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Karkade: benefit and harm

1426606399 Sudan rose, rose Sharon, mallow Venice, red rose, red sorrel - all these are the names of the plant hibiscus, from which they prepare an amazing carcade drink.Dried bracts of hibiscus with brewing stain infusion in thick burgundy color, fill it with sweet and sour taste and gentle pleasant aroma.

Europe only in the XVII century knew the taste of the divine drink, which Cleopatra loved and appreciated.Born in India, karkade conquered the world's population.The Egyptians raised it to the rank of national drink, Malaysia decorated the flower of the Sudanese rose with the state emblem.More than 150 countries around the world today cultivate hibiscus.From Scandinavia to Mexico there is no country in which would not know the tea drink karkade.

Karkade: chemical composition and properties

Not every plant has the title of "medicine for all diseases".The Sudanese rose was awarded it thanks to its unique chemical composition, which is responsible for the useful properties of the carcade.

100 g of pulp of green petals and bicuspid bract are:

  • proteins( 0.9 g), fats( 0.64 g) and carbohydrates( 11.31 g);
  • 13 amino acids, including 6 irreplaceable;
  • organic acids( malic, citric, etc.);
  • pectin( 2.4%);
  • vitamins A, P( bioflavonoids, including quercetin), group B, ascorbic acid( 13% of daily requirement), nicotinic acid( 0.31 mg);
  • micro- and macro-elements( calcium 215 mg, magnesium 51 mg, iron and potassium 30-31 mg, phosphorus, etc.);
  • water -86.58 g.

How useful is karkade?

Drink made from Sudanese roses, strengthens the vascular wall, lowers cholesterol in the blood, removes toxins and heavy metal salts from the body.It is used to normalize blood pressure, to relieve spasms and nervous tension.

_GLM6557 Useful for hibiscus as a diuretic, choleretic, antipyretic and mild laxative.The drink has antibacterial, and when taken on an empty stomach and antiparasitic activity.Perfectly quenches thirst, increases physical endurance and mental activity, improves eyesight and relieves fatigue from the eyes.

Infusion of hibiscus flowers normalizes metabolic processes, removes toxins from the body, so it copes well with alcohol intoxication and food poisoning.Has a stimulating effect on the immune system, thereby increasing the body's resistance to various diseases.

Cosmetologists use ice cubes from the infusion of Sudanese roses for skin refreshing procedures, and a mixture of ground coffee and strong karkade for peeling.In the cooking of hibiscus jam and jelly are cooked, add it to confectionery products, to fish and meat dishes.

To avoid carcade contraindications and harm

In order not to experience the harm of carcade, one should not drink it to people suffering from peptic ulcer, gastritis with increased acid-forming function of the stomach, bile or urolithiasis, especially during periods of exacerbations.It is not recommended to drink a drink for allergic people.Small children, especially if they have manifestations of diathesis, karkade contraindicated.

With caution, you need to take carcade to pregnant women.It is important to remember that each organism is individual and reacts in its own way to a particular product.Therefore, you should analyze your feelings, your condition after taking karkade and already decide for yourself, drink it or not.

Similarly, "hyper-and hypotonicity" should be "listened" to your body.Some sources say that a hot drink raises blood pressure, and lowers blood pressure.Others say that at any temperature the carcade acts the same.Therefore, in order to understand whether you can drink infusion of hibiscus, and in what form the "drink of the pharaohs" is useful for you, you need to control the pressure and your well-being after using it.

Recommendations for the preparation of a drink

Cookware for preparing a carcade must be porcelain, glass or ceramic.It is desirable to brew flowers of the Sudanese rose only once.

Insisting them in cold water at room temperature takes longer, but maximally preserves all the beneficial substances in the beverage.

1378115661 Hot brewing methods are diverse:

  • pour the flowers with cold water, bring to a boil, but do not boil, and simmer for 5 minutes;
  • pour steep boiling water, insist for 5-10 minutes;
  • pour boiling water, stand on a hot plate surface with the oven on for 10 minutes.

Not only sugar, honey, ice cubes, but also spices( cloves, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla) can be added to the prepared carcade.Harmoniously combines hibiscus with aromatic herbs( melissa, mint, etc.), berries( currants, raspberries, blackberries).Karkade is good as in the heat-exhausting summer season, and in the frosty winter days.

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