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Propolis: benefit and harm

Propolis: benefit and harm

Beekeeping products are widely used both in the food industry and in folk medicine.Propolis is one of the richest in vitamins and trace elements.Often it is also called "bee glue" because of the viscous, sticky consistency.

Interesting to know: great physician Hippocrates used propolis in practice to treat gastric bleeding and quickly heal open wounds on the skin.

Origin and composition of propolis

There are two opinions among scientists about the appearance of propolis.The first claim that this sticky mass is a derivative of the saliva of bees.And others believe that propolis consists of recycled wood tar with the addition of juice from herbs, flower pollen and small particles of green plant kidneys.

Laboratory analysis of propolis revealed in it the presence of more than 50 organic substances and about 200 different compounds. According to physical parameters, the composition of the substance can be represented in the following percentage:

  • 50% esters and resinous substances;
  • 30% beeswax;
  • 10% aromatic oils;
  • 5% pollen;
  • 5% other substances: vitamins, minerals, sugar, steroids and others.

The complex of biologically active components of propolis includes:

  • vitamins of group B, PP, A, C, E;
  • minerals - sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, copper, iron, fluorine, silicon, sulfur, manganese, zinc;
  • amino acids - glycine, cysteine, alanine, leucine, tyrosine and others.

Useful properties of propolis

Useful properties of propolis The use of propolis is multifaceted.First of all it is worth noting its antiseptic properties.Propolis tincture is used to treat diseases of the oral mucosa, with angina, gingivitis and stomatitis.To treat osteochondrosis, arthrosis and other joint diseases use warm lotions from alcohol tincture of propolis.They help to normalize the exchange of calcium and exclude the occurrence of inflammatory processes.

In small amounts, propolis is added to cosmetic products for the care of problematic and fading skin.Its effectiveness with abundant hair loss, dandruff and seborrhea has already been proven.Thanks to the rich vitamin complex, propolis is often recommended to children and adults to strengthen immunity, especially during the acute exacerbation of acute respiratory infections and influenza.Nasal drops on the basis of propolis help well from the common cold.

People with disrupted metabolism are also encouraged to pay attention to this beekeeping product.Propolis is able to correct the appetite of a person.In addition, propolis active substances purify the blood of toxins and cholesterol, improve cellular respiration and accelerate the assimilation of nutrient components.

Possible damage to propolis

Propolis is often prescribed to people who are obese.It really helps to normalize metabolic processes in the body.But, while it is important to consider that all beekeeping products are allergens.Therefore, apply it to people who are prone to the manifestation of allergic reactions, should be very careful.

Important! Propolis can adversely affect the liver.Especially it concerns such a dosage form, as an alcoholic tincture.


Propolis recipes

For inflammation of the oral cavity

30 grams of propolis, pour 100 ml of alcohol and insist 15 days in a dark place.During the extraction, the mixture should be shaken regularly.Obtain the obtained tincture, then prepare the oil solution.To do this, you need 1 tsp.Tinctures of propolis and 2 tsp.olive oil.Every day, a cotton swab dipped in an oil solution should be lubricated with affected areas of the oral mucosa.

For pain in joints

A softened piece of propolis is rolled with a rolling pin into a small layer 5 mm thick.Apply it to the pain area, cover with a food film and wrap it with a warm woolen scarf.Keep this bandage for at least 30 minutes.

Ointment for the treatment of dry, chapped skin

100 grams of butter should be melted on a steam bath, then cooled to a temperature of +60 degrees.Then add 10 grams of ground propolis to the oil and mix thoroughly until a smooth consistency is obtained.Lubricate this composition can rough skin on the feet, as well as the skin on the nipples during breastfeeding.

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