fruit.These substances are suitable for any type of skin, so they are widely used in cosmetology.Most manufacturers of cosmetics use natural substances, but sometimes they are replaced by those that are obtained in laboratories.
  2. Polysaccharides are carbohydrates that help preserve the liquid.This group includes hyaluronic acid, which fills the intercellular space in the tissues.Acid obtained in laboratory conditions is not inferior in quality to natural and much more quickly absorbed by the body.Creams using these components are great for deep moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin.
  3. BHA is salicylic acid.With excess salicylic acid, a burn is possible, so manufacturers use this component only in a small concentration.These components are very helpful in combating skin imperfections such as acne.They instantly dissolve in fats, so they can be used for oily and combination skin.

In order for you to be able to make the right choice of cosmetics in the future, we will consider the most common acids that can be found in creams:

  1. Salicylic acid.It is used to dry the skin and destroy bacteria.Also, this component perfectly copes with color alignment.For the purification and clarification of pigment spots, preparations with such a component are excellent.
  2. Azelaic acid.She is a member of a group of dermatropic antiseptics and is very effective in combating bacteria.With its help, fatty acids are suppressed, due to which the balance is normalized.Azeloic acid fights against any kind of rash.
  3. Hyaluronic acid.It is a polysaccharide and allows a long time to retain moisture.It is used to moisturize and smooth wrinkles.Hyaluronic acid is a natural component, so it absorbs very quickly.
  4. Lactic acid.She is part of the AHA group.It is added to the cream to hold moisture in the dermis cells and normalize the collagen production process.With regular use, you can achieve recovery of skin elasticity and deep hydration.
  5. Glycolic acid.It is in the same group as the previous component, but it performs other functions.It is recommended to use to smooth the complexion, dry the skin and prevent rashes.

How to decide on the choice of cream?

As-need-right-apply-mask-on-the-face The first group of acids( AHA) is suitable for those who have wrinkles, traces after a rash, pigmentation and pronounced age-related changes.Preparations with these acids are recommended for dry or combination skin.

Experts recommend polysaccharides to those who struggle with wrinkles, uneven terrain and too dry skin.Polysaccharide acids should positively influence the age-related changes, so it is not recommended to use them up to 20 years.

The BHA acid group perfectly helps the skin on which rashes constantly appear.Acne, clogged or, conversely, enlarged pores, as well as inflammatory processes can be corrected thanks to an acid addition cream.Very effective this component is considered to fight acne and other imperfections.

You can apply face cream with acid addition not only in the presence of the described indications, but also for prevention.Hyaluronic acid can be used to maintain youth from the age of 20, although cosmetologists insist that it should be used only after 30 years.Fruit acid will help prevent inflammation and greasy shine, and salicylic will not allow the appearance of pimples on the face.

The best creams with acids

Consider the most popular cosmetic products that have acids in their composition.To make a choice among them is recommended proceeding from what problem you would like to solve.To purchase creams do not necessarily go to the doctor, but the advice of a dermatologist can hardly be superfluous.In addition, some of the acids may not be suitable because of individual intolerance or other characteristics of the body.Next, we present to your attention creams with the addition of different types of acids, their purpose and approximate cost.

Hyaluronic acid

Vichy_liftactiv To all people who experience permanent peeling of the skin, these remedies should be of great help.They keep moisture, so that the skin becomes smooth.In addition, they can be used to prolong youth.

Among the popular products is the cream «D'Oliva».More budget option is "Lora" - the cream is good at small wrinkles and deeply nourishes.Cosmetic "Vichy Liftactiv Retinol" also proved to be the best side - well suited for dealing with deep wrinkles.

Azelaic acid

Cream Creams with this component are suitable for wrinkles and an active grease separation process.They are also used to treat seborrhea and just to improve the complexion.

Azeloic acid is found in creams "Skinoren" and "Azelik", they are suitable for young skin.But the cosmetic means "GIGI Bioplasma" is not recommended to be used up to 25 years, as it actively struggles with the signs of aging.

Salicylic acid

Cream Acid For combating comedones or acne, salicylic acid is best suited.It suppresses the inflammatory processes due to the antibacterial effect and whitens the skin.Creams with its addition can be used at any age.

Among the budget options are "Clerasil Ultra" and "Garnier Pure Leather Active".More expensive means is the cream "Neutrogena Skin Clearing Foundation", it additionally has a tonal effect.

Lactic acid

Cream Acid This component is used for cleaning and moisturizing.It also helps in the fight against wrinkles and pigmentation.

Gemene cream is effective for cleansing, and SkinActiv is much better moisturizing the skin."Holy land Lactolan Peeling" perfectly copes with black dots and other imperfections.

Glycolic acid

Krenm For creases, wrinkles and relief, it is best to use creams based on this component.To give elasticity and improve the complexion, you can buy a budget "Glyco-A ISIS Pharma".More expensive means are creams "Bioderma Sebium Serum" and "Glycolic Acid".

How to use cosmetics correctly?

An acid addition cream can be applied to the face, neck and décolleté area. To be as effective and harmless as possible, the following recommendations should be adhered to:

  • cleansing cream is best not to use if you plan to sunbathe;
  • it is recommended to test the product on the wrist before use;
  • cream with acid makes the skin more susceptible to ultraviolet, so do not forget about protective equipment;
  • when using hyaluronic cream, give up other moisturizers;
  • is best to buy creams, where in addition to acid there are components that soothe the skin, such as aloe, green tea, chamomile.

Refuse the use of acid cream with people with increased sensitivity of the skin, as well as those who are diagnosed with dermatological diseases or have skin injuries.

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