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Prostock: benefit and harm


In cities, many people consume yoghurt, kefir, well, in the outback is still an equivalent of all these fermented milk products - yogurt.The history of curdled milk has thousands of years.People began to prepare it and there was still in those days when no one about leaven and bifidobacteria and in sight no one heard.

Domesticated cattle gave milk, but it quickly sour in clay or wooden utensils.Pouring it was a pity, a man tried - and he liked it, the product was pleasantly refreshing and satiating.And in a short time the useful properties of curdled milk were also appreciated: after all, it helps with intestinal disorders, strengthens bones, and improves digestion.

Today in our regions yogurt is prepared by industrial means.First the milk is brought to a boil, then cooled to a certain temperature and immediately poured into a container where the leaven and other necessary additives are already present.Depending on the desired taste, it can be sugar, fruit or berry puree, vanilla.

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You can make yogurt yourself.For this , it's enough just to leave warm boiled milk for the night on the table, dropping a slice of rye bread or a spoonful of sour cream into the jar.In the morning you will get a neutral taste drink.And if it stays another night, the taste will be more sour.

Chemical Composition

First of all, yoghurt, like all dairy products, contains a lot of phosphorus and calcium.But this is not all. In addition to animal protein in this product, there are :

  • Curdled milk organic and lactic acids;
  • fats and carbohydrates;Vitamins B, A;
  • ;
  • ascorbic acid;
  • beta-carotene;
  • magnesium, zinc, iodine, selenium, fluorine, molybdenum, manganese, sodium, potassium, iron, sulfur, copper.

Caloric content depends on the fat content of the original product. Approximately 100 ml of the product with a fat content of about 2.5% contains no more than 55 Kcal.

Useful properties

Obviously, once curdled milk is so low-calorie, it is appreciated in dietary nutrition as an effective means for losing weight.After drinking one glass of fruit or berries, a person does not feel hunger, gets all the necessary vitamins and trace elements, nutritious proteins, and at the same time does not gain weight.


In practice it is proved: if at least two times in seven days to arrange unloading days on one curdled milk, in four weeks it easily leaves up to five kilograms of excess weight.

Ilya Mechnikov investigated the beneficial properties of curdled milk and established that with the regular use of this sour-milk product in the intestine, the growth of pathogenic microflora is suppressed.This scientist was convinced that yogurt is able to prolong a person's life and he himself developed one of her recipes.

The use of curdled milk is indicated for gastritis, colitis, enteritis, chronic constipation, dysbiosis. Because it has a positive effect on metabolism, it is recommended for obesity, a tendency to cellulite, diabetes.

In curdled milk there are polyunsaturated fatty acids.And this means, it must be used daily for atherosclerosis and arterial hypertension, for patients who have had a heart attack, a stroke or who have a tendency to heart and vessel pathologies.


Prostock can remove the hangover syndrome and significantly improve a person's condition in just 10-15 minutes - just drink a glass of this product.

The properties of curdled milk have been evaluated not only by physicians, but also by cosmetologists.Masks for the face on its basis whiten and cleanse the skin, smooth wrinkles and return a healthy complexion.And if you regularly lubricate her hair and leave it for the night, they will be silky, thick and obedient.

Harmful and contraindications

Prostock is an easy and useful sour-milk product that is nutritious, pleasant to taste, but it also, unfortunately, has contraindications. Do not advise to include this product in the diet for such diseases:

  • inflammation of the duodenum;
  • bile duct disease;
  • acute hepatitis;
  • pancreatitis;
  • erosive gastritis and gastric ulcer.

Well, of course, do not abuse the yogurt, because it has a lenient properties.

How to cook curdled milk at home

The most useful product is one that is prepared by yourself. According to the classic recipe, yoghurt is prepared as follows:

  • boil three liters of medium-fat milk and cool to a temperature of 35-40 degrees;
  • pour milk on three-liter cans, in each add a spoonful of yogurt or sour cream as a starter;
  • if desired, you can add rye crumbs or sugar;
  • then the banks are closed, wrapped and put on a night in a warm place.

In the morning, the curdled milk will be ready.You can drink it just like that, add to oatmeal, make cocktails with honey and cinnamon, fruits and berries.And from the remnants make masks for the face, hair and body.Because yogurt maintains beauty and health not only from within, but also from the outside.

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