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White tea: good and bad

Tpgl-276-image1-l The benefits of white tea were known many years ago.Initially, to assess the luxury of the drink could only members of the Chinese imperial family.If the emperor treated a wonderful drink to someone from the nobles - this was equated with the highest praise and favor of the ruler.The cost of tea was simply huge, but it was not easy to find it.To the same people who collected buds and leaves, they made very high demands: it was impossible to drink alcohol, spices with strong aroma, garlic and other products, the smell from which could be transferred to the freshly harvested crop.The way of preparation of white tea was kept under great secret for many years.

The homeland of the emperors' drink, or "elixir of immortality", as it was also called, is considered a small village from the province of Fujian.And although the researchers have established other places of growth, yet the most elite varieties could only be collected there.A delicate aroma, exquisite taste quickly gained popularity among tea lovers today.But it was not possible to plant the plant outside its historical homeland.The analogue of white tea grows in the mountains of Sri Lanka, but it can not compete with the real Chinese.

Nutritional value of white tea and its chemical composition

In 100 g of welding contains:

  • Té-blanco extractives - 44%;
  • caffeine - 2.87%;
  • phenolic compounds( tanninocaine complex) - 23.04%;
  • volatile aldehydes - 5.37 mg;
  • free acids - 11.32 mg;
  • L-ascorbic acid - 157.5 mg;
  • chlorophyll - 0.452%;
  • essential oils - 0.02%.

It should be noted that all useful substances are preserved due to minimal heat treatment of fresh product( only 2 minutes).White tea occupies a leading position in terms of the amount of nutrients among drinks, while the content of caffeine in it is minimal compared to other varieties.

In simple and understandable language,

  • contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B15, C, P, PP;
  • microelements;
  • amino acids, etc.

Useful properties of white tea allow you to drink at any time of the day.High demands even at the time of collection, and I collect it only a couple of hours early in the morning on a sunny day, as well as the natural drying of the leaves under the sun's rays retain pleasant tastes and useful ingredients.

The benefits of white tea for the body

The drink got its second name "elixir of immortality" is not at all just for fun.Thanks to the constituent components, it has a beneficial effect on blood circulation, normalizes blood pressure, reduces the risk of blood clots, lowers cholesterol.Scientists noted the amazing beneficial properties of white tea in diabetes, obesity, chronic fatigue.It helps the body in building immunological defense against cancer, aging, and infectious diseases.With regular use, the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis is reduced.

1337814311150_originaal Thanks to the essential oils contained, although in small quantities, white tea has a magical aroma, and also effectively quenches thirst and refreshes.A little caffeine stimulates and keeps the body toned.Even dentists did not remain indifferent to the beneficial properties of white tea, noting its positive effect on the body in the fight against the formation of caries.Important is the ability to remove slags, toxins, alcohol and nicotine.

For those who are in a stressful situation, the drink is simply irreplaceable.It improves blood circulation in the brain, relieves fatigue and a sense of fear, relaxes.White tea is useful even for allergy sufferers and asthmatics, because it has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system.But the young lady will certainly be interested in his ability to break down fats, so that when losing weight, white tea becomes just an integral additive.

Harm of white tea

Green-Tea What is harmful for white tea?To this question, scientists have not yet found an answer, so they are allowed to consume white tea to pregnant women and children.The only exception may be people with an individual intolerance to the product or allergy to its components.

Useful advice of : white tea is best bought in May-June, but only not packaged.Since the sheets are rather fragile, they are very carefully transported.In packages, they simply lose their properties.But the time of purchase is due to the fact that it is more likely to get this year's brewing, which did not have time to lose all the useful substances. Note the shelf life of !It should not exceed 12 months.

How to brew white tea

If 1 liter of a drink is prepared, then 3 tbsp of water is added to the water.Spoons of welding.The cup requires 2 tsp.Fill with boiling water is not necessary, enough water temperature 70-75 degrees.After the drink is left to stand for 10 minutes.It is recommended not to add sugar.In order not to lose all the useful properties of white tea, you should drink it in 15-20 minutes.

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