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Keta: good and bad

Keta polza i vred

Keta is one of the most famous representatives of the salmon family that are found in the Pacific Ocean.In length this fish reaches a meter and is distinguished by a fairly large body.Very valuable is the caviar of this representative of the salmon family, but also the chum meat is recognized as an official medicine useful.

Chemical composition and caloric content of chum

To list absolutely all trace elements and vitamins that are present in the meat of chum salmon is simply impossible - at least within the framework of one article this will not work. But it is worth highlighting some of them :

  • vitamins E, C, B1, B2, A;
  • zinc, iron, fluorine;
  • molybdenum, chrome, nickel;
  • potassium, phosphorus, chlorine;
  • calcium, sodium, magnesium and many others.

Many doubt whether it is worth eating chum salmon, because it contains cholesterol?In fact, 100 grams of the product in question accounts for only 80 mg of cholesterol, which is significantly less than, for example, in mackerel.And then - the listed microelements and vitamins "cover" the possible harm from the cholesterol contained in the chum salmon.

100 grams of chum salad contains only 138 Kcal, but it should be taken into account that during the preparation of this fish its calorie content will increase.For example, a smoked keta for 100 grams of meat will have 180 Kcal, salted chum - 184 Kcal, and the "leader" in caloric content is fried chum - 100 grams of meat of the product in question is 224 Kcal.

What is the benefit of the chum

What is the benefit of kathy Thanks to this multicomponent composition, chum meat has a complex beneficial effect on human health.Vitamin B1 has a positive effect on brain function, increases the ability to learn, and cognitive activity.This vitamin is essential for growth, muscle tone, normal functioning of the heart and digestive tract.Very useful vitamin B1 for the nervous system, skin.

Note: according to some data, vitamin B1 serves as an antioxidant, protecting the body from the negative effects of alcohol and tobacco.

The chum salad also contains a large amount of phosphoric acid, which makes up the tissue of the skeleton and is involved in all processes occurring in the body.

It's worth mentioning the value of caviar chumens - it's a food product that does not contain harmful fats and carbohydrates, but it's far more calorific and energy-rich than meat. If you periodically eat meat and / or caviar of chum salmon, the following effects on the human body will be provided:

  • improvement of the brain and vision;
  • improving blood circulation and increasing the elasticity of the walls of blood vessels;
  • stimulation of metabolic processes;
  • slowing of inflammation;
  • prevention of the development of atherosclerosis and thrombosis;
  • strengthening of immunity;
  • Prevention of aging at an early age;
  • prophylaxis of cardiovascular diseases.

Harm of chum salmon

The only category of people who may be harmful ketas are those who have an allergy to similar products. And in general, the chum is allowed to eat even in early childhood, it is useful even to pregnant and lactating women.

How to choose kathy Unfortunately, the product under consideration is not cheap, therefore unscrupulous sellers often give out other types of salmon for the meat of chum salmon - for example, the pink salmon .But after all, the pink salmon is much worse than the chum salmon according to its quality and taste characteristics, so it will be insulting, at least, to make a mistake in choosing a product.

Keta can not be sold in small pieces - this fish is large, it is only about one meter long, and the weight of one fish reaches 5 kg and above.If the seller offers a ketu, divided into small pieces, then be sure - it is pink salmon, which weighs a maximum of 2 kg.

Another criterion by which to distinguish the meat of chum from the meat of other salmon - its color will be bright pink, pronounced and literally "striking" in the eyes of .But the same pink salmon has a pale pink shade and characteristic white veins.

Finally I would like to give one tip on the preparation of chum salmon.It is incomparable in salty and smoked form, but it's definitely not worth frying it.The fact is that the meat of the product in question contains 75% of water and it simply evaporates when roasting, the result is a dry and tasteless dish.You can solve the problem using a batter that will create a crust around the chum meat and will not allow all moisture to evaporate, but the best option is baking the product.

Keta is definitely a useful product that should be present in the menu of each person.

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