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Pain in the right side at the waist level - possible causes and methods of diagnosis

Sore side The appearance of abdominal pain is an alarming symptom.In the abdominal cavity there are various organs that are projected onto certain areas of the abdomen.And the occurrence of pain in the right side at the waist level is also associated with the defeat of specific organs.

Contents: Right side of the abdomen Diseases of the urinary organs Diseases of the bowel Spine diseases

Right side of the abdomen

In the anatomical language, the "waist region on the right" sounds like the "right side area". So, in the right side abdomen are projected such organs as:

  1. Part of the large intestine( namely, the ascending colon);
  2. Part of the loops of the small intestine;
  3. Right kidney, ureter.

Sore side

It's easy to guess that the appearance of pain in the right side region can be caused by the pathology of the above organs.However, sometimes the root cause may not be at the place where the pain is felt.

Diseases of the urinary organs

Often the pain in the right side at the waist level signals problems with the kidney.

Normally, the kidneys are located on both sides of the spine retroperitoneum.In diseases of the kidneys, pain is mainly concentrated in the lumbar region, but can give in the abdomen.

The most common kidney disease is pyelonephritis. The first signs of pyelonephritis are body temperature rise, weakness development, lack of appetite, headaches.At this stage, these symptoms are mistakenly perceived as manifestations of ARVI.However, soon in the lumbar region on the right there is a drawing pain that radiates to the right side.The patient may also notice a change in the urine, which becomes very muddy, sometimes with an admixture of blood.

Another common urological disease is urolithiasis .This pathology, the essence of which is the formation of stones in the urinary organs.Small stones, localized in the renal pelvis, do not make themselves felt at all.However, when the stone begins to move, it can clog the lumen of the urinary tract, which causes renal colic.The pain has a pronounced, acute character and is felt in the waist, lateral part of the abdomen, often radiates to the groin, thigh, crotch. Urolithiasis is accompanied by the appearance of blood in the urine, dysuric manifestations.

Symptoms of Urolithiasis Fig.3( 1)

Bowel diseases

The bowel occupies most of the abdominal cavity. Pain in the right side of the abdomen can be triggered by damage to the bowel fragments localized in this area, which is observed in various diseases.

So, diverticulosis of the intestine is called the multiple saccular protrusion of the intestinal wall .Very often diverticulosis is asymptomatic.But sometimes the ailment manifests as aching or spasmodic pain in the abdomen.Most often, left-sided lesions of the large intestine are recorded with diverticular disease.However, if the saccular protrusion is located in the ascending colon - there is pain in the right side.The ailment is also manifested by flatulence, constipation( rarely diarrhea).

Pain in the right side may occur with inflammatory bowel disease.This is a generalized term that includes Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis( NUC). These diseases are united in one group not casually, after all they have much in common in the origin and a clinical picture.In Crohn's disease, any part of the intestine can be affected.While for NNK, the left side lesion of the intestine is typical.

Signs of inflammatory bowel diseases are:

  • Abdominal pain.When the affected parts of the intestine are affected, the pain is concentrated in the right side of the abdomen;
  • Diarrhea / constipation;
  • Appearance of blood in the stool;
  • General weakness;
  • Fever;
  • Weight loss.

Recently, colon cancer among all cancers is one of the leading places in frequency of occurrence. In 70% of cases, neoplasm is detected in the rectum or sigmoid colon, but the likelihood of a tumor in the right side of the large intestine is also present.It is interesting that cancer of the small intestine is very rare.

Cancer can be hidden for a long time, a person can note only general weakness during this period, periodic temperature rises, weight loss .Actually, intestinal manifestations of the disease are abdominal pain, constipation, often a feeling of incomplete emptying after defecation, as well as admixture of blood in the stool.

Spine diseases

People, as a rule, connect the appearance of pains in the right flank with possible diseases of the abdominal cavity .But rarely anyone thinks that with internal organs everything can be in order, and the culprit of abdominal pain is the defeat of the spine in the thoracic or lumbar region.Similar it is possible or probable at a compression in a backbone of the nerve roots innervating the corresponding area of ​​the abdomen.The blame for this is osteochondrosis of the spine or a herniated intervertebral disc.

In this case, the person suffers pain in the back, waist.The patient himself feels a certain stiffness in his back.Pain can irradiate into the right side, while it can be defined as "aching".Pain is worse after coughing, twisting, torso.

In general, it must be remembered that the occurrence of abdominal pain is a weighty pretext for contacting a doctor.Often, acute diseases of the abdominal cavity manifested not localized abdominal pain, but common, when the whole stomach hurts.Therefore, you can not leave this symptom without proper attention.

Grigorova Valeria, medical reviewer

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