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The benefits of apple juice: scientifically proven facts

The Benefits of Apple Juice Apple juice is considered the most popular drink among the population - it is delicious, and quenches thirst, and supplies the vitamins with the body.And what do scientists and doctors say about the benefits of this drink?

175 samples of apple juice from varieties of these fruits, widely distributed on the planet, were conducted by specialists of the US Department of Agriculture.One conclusion was drawn - apple juice is not just useful, but is a real treasure for health.The biological compounds contained in this drink help to normalize and stabilize the work of all systems and organs of the human body.

And now 5 facts about the benefits of apple juice.

Activates the removal of heavy metals from the body

Researchers from Brazil have conducted a number of experiments and found that apple juice should be drunk with cadmium poisoning - the drink will reduce the toxicity of this heavy metal, protect it from its harmful effects.

But there is one nuance: similar conclusions were made after the experiment on animals, studies on humans have not yet been conducted.

Prevents brain disease

Apple juice helps slow down neurodegenerative processes.Yes, the experiment was carried out only in animals, studies in humans are only forthcoming, but scientists have unequivocally proved that the drink in question contributes to stopping the production of a beta-amyloid protein fragment.Namely, this mechanism prevents the development of serious brain diseases.

Helps to avoid the development of cancer

Helps to avoid the development of cancer Apple juice with pulp( just such!) Is a direct prevention of malignant diseases, scientists of the Center for Cancer Research in Heidelberg concluded.In particular, such prophylaxis will be effective against cancer of the larynx, lungs, mammary glands, large intestine, kidney and ovaries.

Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen( Faculty of Sport, Nutrition and Physical Education) claim that apple juice helps to reduce the level of "bad" cholesterol in the blood.As you know, it is cholesterol that provokes the development of atherosclerosis, so that the use of the drink in question will serve to prevent this disease.In the composition of apple juice there are polyphenols and pectin - these substances like a sponge "absorb" the "bad" cholesterol and remove it from the body.

One clarification: apple juice as a prophylaxis of cardiovascular disease should be eaten with flesh.

It serves the prevention of diseases of the large intestine

A53daae12a42f3d7c39f5074cd4c102a It has long been proven that when apple juice is used with pulp, a large amount of quinic acid and polyphenols enters the human body, and these substances are absorbed better than when using a clarified drink.

Scientists from the University of Kaiserslautern have proved that the regular intake of quinic acid and polyphenols in the body prevents the development of diseases of the large intestine, which means that it is necessary to drink apple juice with pulp.

What useful substances are contained in apple juice

For a long time researches have been carried out concerning the composition of apple juice - both scientists and doctors recognize that there are really a lot of useful substances in this drink.

First of all we are talking about organic acids.Quinic acid helps to break and remove from the body "bad" cholesterol, malic acid actively cleaves fats and promotes weight loss, shikimic acid significantly strengthens the body's immune system and helps to resist the flu virus.

Next, mention should be made of minerals - for example, potassium and magnesium help to normalize and stabilize the cardiovascular system, improve the functioning of the brain and central nervous system.

Scientists call the most useful biological compounds that are found in apple juice, polyphenols.These substances have a beneficial effect on the work of all systems and organs of the body - inhibit the aging process, normalize blood pressure, purify blood, prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases, protect the body from external aggressive influences, help the body cope with allergies.

Note: all useful substances in almost "full composition" are transferred from a single apple into a glass with juice.For example, the content of polyphenols in juice is reduced by only 20% compared to the apple.

How to drink apple juice

To make the drink a real benefit to human health, you need to use it correctly.

Firstly, the World Health Organization recommends consuming at least 150 ml of juice per day.The optimal variant is up to 300 ml per day, but more accurate dosages should be established by a dietician on the basis of the individual characteristics of the organism of a particular person.

Secondly, apple juice can and should be combined with carrot and pumpkin juices - such a cocktail will enhance the positive impact on health.But remember that even 300 ml of pure apple juice covers the body's need for potassium, chlorogenic acids and pectin.

It serves the prevention of diseases of the large intestine

Third, apple juice is best to drink through the tube and be sure during or immediately after eating.The fact that the acids in this drink negatively affect the tooth enamel - teeth can simply collapse.

Apple juice is indisputably useful, but do not get carried away - it is advisable to consult with your doctor or dietitian about the number and frequency of consumption of the drink.

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