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Causes of hair loss with bulbs and methods of treatment

Causes of hair loss with bulbs and methods of treatment

Hair loss doctors classify as a natural process - according to statistics, every person loses 50 or more hairs every day.In this case, the hair does not become rare, do not lose its density.But this happens in the event that the hair falls out without bulbs, but to understand it simply - take a closer look at the hair that has fallen out, and if there are no thickening on it, then you should not worry.But if a small thickening is found on one end of the hair, a pouch, then it's time to sound the alarm - the hair falls out with the bulb, which can lead to baldness.

Table of Contents: What causes hair loss with a bulb What to do with hair loss with a bulb

Hair loss causes with a bulb

Of course, you will have to fight for the beauty of your hair and conserve their quantity.But before embarking on any procedures, it is necessary to find out the causes of hair loss with the bulb. And they can be very diverse:

  1. Causes of hair loss with bulb Hormonal background disorders.Especially often it happens in women - for example, after giving birth, almost every mom notices the mass loss of hair with an onion.
  2. Hereditary predisposition.Doctors say that often genes play a role in alopecia - for example, such an "inheritance" can be transmitted through the male line, although women are no exception.Cure alopecia will not work, but it is possible to stop hair loss.
  3. Skin diseases.The work of hair follicles can become much slower, or even stop altogether.And the cause of this dysfunction are seborrhea, dandruff, psoriasis and other skin diseases.


  1. Disturbances in the work of the nervous system.It's about stress, irritation and sleep disorders - this condition leads to the death of the hair follicles.
  2. Diseases of the immune system.The fact is that with such pathologies, a malfunction occurs in the work of the body, antibodies that "eat up" their own healthy cells begin to be produced.The result can be the death of hair follicles and alopecia.
  3. Aggressive factors.Doctors say that frequent use of chemical dyes, exposure to toxins and poisons, inadequate nutrition, poor ecology, and exposure to hair with too high or low temperatures can lead to baldness.
  4. Dystrophy of the body of the hair.Such a condition can develop due to insufficient moisturizing and nourishing the hair.
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What to do with hair loss with bulb

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What to do with hair loss with a bulb

First, do not panic!This is an additional stress to the body, which will only exacerbate the problem - hair will begin to fall more actively.It is necessary to visit a doctor( dermatologist or trichologist) and find out the true cause of the condition in question.

Secondly, it is possible to stop hair loss with the bulb and restore the former beauty of the head of hair not only with medicamental therapy, but also with folk remedies, massage and some physiotherapy procedures.

Note: if the cause of hair loss with the bulb are some serious diseases, you will first have to undergo treatment for these pathologies and only then take up the restoration of hair health.If, however, the genetic condition is the fault of the state under consideration, then you can simply try to "delay" the time of complete alopecia.

Head massage

Very often doctors recommend providing a full oxygen supply to each hair follicle.How to do it?You just need to lower your head down or lie on your back in such a way that your hair is on the surface of the pillow, and massage the scalp with a regular comb( massage).It is highly desirable to use a comb made of natural materials for this purpose, and a brush with natural hairs will also be effective.

A similar massage needs to be done every day.The procedure should last at least 5 minutes.

Folk remedies

It's about using different masks, balms, decoctions and tinctures.Similar recipes from the category of "folk medicine", which are effective in hair loss with the bulb, a lot. Below are only the most popular, suitable for both women and men:

  1. 4413( 2) Mix in equal proportions the leaves of sea buckthorn, birch and nettles( in dry form).Then take a handful of the resulting collection and pour 300 ml of water, boil the product for 15 minutes, cool and strain.The resulting concentrate should be used to rinse the hair after the main wash - just cooked the medicinal collection should be diluted in a liter of warm water.
  2. You can use apple cider vinegar or lemon juice to rinse your hair, just do not forget to dissolve them with warm water in such a proportion that the resulting liquid has a pleasant sour taste.And still effective will be rinsing hair broths of a turn and a camomile chemist's.
  3. Be sure to rub in the scalp of various cosmetic oils - burdock, jojoba, castor, linseed, shea and others.Remember that they should be rubbed into the scalp at least 2 times a week.
  4. Very good helps to stop hair loss with the bulb and frequent rubbing into the scalp of aloe juice, nettle and / or parsley.
  5. A very unpleasant, but very effective method of stopping baldness - before washing your head you need to rub the juice of onions into your skin, you can use the onion gruel( grate or grind in a meat grinder) for the procedure.It is enough to conduct this procedure once a week for 10 minutes and after 2 months the result will be visible.
  6. Doctors claim that the so-called hot masks are still a very effective way to combat hair loss with the bulb.Prepare them on the basis of alcohol or red hot pepper, mustard or onions.To these ingredients, add some emollient, such as sour cream or egg yolk.

Please note: hot masks are applied only to the scalp.The time of the procedure should not exceed 15 minutes.

Of course, in the fight against hair loss with the bulb you need to adjust the diet - in the menu must be present vegetables and fruits, dairy products, but sugar, salt, sharp and smoked dishes should be excluded.

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Do not forget about the psycho-emotional state - try to either cope with stress and irritation yourself, or seek professional medical help.

Hair loss, baldness are problems that can and should be solved in tandem with doctors.Only in this case it is possible to prevent the most unpleasant consequences.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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