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Photoepilation and laser hair removal: what is better


Today you can get rid of unwanted hair on the body in many ways.Some young ladies still use a razor, others prefer hot wax or shugaring.But the most progressive and effective way to remove hair on the body and face is laser hair removal.There are several types of this technique, the most popular was photoepilation.What are the peculiarities of this procedure, how does it differ from the classical laser hair removal and which method is better to choose?Let's try to figure it out together.

The essence of photoepilation Features of photoepilation What is laser hair removal Features of laser hair removal Photoepilation and laser hair removal: comparison

Essence of photoepilation

Each hair on the human body contains melanin - the substance responsible for its color.Most of the melanin pigment is contained in the hair follicle and near the root of the hair, melanin has the property of absorbing light.This is the method of photoepilation.The follicle is exposed to high-impulse light.It heats up, the blood turns off, and as a result the cells turn out to be without food.This leads to the death of the hair follicle and hair loss.


What is special about this procedure?Dark and light hair absorb light with varying intensity.Gray or colored it does not absorb at all.This means that photoepilation will be effective only to remove dark hair.Light and gray on it practically will not react.

It should be taken into account that the skin also contains a pigment melanin, that is, light waves will be absorbed and its cells.The specialist must calculate the length and intensity of the light waves in such a way that the hair follicle heats up and collapses, but the skin is not burned.If the client has very dark or black skin, then this is impossible - in the process of photoepilation, there will inevitably be burns.

Features of photoepilation

Fotoepilacia You need to prepare for photoepilation by all rules in order for the procedure to be effective.It is necessary to shave all the zones that will be processed by the light wave, a few days before photoepilation. At the time of the procedure, the hair should grow at least one millimeter.It is on them and will affect the light beam.

The cosmetologist applies a cooling gel to the treated areas - this will reduce the risk of burns and reduce the unpleasant sensations that occur in patients with sensitive skin.

The customer must wear sunglasses so that the retina of the eyes is not damaged during the procedure of .Then the wizard adjusts the device according to the type and color of the client's skin.You need to set the intensity of the flash and the frequency.

Further, directional and sequential irradiation of all skin areas on which hair is to be removed is carried out. Since the growth phase of the hair follicles does not occur at the same time, it will take several times to perform the procedure.Then the effect will be ideal .

What is laser hair removal

At its core, it is no different from photoepilation.But for the removal of hair this method uses waves of higher directivity and energy density .In other respects, the principle of epilation is the same: depending on the type of skin and hair color, a wave of such length is chosen to irradiate the hair shaft and the hair follicle, and the surrounding skin is subjected to minimal impact. Various types of laser can be used in this procedure:

  • ruby;
  • alexandrite;
  • neodymium;
  • diode.

Ruby laser is used to remove light hair on light skin.This is the best option for blondes.Alexandrite and diode laser are used for skin covered with a light tan.For a very swarthy or tanned skin, a neodymium laser is suitable.

Features of laser hair removal

As before photoepilation, you need to shave your hair two or three days before the procedure on the area that will be treated with a laser.Then, without fail, the skin is treated with cooling and anesthetic gel - laser hair removal is always accompanied by a burning sensation and a certain discomfort.Eyes, as in photoepilation, should be protected with special glasses.

After this, the master directs the emitter to the area of ​​the area where you want to remove the hair and make a flash.The whole zone is processed consistently.Since one flash can cover only a small area of ​​the skin, laser hair removal requires a lot of time.For example, to process the bikini zone it will take at least 90 minutes.To get the perfect result, 4 to 6 procedures are required.


Photoepilation and laser hair removal: a comparison of

What should I choose - photoepilation or laser hair removal on the body and face of ?The answer to this question depends on many factors:

  1. Duration of the procedure - one session of photoepilation will be shorter than a laser therapy session.
  2. Number of sessions - laser treatment requires fewer sessions than photoepilation.
  3. Painful sensations - hair removal by a method of a photoepilation not such painful, as at a laser epilation.
  4. Efficacy - after photoepilation, up to 70% of hair is removed, and after laser hair removal up to 90%.
  5. Treatment area - with photoepilation, one flash covers a larger area of ​​the skin than with a laser.
  6. Possible limitations - photoepilation is not effective when treating light hair on light skin.Laser hair removal will remove even light hairs on the skin, covered with sunburn.

Laser hair removal

There are also season restrictions.You can remove hair by laser hair removal all year round.But to get rid of hair by the method of photoepilation in the summer season, when the skin is covered with suntan, it will be problematic.

If you want to remove hair from a large area( for example, the lower leg, back, hips), it is worth choosing photo depilation . The procedure will take less time and will be cheaper.For hair removal on the face, in the bikini area and underarms, laser hair removal is best.

Please note! What is more accessible, it is definitely impossible to answer.One session of photoepilation is cheaper than a laser hair removal session.But given that the laser hair removal sessions will take less to remove all the hair, the total amount will be equal to or even less.

Ultimately it determines the master, which method of facial and body hair removal is best to choose - laser hair removal or photoepilation.

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