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Treatment of corns

Corn silk Wearing uncomfortable shoes and a prolonged stay on the feet will lead to corns.Probably, every person in the arsenal has its own methods of combating this trouble.But the callus may not be ordinary, but ingrown into the skin.Such a callus is called a core, and it is much more difficult to deal with it than with the usual one.

Table of contents: Symptoms of corn callus Traditional treatment of dry corns with rod

Symptoms of core corn

Corn is a round, cornified skin area.In some cases, it is able to grow deep into the skin.The corn stalk looks like a rounded skin formation with dimming in the center.This obscuration is nothing more than a rod or simply a root.A section of keratinization on the surface of the skin is called a hat.

There is a core callus more often on the soles, less often - on the palms. Its favorite places are:

  • Натоптутушступступних-2 A patch of skin between the first and second toes of the foot;
  • A patch of skin between the fourth and fifth toes of the foot;
  • On the heel;
  • On the fingers of the hand;
  • In the palm of your hand.

Traditional treatment of dry corns with rod

The difficulty in treating ingrown calluses is that their rod can sit very deeply.If you remove the corncracker cap, but leave a part of its core, it means that it will soon grow again.Therefore, treatment should be radical.

Drug medication for corn with rod

In the fight against calluses, including core ones, medications can be used.But the effectiveness of these methods depends on how deeply the root of the corn has spread.The essence of the used means is the destruction of the cornified skin.To apply means it is necessary especially on a callositum and to not mention a healthy skin.

The active ingredients of drugs used in the treatment of corn callus may be:

  • Salicylic acid;
  • Lactic acid;
  • Urea;
  • Sodium hydroxide;
  • Phenol;
  • Purity.

Calluses Many medicinal ointments and creams contain several active ingredients.So, the cream Antimozolin contains lactic and salicylic acid, and Namozol 911 - salicylic acid, tea tree extract, urea.In the fight against ingrown corn, such agents as Bensalitin, Cream against calluses "Green Pharmacy", Corny tincture from Gevol are also used.Ointment should be applied locally on corn, and on top put waxed paper on top and put on a sock.Then after the time specified in the instructions, the skin needs to be processed with a nail file or pumice, and the rests of the cream should be washed off with water.

Another method of treatment - the use of medical patches, the fabric of which is impregnated with active substances( salicylic, benzoic, lactic acid).The mechanism of action is the destruction of the stratum corneum.Before using the drug, the leg should be rinsed in a bath.Then wipe the leg and paste the patch on the corn.With a plaster on the leg, you can walk one or two days, after which it is removed.Corn tissue softens and can now be gently removed with pumice or manicure tweezers( the tool must be pretreated with an antiseptic).If at one time it was not possible to remove all corns, you need to re-paste the adhesive.And after removing it, treat the wound with iodine solution.The most popular patches are Cosmos, Salipod, Compide, Urgo.


Surgical removal of coronary calluses

Surgical treatment is performed after preliminary anesthesia of the skin of the foot.Then the surgeon makes a cut on the skin and cuts the cap of the corn and the entire stem.After the procedure, the wound is treated with an antiseptic, and the foot is wound with a bandage.The wound should be treated regularly with an antiseptic.To surgical treatment resort in rare cases, giving preference to modern hardware methods.


Calluses The essence of this method is to treat the keratinized skin with liquid nitrogen.Nitrogen has a very low temperature, under the influence of which there is a spasm of peripheral vessels and local necrosis of the skin.As a result, the horny skin is destroyed and exfoliates.After the session, a person notes that the callus has turned pale, and in a few days it will fall off by itself.The duration of the whole procedure is no more than three minutes.Manipulation does not require prior anesthesia.


The essence of the method is reduced to the effect of an electric current on the skin.Under the influence of high temperature, the keratinized tissue is destroyed.As a result, a crust forms on the site of the former corn.After a few days, the crust disappears, and under her bare healthy, restored skin.The procedure requires local anesthesia.

Radiowave surgery

The technique is based on the effect from the use of radio wave electromagnetic energy.With this method, evaporation of callus tissues occurs under the influence of the radio-knife.The skin surface heals quickly enough.Another advantage of the method is its painlessness.

Removing dry corns with laser

Corn-pods This technique is based on the use of a laser beam.Under the influence of the beam, the cornified tissue coagulates.Further, the doctor removes this tissue, and the area of ​​damage is treated with an antiseptic.The duration of the session varies within five to ten minutes.Complete restoration of the skin takes place for ten days.Manipulation is performed under local anesthesia.

Treatment of core corn folk remedies

In the fight against ingrown corn can be used and folk medicine.But it is worth noting that such methods are often ineffective, as corns can grow very deep and can only be reached surgically.

If the decision on self-treatment of corn callus is still accepted - first of all, it is necessary to steam the skin well.To this end, prepare a bath with soda and liquid soap.The duration of steaming is half an hour.

Calluses After the procedure, the feet should be wiped dry and apply a folk remedy, such as celandine juice.You can extract juice from a plant in several ways.The first way is to cut off the tip of the root of the celandine, the juice will come out on the cut and it is necessary to soak the corn.The second way is to clean the washed plant into a meat grinder.The resulting gruel should be wrapped in gauze and squeeze out the juice from it.Juice can be processed corn for several days in a row.

Excellent softens the corn and accelerates the process of keratinization of aloe.A leaf of a freshly cut plant needs to be washed and squeezed out of it, the juice by which the skin is treated.To control the callus, you can use a lemon, as a fraction of the purified fruit, and its juice.Citric acid has a destructive effect on keratinized tissue, which helps to remove the surface layer of the skin.

You can try to prepare a tincture of propolis.To do this, a small piece of propolis must be dissolved in alcohol and add a third of the volume of salicylic acid.The mixture is spread on corn and wrapped in a bandage.This procedure can be done five to seven times.

Grigorova Valeria, medical reviewer

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