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Meat of hazel grouses: good and bad

Hazel grouse

The hazel grouse is a pheasant from the family of pheasant, which lives in the taiga forests of the whole Eurasia - from the countries of Western Europe to the Korean peninsula.Individuals are small in size - their body weight does not exceed 500 g. The grouse is hunted for pleasure and for sporting purposes.

In the culinary plan, the hazel grouse differs from the other bird in some cooking features.So, before the normal cooking of meat, it must be boiled in milk;In the total the cooking process takes no more than 20 minutes. If you follow the rules of cooking, you get a delicious dish - soup or stew, which has a very high energy value and brings a lot of benefit to the body.

Composition and caloric content

The nutritional value of the grouse meat is caused by a large and approximately equal content of proteins and fats.64% of the product consists of water, still some space is occupied by ash.All this provides a caloric content of hazel grouse equal to 250 kcal per 100 g.

The meat is provided with a high content of essential amino acids, fats and unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.There are especially many vitamins in it:

  • group B - B1, B2, B6, B7, B12, folic, pantothenic and nicotinic acids, niacin - play an important role in ensuring the proper functioning of the digestive and nervous systems;
  • vitamin A - improves vision;
  • vitamin E - have an antioxidant effect;
  • choline.

The composition includes a complete set of macroelements;In particular a lot of potassium, sulfur, phosphorus and sodium.Rich grouse and trace elements - iron, zinc, copper, tin, fluorine.

One carcass contains approximately 300 g of meat, cleaned from by-products - thus, one hazel grouse replenishes 750 kcal of energy, provides the body with a third daily rate of potassium, a quarter - iron.

Useful properties

Hazel-grouse The main advantage of hazelnut meat is its nutrition, it is very fatty and rich in proteins. It is not suitable for athletes and other people who are closely watching their weight, but as part of a normal diet, hazel fillet fillets can easily replace most of the more popular bird species.

The main benefit of this product is vitamins, especially group B . These biologically active substances are united in one group because of similar properties - they all have a positive effect on the digestive system, improve energy metabolism and strengthen the nervous system. Regular intake of hazelnut meat for food will help strengthen the body's resistance to various manifestations of nervous breakdown, which include:

  • stress;
  • sleep disorders;
  • neuroses;
  • mood swings, irritability, aggressiveness;
  • reduced performance.

In addition, the high content of B group vitamins is useful for people suffering from insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus - , they participate in the processes of splitting glucose, reducing its blood level with reduced pancreatic activity and insulin deficiency.

In particular, hazel grouse is good because its meat contains almost the full range of the most necessary vitamins from this group - it is known that together they act more efficiently than separately.

grouse Also in meat are tocopherol and provitamin A( beta-carotene) - these are powerful antioxidants, whose action is to protect cells from the damaging effects of free radicals. This reduces the risk of developing malignant tumors, and in the presence of cancer increases the chance of a remission.

In general, the high content of biologically active substances in hazelnut meat determines the ability of this product to effectively supplement the daily diet, which has a positive effect on all aspects of life.

Important! The peculiarity of hazel grouse in its selectivity regarding the habitat - this bird lives only in the most ecologically clean areas, therefore in its meat it is guaranteed there are no toxic compounds.This distinguishes such game from any poultry, cattle and even fish.

Harmful and contraindications

The increased content of proteins and amino acids in hazelnut meat places restrictions on the use of this product by people suffering from diseases of the following body systems:

  • digestive;
  • endocrine;
  • is urinary;
  • cardiovascular.

In small quantities, however, it will only benefit on the contrary and help fight these pathologies.Do not eat hazel grouse only with individual intolerance, in other cases its meat is completely safe for humans.

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